Toddler gets stuck inside game

Authorities said a toddler was reunited with his mother after employees found him playing inside a claw crane machine at a Nebraska bowling alley.
Associated Press
Apr 20, 2014


Lincoln police said a 24-year-old woman called 911 Monday afternoon because her 3-year-old son was missing from her apartment.


Employees at the bowling alley across the street, meanwhile, called police to say a small boy was playing with stuffed animals inside the coin-operated machine.


It was unclear how the boy got inside the claw crane machine. A representative from the vending machine company let him out and he was reunited with his mother. He was not hurt.



"it was unclear how the boy got inside." really? don't they know that some kids can crawl in the PRIZE door to get in?

Stop It

24 yr. old GIRL needs taken out back and shot for letting her 3 yr. old to go across the street, into a bowling alley and get stuck in a vending machine.


Right and then are you going to take care of her child? Do you think she stood by and watched her child cross the street, go into a bowling alley and climb into a machine?

NO,children are quick to learn and they have no sense of danger. They can climb, unlock things and generally get into a lot of trouble with or without adult supervision. She'll learn from this and will probably be required to take a parenting class.