Wee Care 24-hour child care center to relocate

Behind this door lies hidden treasures.
Melissa Topey
Feb 22, 2013


This little catchphrase was found on a piece of paper recently posted inside

1925 Barker St., the new digs for Wee Care Day Care & Early Learning Center.

Owner Rene Newell knows this message would be entirely appropriate posted on the main doors.

“It was much needed in the community for a safe place,” Newell said. “Daycares don’t always have a good name. I wanted parents to know their kids were in safe hands.”

Newell, who started Wee Care Day Care in March 2005, said a growing need for space prompted her move to the new location.

The daycare is leaving a crowded and noisy location on Cleveland Road. The old place had just a single large room, with partitions creating spaces to segment age groups.

The new location, a former Sandusky Schools building, has individual rooms for separate age groups, from infants to 14-year-olds.

The new property also has a great playground for children, a nice change from the the old location, where children play outside in a small space.

After a March 2 grand opening, the daycare will offer childcare 24 hours a day, meeting a growing need for parents who work second- or third-shift jobs.

Newell currently has 19 employees, a few of whom have already agreed to work the midnight shift.   

The center’s workers will feed the children breakfast, send them off to school and pick them up. If a child is sick or having problems at school, one of Newell’s employees can pick up the child as long as the parent makes arrangements with the school beforehand.

With parental approval, the children can also accompany Newell to Sunday church services at Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church on Columbus Avenue.

In the end, Wee Care is about much more than babysitting — it’s about teaching the children and preparing them for school and life.

One program, “I am girl,” allows girls ages 8 to 14 to discuss issues important to them: independence, life skills and business concepts. Wee Care is also starting a similar program for boys, suitably titled, “I am boy.”

The daycare center’s logo states: “It’s All About The Kids.”

“You become more than a babysitter,” Newell said. “To borrow a saying, ‘You are training them up.’”

Wee Care Day Care & Early Learning Center
Where: 1925 Barker St., off Mills Street and Tiffin Avenue
Hours: 24-hour daycare center, starting March 2



CONGRATS RENE AND LONNIE! Great people who will give your child excellent care!

Kottage Kat

This a blessing


Congrats Renee! I know you will do well!


This looks awesome! I wish my town had something like this! This isn't a day care, it's more like a Nanny service. Best of luck in your new location!


Congrats Renee!! You go girl :) God Bless you and may HE keep a hedge of protection around Wee Care Daycare, you, and all who are connected to you!!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I wish you well with this project! If we can assist at all with games or other recreational programming let us know. Services like this are very important.

Mama of 4

My kids have went there for years. Great employees and day care all around. Will help kids and parents in any way possible. My kids love it there!


I had both my children there for over a year. They (wee care) did a great job, and I would recommend them to anyone. Good luck to all that work at Wee Care, and you deserve all the best.


She needs to have an open house! This is great for people who work late at night and have no one to watch their children. Breaking ground on the idea of opening 24 hours a day is fantastic.


Yes, there is good news to report in our area if we take the time to look for it instead of only relying on the police blotter for "reporting".