Sax and drugs

Perkins High student had smokes, paraphernalia and condoms in instrument case
Emil Whitis
Apr 11, 2013


A Perkins High student had more than just a saxophone in her instrument case when officials flipped its lid Tuesday afternoon.

School officials opened the case and found five Trojan condoms, three Newport cigarettes, several rolling papers, a “pipe commonly used for smoking illegal drugs” and a single Atomoxetine pill, according to a police report.

The girl did not have a prescription for the drug. School administrators suspended the 14-year-old girl for 10 days, while police charged her with underage possession of tobacco and possession of dangerous drugs. She was taken to the Erie County Juvenile Detention Center.

It’s unclear who tipped off the principal.



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Phil Packer

All we ever did back in the old days of PHS~smoked some pot, drank some beers, popped some quaaludes, and had sex. These kids today are OUT OF CONTROL!!!


How can ya play any good blues, jazz, cajun or zydeco music with that crap in your sax?! Dammit...


Perkins has crime?!?!


You're got to at least applaud her for having "Safe Sax"!



Phil Packer

Why do they even mention the condoms~is it illegal for her to have them?

Fibber Mcgee

Glad she didn't play the tuba.


if it is , then the schools need to make some arrests , dont yea think ? lol


There was no reason for the presence of condoms to be mentioned in the police report or the newspaper.

Licorice Schtick

That's true. The SR takes pains to protect minors in cases like this. You can be sure the whole school knows who this is by now. Mentioning the condoms was unwise. Makes for better gossip, though.


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Quit Criticizing The Newspaper For How They Write Their Articles And Use Your Time Wisely, Get Off Your A$$ And Lend A Hand To The Community And To Troubled Children, There's A Ton Of Things That Can Be Done, Make A Difference In SomeOnes......




First of all, society and school require that teenagers make adult decisions. Peer pressure contributes. Children are almost expected to be little adults from a young age. I don't think she made a wise choice taking those items to school but then again, how do we know they were even hers? One of her 'frenemies' could have planted those things. The fastest way to bring someone down is to get them busted. Also, brainiacs don't capitalize every word they write.


Give me a break "Unassumer"! You are obviously assuming that ALL of the items mentioned in her instrument case was not hers. It doesn't matter if they were planted in her case or if she intentionally took them to school...they were caught in her possession, so she is being charged with it. I am assuming by your post "the fastest way to bring someone down is to get "them" busted" that you have a personal connection to the family and making excuses for this type of behavior. Just like Sandusky Schools has some issues which reflects through negative behaviors from some of their students, Perkins has issues as well which was also reflected through negative behaviors in this situation.


I agree completely, but it also shows nothing for her parents. I understand that parents cannot have an eye on their child 24/7, but as a parent, you should at least have a suspicion if your child is doing drugs.


Atomoxetine is the pharmaceutical name for the ADHD drug Strattera. Big problem on college campuses for a while now and like all things gradually filtering down to high schools.

Licorice Schtick

Yes, one of several drugs used to compel compliance from all student subjects. You will be assimilated. But this particular drug is supposed to be less likely to be abused, because it's not a stimulant, so it's odd to find someone using it without a presciption. It is associated with increased risk of suicide, though.


...and now, in the State of New York, is considered cause for you to lose your Second Amendment rights.


One of the major problems in our society today is that we always look through a glass window thinking that it will shield us from the realities of the world. The problem is that glass shatters and breaks when something is thrown at it; therefore, we have to come to grips that we are not exempt from anything that life throws our way. The same thing goes in this case. People are so quick to condemn the students in the Sandusky City Schools and look down on them but the students in Perkins are NO better. This goes to show that kids are going to do and try anything because it's just the "nature of the beast" and the times we live in (no matter what district they are in). We are living in a world where parents don't want to face that life has rapidly changed and the "old" school morals and values have diminished. Kids are permitted to run wild and some parents don't want to parent, but be a friend. I am in total and full agreement with "brainiac2007" put it on blast!!! If she had condoms at 14 years old, put it out there and find out who sold her the condoms or who gave them to her. Society will never get better if we are always making excuses, covering up, or always putting ours on a "throne" but looking down on others. Kids in Perkins do the same...if not more than the kids in Sandusky. It is just always covered up, so kudos to the Sandusky Register for keeping us informed.

Phil Packer



Newsflash: Perkins' students do the same things ALL students do!


Yeah, especially when the Perkins student is open enrolled from Sandusky


I graduated from Perkins! I know from experience.


I'm sure the Sandusky factor is the problem. Lord knows that a home-raised Perkins student couldn't make a poor choice.


You are right deertracker, except Perkins Students do it on 1200 thread count sheets!


Wait a minute, didn't Bill Clinton have a sax. That could explain the condoms!!!!!

Licorice Schtick

Than might have been funny some time around the end of the 20th century.


I hope everybody knows, just because one student got caught, doesn't mean EVERY student in the school does it.
This girl, whom was a friend of mine, had enemies. Some who is also in band. Do I believe some of it could have been her's? Yes. Do I think all of it was? No. Everyone has faults, she's not perfect, but who cares? I still stand by her side. She's a good friend, and an amazing saxophone player, whatever she has in her case.