Cop escorted, resident jailed

It’s a tale of two women in one township. Perkins police gave one a ride home, the other a ride to jail. The difference? The first was a Perkins cop, the second was an average person.  
Emil Whitis
Dec 8, 2012

Thursday morning, Perkins police hauled an alleged drunken driver off to jail. Her arrest came just moments after officers received a tip from a Taco Bell employee, who said the driver was possibly intoxicated.

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Two weeks earlier, Perkins police received a similar tip from a Taco Bell employee, who said a woman was passed out in her car at the drive-through. When officers went to investigate, they found Perkins Officer Kate Barker in her silver Toyota nearby, according to police.

Officers provided Barker a ride home, according to sources outside the township. A test administered hours later at the hospital put Barker's blood-alcohol content at 0.139 percent, according to a police report.

Barker was never charged with a crime.

The other woman remains in jail on more than $5,000 bond.

Meanwhile, Perkins Township trustees, the police chief and the township's attorney, John Coppeler, have refused to release an internal investigative report detailing the alleged incident involving Barker.

The report involving Thursday's alleged drunken driver was released within hours.

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hmm...u might be right about that but along the lines of scandles and shady cops PERKINS TAKES THE CAKE!! wtf is there even a police dept n perkins anyways if its just a township..ohhh wait i know why to waist more of the tax money. if they are met for perkins township then ur cops should stay n there township. im sorry it comes down to the fact that half of perkins is nothing but uptight B***hes and the other half are drunks or i guess ill take ur comment with a grain of salt atleast are officers are honest and dont sweep stuff under the rug or try to cover for each other when there n the wronge and if they do it always comes out.but thanks

Diane Schaefer

You shouldn't be so fast to judge. The Township has had their share of murders. Maybe not as many or as recent, but we have had our share.


SR - if you're going to print a story, print all the facts. You neglected to mention that the lady arrested also had 5-6 prior OVI's and a warrant for her arrest. That's why she's in jail and not Officer Barker. Stop bashing LE that protects you on a daily bases. Let it go!


Ohhhh, makes so much sense now. See! Can't even compare apples to apples in your own story. Explains why they didn't list her name. Seemed odd to me that someone was still in jail since Thursday for a DUI. What a joke this paper is.


It's funny they leave it out when all you have to do is check a public source and find the name. Anything to make a penny.


If Taco Bell is going to keep calling the police on every late night customer, which are probably drunk, maybe the people should boycott them and go to Burger King.


Taco Bell is garbage anyway. Though BK and the rest aren't much better.


When they legalize pot, Ryan's will be the new hot place :)


Ryans or Bufflo wild wings. :-)

Swamp Fox

This newspaper does appear to have a agenda against certain law enforcement agencies, they have a right to print these articles and law enforcement officer should be held to a higher standard. But doesn't these same media people who report on others have the same higher standards? Its very informative to use the public search of the local court and find the name of some these same media people and how they fail to obey the law or their financial responsibilities, a well informed public should know all the facts on all public individuals, both government and media employees to judge their credibility and any agenda..


If the keys are in the ignition u can get a dui


AH! Have a friend that was in the house, came out to knock on the door and got a DUI brecause the officer was parked and saw him pull into his driveway?


Um... is there a need for AA in your local police departments? Starting to sound like it.


Step 1 ?


What may be missing is this, if the officer had not escaped detection as she was trying to do, she may have killed someone in her official capacity while on her way to work, at work, or driving back home after work.

The second woman, could have done the same, but she was not wearing a police uniform and was treated entirely different because of that detail.

The code of conduct for the 'brother/sisterhood' is not supposed to be about breaking the law and getting away with it because your fellow officers close ranks to keep the unlawful behavior a secret!

It reinforces the distrust that we the people have for those who are supposed to protect and serve, not hide and seek when it it's one of them!


The officer and the other lady shouldn't even be compared in the same story! SHE HAD PRIOR OVI'S AND A WARRANT!! That's why she was arrested! As someone else stated, stop stirring the pot SR!


So if the off duty officer had killed someone she should have been treated different because it was her first? That is a stupid argument.


I'm sure if either one of them killed someone they would've got dealt with properly. They're comparing apples to oranges. They make it sound like the officer got off the hook and the other lady didn't, but they failed to mention the rest of the details.


Not really. Drunk driving is drunk driving, End of story. Officers who enfore our laws should be held to a higher standard anyways, Everyone knows drunk driving is illegal a Officer should especially stick to that law. Is there a case against the officer yet?


There probably won't be one. It's been a lot of years since I had to remember this but there is some kind of time limit on getting a BAC test done in order to issue a citation. I can't remember what it is though.


If there were no charges placed on the officer for sitting in a car passed out drunk after being to the bar and her blook alcohol lever was still above the legal limit the next morning when the test was administered she "Got off the hook" for drunk driving by knowing someone. Drunk driving is against the law, Period.


" blook alcohol lever"...Don't drink and type. :/


simple typo, I wish i had a drink though. Does that count?


Yeah man, I'll let it slide. :) It was out of character as far as I know you in these comment sections, though.


How many alcoholics in the PPD? Recovering? or in denial? Seems like there is possibly a really big problem not being addressed here. Perhaps this should be seriously looked into. A police department is only as sick as it is allowed to be. Is this the case here? Im not sure this issue has been truly dealt with in a really indepth way . Whats the reality here?


How many alcoholics in the PPD? Recovering? or in denial? Seems like there is possibly a really big problem not being addressed here. Perhaps this should be seriously looked into. A police department is only as sick as it is allowed to be. Is this the case here? Im not sure this issue has been truly dealt with in a really indepth way . Whats the reality here?


What PD doesn't have some that drink to much. Look at some of the problems SPD has had. ie: The Showalter incident downtown to name just one. Alcohol is a problem that any PD needs to address. The OSP trooper with the gun who got into an accident.


I say we all get drunk and march over to PPD and get a ride home. And maybe if they are nice we'll stop at taco bell too.


...of course they arrested the citizen... doesn't affect the force now, does it?

Julie R.

Matt Westerhold has an excellent article in today's paper. I hope some of you negative commenters that are so critical of the SR took the time to read it because it's right on target.

Westerhold asks: "Is it appropriate for a public official to refuse to respond to legitimate inquiries from a member of the public?" He also says: "When a public official has the audacity to blow off a member of the public whose employer buys ink by the tanker, what chance does the average person have at getting reasonable responses to legitimate questions?"

Considering how the shoe also fits there with your other public officials, I think I'm going to cut that out and address it to the two courts on the 2nd floor of the Erie County courthouse and Kevin Baxter.