Good pizza served up at new location

Beach’s Pizza & Pub has moved to a location already familiar to pizza lovers.
Melissa Topey
Mar 22, 2013


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Cory Beach and his family, along with co-owner John Weisflock, have re-opened the pizzeria at 1109 Warren St., the old All-Ways Pizza location.

“This is a more dine-in location,” Beach said. “I liked it and it was nicer than our Venice Road location.”

All-Ways Pizza has been at the Warren Street location for decades under two different owners, Weisflock said.

Weisflock had been a loyal customer at Venice Road Beach’s Pizza, and he helped the Beach family find the new digs. He knew the former shop had closed, but the property wasn’t in any sales listings. 

After approaching the owners of the Warren Street facility, Weisflock and Beach landed a two-year deal to rent the location, with an option to purchase.

“We can see how we are going to do here,” Beach said.

Part of the reason for the move: Beach’s Pizza was having frequent electrical problems at the old building.

For his part, Weisflock loved the food and he saw firsthand how hard the Beach family worked. He soon became a part of the business.

Beach’s Pizza & Pub will match competitors’ coupons. The pizzeria will also offer delivery on orders of more than $10.

The food is still the same, using tried-and-true recipes created by the Beach family.

“We load our pizza up. You get a good quality pizza here,” Beach said.

They offer a vegetarian pizza with spinach, mushrooms and feta cheese. One of the more unique offerings is a mac and cheese pizza, with pieces of hot dogs stuffed in the crust.

Beach’s also offers gluten-free pastas.

Said Weisflock: “Food is better at the Beach.”


The Don

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Personal attacks, because someone gave their opinion about how good the food is? Does anybody else think this board is way overmoderated?


I've never had it so of course I'll give it a whirl at some point. I wish them well on this side of town. We discovered All Ways too late to thoroughly enjoy what they had to offer.


Good stuff. A little greasy but hey ya only live once.


I tried their pizza at the pizza was delicious! One of the best there! Kalahari's was amazing too!




you want to lose weight dont eat pizza


I'm very fit...just love Pizza!


If you have a good product and respectable employees , not to mention a clean place to dine. and senseable pricing , and by that I mean have it taste as good as the cost that you charge And have your pizzas made of fresh materials

he said she said

I remember back in the 70's when the Beverick family owned the place. The pizza was good then so with the new name and new owners, I'm gonna have to get there and try it!