Corner to get new Speedway

Current structures at Campbell Street and West Perkins Avenue site will be bulldozed.
Andy Ouriel
May 28, 2013


Sandusky officials have fast-tracked a company’s plans to construct a new gas station.

A new Speedway is slated for 2227 Campbell St., on the northwest corner of West Perkins Avenue by Rite Aid and Advance Auto Parts.

Documents from Sandusky’s planning commission show 12 pumps and 33 parking spots around a gas station and convenience store. Plans also show Speedway executives bulldozing several vacant homes and acquiring the land to build the 3,900-square-foot facility.

“Staff has no objection to the approval of the site plan,” stated a report compiled by the city’s assistant planner, Anna Enderle.

But other details, such as project cost and an opening date for the gas station, remain unknown.

“Unfortunately, there is nothing we can comment on this time,” Speedway spokeswoman Sid Barth said. “All I can tell you is Speedway is always looking for new ways to provide quality services to its customers and that means new, convenient locations.”

This Speedway marks the second such gas station in the 44870 ZIP code. The other one is on Milan Road by Ohio 2, across from the Sandusky Fireworks Superstore.

West Perkins Avenue, then, has become something of a hotbed for gas stations. In 1-mile radius, there are already four major gas stations serving commuters:

*Hy-Miler, 310 W. Perkins Ave.

*Kroger, 508 W. Perkins Ave.

*Mickey Mart, 2228 Hayes Ave.

*Sunoco, 922 W. Perkins Ave.



How about something across from the mall, next to Burger King?


Good! It will add some competition to the strip. Speedway always has gas for less. Just don't want to drive all the way out there to get it.


yea another gas station just what we need

Eph 2 8-10

Actually, there are less gas stations in the area now than there were 50 years ago.

Sharin' Johnson

Prove it.


Milan used to have 4 gas stations, 1 where the current one is, 1 where the car wash is, 1 next to the American Legion (I think it was a Pontiac dealer) and one near Milan Steel before the bridge washed away. So yes there were many gas stations in the area years ago. I personally like the guy that runs the gas station in Milan, he might not have the cheapest price but he is a local guy and he gives his time to Cub Scouts, the band and every other groups that asks him to help out.


Yup, just another "corner gas station" that your gonna have a hard time getting in and out of! Its gonna be another One way in and one way out pain in the a$$. You already can't get out of Krogers if your turning left without knocking your groceries all over the car trying to beat the on coming traffic!


I agree, that's a bad location!


I know what you mean and not just from the gas station. There's been so many accidents coming out of Krogers that I've stopped trying to get out of there on Perkins Ave and instead of risking things I just go to the exit out on Campbell St. So much easier and yeah it's a little out of the way but at least going to the light and getting out that way.

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the unsilent ma...

Hey paul use the campbell street exit out of krogers and use the traffic light to turn on to perkins. If more people did that to get ourt and used campbell street to get in to krogers while traveling west on perkins ave that section of road would be much less congested. Every time I get stuck behind someone turning left into krogers off of perkins ave, I want to pull them out of theit car and unleash a verbal tirade on them they will never forget.


Wow! It's always interesting to see why people revert to road rage. I never thought for the life of me it would be because someone was going to Kroger and didn't use the light.


I do use it during the peek hours! Have for years!


I love the Kroger store!! Maybe some people don't know that you can enter or exit onto Campbell instead of Perkins. Not everyone who shops there is from town.


Another place for the thuglets to hang out !! Just like the other 2 on hayes/perkins......


Wonder how many times this place will be robbed?


When the theives get tired of robbing perkins stores . Since they cant never seem to catch anyone.

Good 2 B Me

I will do it since none of you will. Good job Speedway. Thank you for adding another business and more jobs to our area. Thank you for the Tax money that this will bing to Sandusky. Thank you for competing, which is good for the consumer.

Sharin' Johnson

That's about as congested a location as possible. It'd be better over at the corner of Strub and Hayes or Bogart and Hays with both locations getting dedicated turn lanes, no gas stations or store around there


Speedway is fine on that corner and will add to the number of stations there. I would not get too excited about they sparking competition for they go with the flow in prices. The real price setter is Murphy's Oil on the Walmart property which of course is owned by Walmart.

Murphy's Oil is what drops prices on Route 250. If it was not there prices would be much higher. I drove to Port Clinton where there is little competition and there is the likes of Speedway, Shell, etc. The price there was 18 cents higher.

I remember clearly last summer following a District Petroleum tanker from the Shell across the street from Walmart on Route 250 to the Shell at Rye Beach Road and Cleveland Road in Huron. The same gas mind you, the same truck etc. and it was 12 cents higher in Huron.

Me and Only Me

There probably isn't enough land, but I have always wished that Perkins Ave. had a center turn lane like they have on Milan Road. It would be so great not to be in the left lane and have someone in front of you waiting and waiting to turn left. Sure wish it could be done!

Dude i Roc

I am a Kroger customer who DOES use the Campbell St exit to return to Perkins Ave and head to Venice. Sometimes it is very difficult just getting onto Campbell to get to the traffic light . I can see more back-up congestion and frustration already. NOT HAPPY!


could be worse, could be getting another subway


yea well with subway they split them up and they dont have them all in one area where there not needed


i sure would like to know what the city is thinking . I mean comeon why put another gas station on that corner , when you all ready have Krogers right across the street , It makes no sense , and as for the Hy-Miler, 310 W. Perkins Ave.does not sell gas anymore , they are a carrie out only
Come on sandusky , all a station there is going to do is cause more traffic accidents and tie ups and is not even needed and if you all recall , there was three stations on that street that went belly up cause they just didnt have the income to stay open , one next door to the formal Big Os and the shell that was there next to Krogers that had a car wash not to mention the Speedway that was across from sandusky Plaza on 250 and rt 6 that closed . I really dont think its going to work on that corner of campbell street , people arent going to fight to get in and out And if they are going to do this , the city as well as perkins need to reset the lights so more then a couple of cars make it through that light going into perkins as well as coming into sandusky by way of campbell and put some cross walks in as well , I live on campbell street and try to go to krogers and its a hazard right there on that corner cause the lights dont give people walking time to cross safely , and someone is going to get hit one of these days , you can count on it , I mean heck we all ready had one man get hit tring to cross campbell street and the police to my knowlage hasnt found the driver yet , this is something that needs to be addressed as well


Hang in there Gene, hopefully new signals on Perkins Ave. will be coming next year, along with better timing plans.


One can only hope so , but thats only half the problem , what about cross walks and walk , dont walk lighted signs as well ?
And to bad I am moving to ky the 1st of July and the way things are going around here , it cant be soon enough for me


A simpler solution would be for people to just learn to drive. For everyone that has an accident there are hundreds who manage to negotiate the maneuver safely.


I agree~why make that area any more CONGESTED than it already is?? Oh well............who are we LOL


"Current structures at Campbell Street and West Perkins Avenue site will be bulldozed"

Parcel number 57-04635.000

"Plans also show Speedway executives bulldozing several vacant homes and acquiring the land to build the 3,900-square-foot facility."

How many other parcels close to 2227 Campbell St will be involved in building of the new gas station?


At least 2 deep and the building next to the houses.


Will be interesting to compare traffic accidents at that corner before and after the station in operational.

Compare this to an idea building a gas station at the corner of Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive. Could you imagine?