Melon offers healthy treats in the Sandusky Mall

A refreshing, lower-calorie treat awaits Black Friday shoppers at the Sandusky Mall after the heavy Thanksgiving Dinner.
Melissa Topey
Nov 23, 2012


Owner Ly Nguyen opened up Melon’s Frozen Yogurt at the mall on Memorial Day, aiming to provide a healthier alternative to ice cream and other deserts.

“We try to promote a health conscious alternative with less fat, less sugar and probiotics,” Nguyen said.

Probiotics help improve the body’s digestive system, which is much-needed after eating several holiday dinners.

And at 45 cents an ounce, it's also an affordable treat.

The family owned shop competes against the chain stores, but that's nothing new to Nguyen, who married into the Bui family. The family opened up the MeKong Restaurants in Sandusky and Virginia.

While it's not an easy fight, Nguyen hopes the quality of the product will win out.

“We use Honey Hills, the most expensive yogurt in the market,” Nguyen said. “We don’t make hundreds of flavors, but every flavor is top-notch. We stress quality over quantity.”

Any limitations on flavor doesn't necessarily mean limited options.

Melon Frozen Yogurt offers 40 different toppings, from the standard chocolate, strawberry mango and raspberry, as well as boba, a topping that pops in your mouth. There are also seasonal toppings, such as pumpkin pie and candy corn.

The shop is self-serve, so the final creation is limited only by a customer's imagination.

“Mix it up, have fun, make it your own,” Nguyen said.

Melon Frozen Yogurt
What: Self-serve frozen yogurt shop
Where: Sandusky Mall, by Ruby Tuesday
Phone: 419-621-7589
Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday



It's a fresh new idea that surely costs too much.


I think it's delicious!


Tried it once, good idea but the product itself tastes horrible!!!

Edwin Ison

I wonder if they have received the proper blessing of the Melon Festival?

There could be a lawsuit coming. lol

Guy on a Buffalo

Menchie's is better. Better atmosphere, better yogurt, more choices, better toppings, nicer staff. I've been to both and like Menchie's better. Plus they have a rewards program.

However, I would go to MeKong's all day long over both of these places. Great food!


2 Months..


Sorry Mr. Nguyen, obesity is the future.

A store that sold inexpensively priced deep-fried fatty products might make it.


Knuckle, there is nothing horrible about it. Did you try each flavor? Lifetime, it's been open since summer so it's already been more than two months.
Haven't been to Menchie' might be better but it's not right in the mall and is in an inconvenient spot.


Turn the bright lights down. Think "atmosphere" as Guy stated above. It's not a freakin' operating room. Don't make it seem so cold and sterile. Gheesh.