Bar 145° to heat up Norwalk

Bar 145° is an upscale burger restaurant with the tagline “Burgers, Bands and Bourbon”
Melissa Topey
May 1, 2014


Bar 145° is coming soon to Norwalk.

Jeremy Fitzgerald and George Simon, with a little help from Ken Russ, who co-owns Legends Contractors, will be bringing the high-end burger joint to the former Bob Evans restaurant.

Fitzgerald will own Bar 145°, with Russ acting as the landlord and general contractor.

Fitzgerald came up with the idea for Bar 145° a few years ago and opened his first in Toledo.

Bar 145° is an upscale burger restaurant with the tagline “Burgers, Bands and Bourbon”

“You can get a real good meal, good drink and stay for the entertainment,” Fitzgerald said. “We target the young professional who is chefdriven and likes quality”

But there is an element of fun and trendy hipness: Staff wear red Chuck Taylor tennis shoes while serving food on white china, because, after all, they are serious about the food.

As for the name, 145 degrees is the perfect temperature to cook a piece of red meat medium rare.

Russ constructed the first Bar 145° in Toledo, coming up with the design for the look of the business as they went along. Russ has done work for the Fitzgerald family on the islands for several years now. So it was a natural choice for him to come up with a design and construct Bar 145°.

It proved successful, and Fitzgerald opened up other locations in Columbus and Kent.

The owners are expecting to hire 30 full-time staff and 20 part-time staff for the Norwalk location, Russ said.

It was Russ who brought Fitzgerald to Norwalk to show him the former Bob Evans building soon after he purchased it.

“I asked them to come down and take a look. We struck a deal on the spot,” Russ said.

The Norwalk location should be able to continue with the string of Bar 145° success.

“I like to go into areas where I feel there is a void. Here is a spot where there is nothing like us around. Norwalk needs something,” Fitzgerald said.

Bar 145° is like a Bar Louie but with even better food, a feel that is not in Norwalk or Sandusky, he said.

It is good news for Mayor Bob Duncan, who said the building has sat empty for five years. “We are always delighted to have a building go off the market” Duncan said.

Duncan anticipates it will do well.


The Bizness

Sounds more like Micheal Symon's B Spot restaurants. Good luck!

Also ground beef should be cooked to a higher temp than 145.


145 degrees is well done. Plenty hot enough! Medium rare is way under 145 degrees!

The Bizness

160-165 is actually Well. 145 would be considered Medium, which is usually the preferred temperature for beef.

The Bizness

For ground beef always cook to 160

Dr. Information

Says who? You? I've ate mine at a medium temp ever since I was a kid.

The Bizness



If you go by what they say, they always to say cook it completely through. I hate my beef anything above Med-Well. Never had a problem and I have at it since I was a kid.

Edit: I know people who have ate it Raw numerous times and they are still ticking.


This only applies to ground beef you buy at the market. The beef used at gourmet burger places such as bar 145 is ground on site from finer cuts of meat (not ground chuck). Because of this you can cook it to a lower temperature because it was essentially a steak ground into hamburger. The 160 degree temp doesn't apply to fresh ground steak because the same conditions for bacteria growth are not present in a steak. The chance of getting sick is relatively low.

The Bizness

If you trust that they are grinding their own steaks same day as making your burger and that the steak they are getting is high quality then by all means enjoy it. I will only trust that when I do it myself. Personally, when I cook a burger I don't want any pink in the middle.


Hope this goes. A good place for good people. btw Bizness Steak Tar -tar?

The Bizness

sounds like a good way to get diarrhea lol


30 full time and 20 part time employees....think not. I hope the place makes it, but most folks in Norwalk won't shell out $12 for a burger, plus drinks. Fine dinning around here is eating inside of Burger King instead of the drive through.


Considering the very small amount of restaurant choices in the Norwalk area right now, they might have a chance. There are what, 3 "sit-down" restaurants in the area?


Hate to tell ya, but there are plenty of us in the Norwalk area that not only have the money but also will pay for high quality food. Considering I've had to drive into Sandusky or Cleveland to get a good meal, I for one am happy to see this. If the food is good, it will keep my wife and I from having to drive out of town for fine dining.


A 12 dollar burger? Get real!

Dr. Information

I think it will go over just fine. There is absolutely nothing in this area for entertainment.

Steve P

Good food, good drinks it will make it, I run into Norwalk residents at Bar North in Huron, and The Zinc/Heath Tavern in Sandusky, those who appreciate good food will pay a market price for it. Nice to have an upscale local place where the bucket of beer group might be priced out. We have enough of the Bud, Miller light crowd places, fine bourbon and craft beer where quality nor quantity is appreciated.The cheapskates and the gloom and dormers will always find fault. I prefer an adult type place, leave the rug rats at home with a sitter.
Medium rare for beef, pink in the middle is the only way to enjoy higher grade beef.


If you are looking for an adult place, this won't be it. They already put it out there that families are welcome. This is not just a bar, but a restaurant that also serves high end adult beverages.

Steve P

There is a difference between being "family welcome" and mom & dad paying the higher prices for the entire crew, look at any more upscale restaurant, few children.


I relocated from the Toledo area to Sandusky about 3 years ago. Bar 145 in Toledo is a great place and lots of fun. The food prices are nowhere near outrageous and the atmosphere is outstanding. However, Bar 145 is not Red Robin; I wouldn't plan to take the kids. In the Toledo Bar 145, they provided entertainment in a wide array; from karaoke to dueling pianos! I am looking forward to trying out this new location!