Sax and drugs

Perkins High student had smokes, paraphernalia and condoms in instrument case
Emil Whitis
Apr 11, 2013

A Perkins High student had more than just a saxophone in her instrument case when officials flipped its lid Tuesday afternoon.

School officials opened the case and found five Trojan condoms, three Newport cigarettes, several rolling papers, a “pipe commonly used for smoking illegal drugs” and a single Atomoxetine pill, according to a police report.

The girl did not have a prescription for the drug. School administrators suspended the 14-year-old girl for 10 days, while police charged her with underage possession of tobacco and possession of dangerous drugs. She was taken to the Erie County Juvenile Detention Center.

It’s unclear who tipped off the principal.



Newsflash: Perkins' students do the same things ALL students do!


Yeah, especially when the Perkins student is open enrolled from Sandusky


I graduated from Perkins! I know from experience.


I'm sure the Sandusky factor is the problem. Lord knows that a home-raised Perkins student couldn't make a poor choice.


You are right deertracker, except Perkins Students do it on 1200 thread count sheets!


Wait a minute, didn't Bill Clinton have a sax. That could explain the condoms!!!!!

Licorice Schtick

Than might have been funny some time around the end of the 20th century.


I hope everybody knows, just because one student got caught, doesn't mean EVERY student in the school does it.
This girl, whom was a friend of mine, had enemies. Some who is also in band. Do I believe some of it could have been her's? Yes. Do I think all of it was? No. Everyone has faults, she's not perfect, but who cares? I still stand by her side. She's a good friend, and an amazing saxophone player, whatever she has in her case.