Brick Gallery features locals’ art downtown

Sandusky has a new dedicated fine art gallery downtown.
Melissa Topey
Jan 11, 2013


Jamie Meyers and Amy Heflinger opened up Brick Gallery on West Water Street late last year, where Firelands Photography had been.

The pair had talked for years about someday opening an art gallery.

“This space became available and we jumped on it,” Heflinger said.

The gallery features artists who work in a variety of style, media and price ranges. The brick walls hold paintings, drawings, photographs and jewelry set behind two beautiful  tables.

The ladies signed a rental agreement on the building and in October put out an open call to artists, unsure of what the response would be. There was a line for two days full of wonderful artists.

“They all had amazing pieces,” Meyers said.

Most of the artists selected are getting their first gallery showing.

Lewis Hollins of Sandusky was the first artist to have a piece sell.

“He is so talented. His friends had to convince him to bring his pieces in,” Heflinger said.

The gallery has styles and prices in a broad range to meet the needs of the most people possible, because everyone deserves something beautiful in their life, Heflinger said.

If a certain gallery piece is liked — but does not quite perfect — the artists can provide customized work for gallery clients.

The women plan to showcase the talent of some of the teenage artists at the high school.

“These kids are so talented,” Meyers said “When I was in school I would have gone absolutely nuts to be in a gallery.”

People are still finding out about the new gallery, with tourists and residents alike wandering in, they said.

And they both love to talk with anyone about the art on the brick walls. Anyone.

WHAT: Sandusky’s downtown art gallery
WHERE: 209 West Water Street
HOURS: Noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.
PHONE: 419-656-3412 or 419-341-1117

Artists currently displayed:
Joseph Amiciarelli, Lorain
“Victor” Ronald Scott Baker, Sandusky
Amy Barnes, Fremont
Jamie Burlovich, Huron
Marsha Gray Carrington, Sandusky
Jessamyn Falcone, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Charles Foster, Sandusky
Garth Garrett, Port Clinton
Lewis Hollins, Sandusky
Kenneth McFarlan, Oak Harbor
Sarah Pietrykowski, Fremont
Joseph C. Ritorto III, Huron
Matt Ritter, Oak Harbor
M. Jane Rowe, Southern Maryland
Mary Ann Schindler, Easton, Maryland
Glenn Wilson, Sandusky


The Bizness

Just wait till the negative nellys see this and start trashing it....

Good work, and thank you! I may have some art to bring in and see if you all are interested in selling it.

Licorice Schtick

Everyone sees the irony of this comment, right?

Sandusky Rose

This is the kinds of businesses we need in Sandusky.

Bradley Linton

My friends J. Amicarelli and Victor have some of their pieces exhibited here. There is a lot of talent in our area. Kudos to the Register and Melissa Topey for sharing this gem!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

If artists are willing to take commissions, there is a niche demand for custom work from people in our gaming community. This was a helpful article, I'll have to get a hold of Jamie and/or Amy about it!


artist endeavor is a pathway to soul, glad to see something good in sandusky

Licorice Schtick

A little gem. Worth stopping in.

Buy art. It lasts longer than almost anything else, and it will neither make you fat nor make you look fat.


Loose weight by buying more art and less food? I LIKE it!

Phil Packer

Why do you think there is the term "starving artist?" I hope they offer something else too that will keep them in business.


The phrase "fine art" gets thrown around all too often these days. Another place to buy prints of light houses, photos of barnes, and canvas ink jets of boats. Nothing wrong with that, but it should be called an art themed gift shop as opposed to a gallery.

Horace Mann

Well THAT'S a little harsh. There's quite a bit of original art at the Brick.

While it's true that aficiados don't regard reproductions as art, many affordable galleries offer a mix of original art and limited-edition reproductions. To deride Brick Gallery as a "gift shop" means either you're an art snob or you don't know what you're talking about.

And while the distiction can blur, reproductions should not be confused with fine art prints, which can be of interest to even the most discerning collector.

Galleries tend to sell what people buy, of course, so it should be no surprise to find some seascapes and lighthouses in a waterfront gallery.

If your taste runs more to the avant-garde, or you'd like to learn a bit about the contemporary art scene, a gallery of regional interest happens to be located in Sandusky; the Sandusky Cultural Center brings up-and-coming contemporary artists from all over Ohio and adjoining states, and sometime farther. There's a show there now and the SR did an article on it -


Have you even been in the gallery and do you even know what "fine art" is? Do you own an original piece by an artist? I didn't see any prints of light houses or any other "themed" gifts you speak of. There are some talented artists featured and more to come I'm sure. They are actually trying to bring something different to this ever so sheltered town.

Licorice Schtick

A definition and discussion of fine art:


Art is in the eye of the beholder. No more, no less.