Simplicity1 offers errand help for busy customers

Have a chore or errand that you just don't have time to tackle? This Sandusky woman will take it off your hands.
Melissa Topey
Jan 18, 2013



Whether you're waiting for the repairman or picking up dry cleaning, the enterprising Tammy Gilchrist is making herself known as the area's go-to gal.  

“I will do most anything, as long as it is legal and moral,” said Gilchrist, owner of Simplicity1. 

Her business motto: "Making life easier, one task at a time."

She offers services to a diverse base of clients in Erie county, including individuals, families, new moms, senior citizens and small business owners. 

Just a sampling of her recent work: She helped a local artist book gigs; she joined an older woman on a visit to a doctor's office; and she helped a local business set up an employee party.

“You feel like you make a difference,” Gilchrist said.

Word-of-mouth advertising has already landed her clients. 

“I was surprised by the encouragement," she said. "Sandusky needed something like this."

Gilchrist said she is bonded, a sort of insurance policy, to protect herself and reassure clients of their financial security. She provides receipts to customers for all financial transactions.

She's also emphasizes each client's privacy.

Local residents will probably recognize her from her Bay Harbor, where she worked 17 years as a bartender. As her children have grown older and she becomes more involved in school events, however, Gilchrist said she wanted a flexible job that would keep her busy.

Her clients are required to schedule a minimum of one hour for her services. 

After all, there's another saying we all know: Time is precious.


Simplicity1 LLC

Phone: 419-366-5006


Pricing: Prices start at $22 an hour. Discounts are offered to new customers or referrals, as well as clients that book multiple hours. Services are by appointment only. 


Simplicity1's services 

- Home: Basic chores; deliver/prepare meals; shopping

- Vacation: Water plants; stock refrigerator; check on loved ones

- Business: Prepare office parties; assist at open houses; shop/wrap/deliver gifts; mailing and post office errands

- Senior Citizens: Assist with errands, chores, shopping; prepare meals; welfare checks

- New moms: Deliver diapers, formula; general assistance; babysit so mom can rest




well, it's nice but many that need it most, can't afford it.


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What was your motive behind this post? Envy?


More like negativity spreading more negativity


That was a misprint. She was actually a server at Bay Harbor. So WiredMamba, your attempt at a crack was a FAIL.


Best wishes Tammy on your new venture.

Dr. Information

I can go down every topic and wired always posts the most asinine stuff. Must of ate paint chips as a kid.


It's certainly a good idea, but, it's only geared towards the higher income brackets, though.

Good Luck


Tami does a wonderful job! The world needs more people like her. I think that a person should do for a living what they enjoy the most and do the best. This is definitely the right path for her:)