UPDATED: Suspected Christmas shooter arrested

He and his cohorts face attempted murder and related charges after firing a flurry of bullets, one of which pierced the wall of a Dixon Drive home
Courtney Astolfi
Dec 26, 2013

UPDATE 8:01 p.m.: Sedric Cook has been arrested.

Read more in Thursday's Sandusky Register and look for updates here

Previous story:

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Christmas, Bernard Hall got into a heated argument with people at the home where the mother of his children were at, according to a Sandusky police report.

Hall left, the residents told police, but said he'd be back.

Hall reappeared at the home a short while later, with his two sisters and Sedric Cook in tow, the report said.

As Hall's two sisters argued with a sister of a woman in the home, Hall argued with the woman's son. 

Cook allegedly retreated to their vehicle and began firing multiple bullets at the woman's son. The man ran and managed to avoid being hit, but one stray bullet penetrated the wall of a Dixon Drive home, nearly striking a woman sitting in her living room, the report said.

Hall, Cook, and Hall's two sisters then drove away from the area and have not been seen since, Sandusky police Sgt. Scott Dahlgren said.

Prosecutors authorized an attempted murder charge for Cook, and a complicity to attempted murder charge for Hall, the report said.

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They were raised in a bad home. They just don't know any better.


Yeah, that's why they ran away!


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Just like you go figure!!

Raoul Duke

It must really suck to be a young black man in Sandusky, and have all the white people look at you like you are a dangerous criminal, because of these dudes.


Its not all white people most understand it isn't all blacks. Its just a few who does for their own personal reasons. A lot of whites have biracial relatives.

Keanna Hall

Nall we was raised in a good home. its called protecting ya family silly.


oh shut up


"They were raised in a bad home"....isn't that just an excuse for more bad behavior? Many people are raised in less than ideal circumstances, not all of them grow up to be THUGS that go around shooting people. Sounds to me like these people are nothing more than common street trash. Grow up and act like human beings. If you cannot act like civilized human beings QUIT procreating. Your gene pool is pretty shallow.


I might be wrong, but I think "Yomamma" was being sarcastic.


grandmasgirl, you're not wrong- some are just a little thick that's all.


Ok. Point taken. BUT they should still STOP procreating. They need to grow up and act like adults. The story states they have children. So yet again the children will grow up watching this and learn. The cycle is vicious.

Brick Hamland

In that case we should give them a medal, maybe even a parade in their honor that they haven't killed anyone yet... key to cleaning the streets is the punishiment passed out by the municourt judge to keep these guys off the streets and send messages to those carrying guns and firing at others


Google Matt Steele Super modified grip and you will see why they hit noone.


Worse than animals!


awww here we go


they couldn't stick around, they were running late for their Mensa meeting..


you couldn't wire 18 of these guys together with brain electrodes and hope to come near the intellect required for admittance into Mensa. It's a good thing that most criminals are that dumb- they usually catch themselves, spill their guts on everybody including their own family, help the prosecution during their trial by acting like idiots in front of the jury.....


true, maybe they were running late for work?


So what's your excuse just to dumb.




He got to arguing with the brother- who's great grandma then got involved, which in turn caused his mother's uncles third cousin twice removed.....


Merry Christmas.


No one is born with all 52 cards. It's what you do with the hand you are dealt that matters.


You're right- now "go fish"...


Sure am glad I no longer live in Thugusky!~


And people wonder why some people, like me, want stricter gun laws!


Yep! It is against the law to try to kill someone, so we need stricter murder laws? Maybe new levels 0.05 degree murder, 0.10 degree murder then 1.0 degree murder. Yep that will stop the jack a-- from committing these crimes!


You honestly think that STRICTER gun laws would have stopped this??? Have you seen or heard about the murder rates in Chicago? Where guns are banned? Do you think criminals or these thugs would adhere to gun laws? If you believe that hand holding lolly pop bull crap, I have some swamp land to sell ya too!


I know that Fox News likes to point to Chicago as being the haven of gun violence in this country, but that isn't quite true. Chicago ranks #11 in gun murders in major US cities (even Cleveland ranks a few notches higher). Unfortunately for the citizens of Chicago, the rest of the state doesn't have very strict gun laws. 47% of guns used in violent crimes in Chicago were bought outside of city lines but in Illinois (you only have to drive 20-25 minutes from downtown to buy a gun)and the other 53% of guns were brought in from out of state.

I also never hear anyone from the Right bring up New York City when talking about the effects of restrictive gun laws (basically the same laws as in Chicago). New York City's firearms death rate is less than half of the national average (4.3 per 100,000 compared to the national rate of 10 per 100,000). Part of their success? The rest of the state has better than average restrictive gun laws.