Boy, 14, admits to raping 5-year-old

A boy, 14, admitted to raping a girl, 5, twice in a Norwalk home this past week, according to police.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 26, 2014


The alleged incidents occurred Sunday and Monday while the pair were alone in her home, Norwalk police Detective Seth Fry said.

The girl lives with her family in a West Seminary Street home. The boy, who knows the girl, agreed to babysit her there while visiting from another town, Fry said. When the girl’s family returned home Monday afternoon, she told them what happened, Fry said.

They immediately took the girl to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for an examination. Hospital staff then contacted Norwalk police, who launched an investigation. When questioned, the boy admitted he raped the girl twice, Fry said.

Police charged him with rape. He is currently in Seneca County’s detention home.


Dwight K.

Why is a 14 year old boy even babysitting..that's just horrible hopefully he gets locked up with Bubba and Tiny


it used to be that 14 year olds babysat...

But, it was the 50's. Things were different then... TV was Father knows best and the Nelsons...

Now TV is very different.


Wow..poor little girl, God bless.


I just puked in my mouth!! Where in the Hell are the parents??? on heroin!!!


They were just playing doctor


Wait a minute...we can't necessarily fault the child's parents here. I was babysitting at 14, and so were lots of kids I knew. We were responsible, and no children were harmed in the making of our very first "paychecks."

If it comes out that there were earlier warnings about this particular 14 year-old and the parents left their little girl with him anyway, that would be a different story of course. But from what little information is printed here, it seems the parents acted on their daughter's claims immediately, took her exactly where they SHOULD have taken her (to the hospital), and, along with the police, are actively pursuing the matter.

I feel a great deal of sorrow for a little girl who has been so traumatized. But in the absence of other evidence, I also feel for her parents. They've got to feel so enraged, so helpless, and doubtless blame themselves in the old "...but I should have KNOWN!" syndrome.

Again, based solely on the information right here and now, the ONLY person to blame is a truly degenerate 14 year-old boy who, "boy" or not, needs to have the book thrown at him. HARD.


Aww... another cute little Jeffrey Dahmer in the making! How nice.

Rusty of Sandusky

@ Sam Adams Assuming the story is accurately reported and that I am interpreting it correctly (two variables which can very easily be in question), one thing DOES lead me to question the parents' judgment. It says the little girl was raped twice on Sunday and Monday and that she told her parents as soon as they returned on Monday afternoon,

This means they left their five year old alone OVERNIGHT and half of the next day with a 14 year old babysitter. That raises serious questions in my mind of good judgment.

NO QUESTION the boy is to blame and needs to be punished, but I would have never considered leaving my daughter alone over night at five years old with a teen age babysitter -- boy or girl -- regardless of what or where I was doing/going that she couldn't come with me.

IF the story is accurate and I am reading it right, there are definite questions about the judgment of the parents.


And what about the 14 year old boys parents? Should they be held responsible as well? They failed too


I agree with Rusty...


First off, although none of this is any of your guys's buisness let alone the newspapers. I know the family well and the boy was not left alone overnight, he wasnt left for more than an hour and a half either day. Second, this person was suppose to be extremely trusted which they otherwise learned wasn't. And third, why dont you all be a little more respectful to the family and keep your judgements and your "idea of what happened" to yourself. This family did nothing wrong, it wasnt the way the boy was raised, they werent on drugs or just neglected the child. You all should focus on your own problems. And as far as detective fry, and the newspaper goes maybe they should learn that this is not something that should be put out there. Anyways, they have the entire story wrong, so why dont you get your facts straight before you even think about publishing a story like this.

Stop It

If the cops were called, it IS the business of anyone that can read. For us to comment on what was read is also anyone's business that has access to the comment section as we see fit. You did.


And this is not a story that should be published, especially when most of the information is false. And do you really think half of these comments are appropriate for the family to see? If you do, then you have serious problems. The family is going through a hard enough time, and none of you have any idea what truly happened, so judging the family is inexcusable.


And for all the details in this article, especially the street? Any person in their right mind would know that is wrong!


And yes, I do see fit to comment and defend this family that I know PERSONALLY!

Rusty of Sandusky

@dotdot123, as I said in my original post: "Assuming the story is accurately reported and that I am interpreting it correctly (two variables which can very easily be in question)". . . "IF the story is accurate and I am reading it right..."

If your comments were directed at me, TWICE I qualified my comments on the accuracy of the article and my reading of it. I commented on the story as the facts were presented by the article, which is all I have to go on. I made some assumptions which I believed to be fair assumptions based on what the article DID and DID NOT say.

Based upon my reading of the article, I stand by what I said. If the facts turn out to be different, I would reconsider my position.

I won't get into any discussion as to whether this story should be published or not as I have no control over what Matt Westerhold puts in his newspaper.

Regardless of all of the above, sincere prayers for this child, her family, and the suspect & his family.


Im just saying that people dont need to put there own idea of what happened on here for the family to see. I do know the facts, and none of what is being said in this article is. It wasnt directed towards just one, but all who want to sit here and blame the parents and the newspaper for putting it out there.