Stenger out to make banking approachable

There’s a new place to turn when looking to buy or refinance a home.
Melissa Topey
Feb 8, 2013


Waterstone Mortgage Corp., a Milwaukee-based mortgage lending company with offices in 11 states, has set up shop in the Sandusky market. Jason Stenger opened an office Jan. 10 on Sandusky Mall Boulevard, near Perkins Avenue.  

Stenger worked as a loan officer for big banks for 11 years before he left to find something more personal. He said he found it with Waterstone Mortgage.

“I call this boutique-style — very approachable and hopefully with less headaches,” Stenger said. “I try to show people and reassure them they can afford to do what they are looking to do.”

Waterstone Mortgage offers all the same loan programs as other big lenders, but Stenger said it comes with a more personal touch.

“FHA, USDA, VA and Home Affordable Refinance Program (Harp) at competitive pricing with great service,” Stenger said.

People often have a false belief that banks are not loaning out money and that it’s hard to get a loan, Stenger said.

“But we really are,” he said.

With rates at historic lows and home competitively priced, now is the time to look at refinancing an existing mortgage, he said.

“I fit people into products that fit them,” he said. “I am out for their best interests.”

Stenger said he won’t push anyone into the “product of the day” or a loan they can’t handle, even if it means telling a client they may not qualify for as much as they’d hoped for.

“Ethics are No. 1,” he said. “They have to be, or I would be out of business.”

Waterstone Mortgage Corporation, sales manager Jason Stenger
What: Mortgage financing
Where: 1919 Sandusky Mall Blvd., Perkins Township  
Phone: 419-239-6572



Subprime is back. They're calling them "dignity loans."


Down the "rabbit hole" again. This time in black and white. LOL

Please, Alice, can't you find that looking glass to get us out of here?


No down payment is also a reality.

With FHA, the 3% down payment can be rolled into the mortgage payment - Voila! $0 down payment!

Good thing that Bernanke and friends are buying $40B a month in Federal mortgage backed securities, 'cause the Chinese and others stopped buying 'em.

Watch out for a strong breeze with this financial house of cards.