Obama basks in health care sign-up success — but will it save Democrats?

“The debate over repealing this law is over” he declared. It’s “here to stay”
Associated Press
Apr 2, 2014

Mocking his critics, President Barack Obama boasted Tuesday 7.1 million people have signed up for his health care law, an unexpected comeback after a disastrous rollout sent his poll numbers plummeting and stirred fears among Democrats facing re-election this fall.

“The debate over repealing this law is over” he declared. It’s “here to stay”

But the late enrollment surge may do little to change the political dynamics heading into the midterm elections, particularly for Democrats running in conservative states where the health law and the president himself remain deeply unpopular. Even Obama’s advisers acknowledge that the public’s views on the law are unlikely to shift significantly between now and November.

Still, with millions of people now receiving health benefits under the law, Democrats see an opportunity to undercut Republicans still pushing to repeal “Obamacare” And GOP lawmakers, wary of overplaying their political hand, are indeed grappling with whether to press forward with repeal or narrow their focus on replacing the law with different health measures.

In a preview of his party’s midterm messaging, Obama declared Tuesday while the health law isn’t perfect, it is “here to stay.”



Success? I guess considering how God awful this IDIOT has done (on everything) since he took office, he would consider this a success. IMPEACH THE IDIOT!!!!


You sir are a champion of the teabagging type tinfoil tricorn hat critters.
Dust off your tricorn and install some fresh bags please.
Mom just called and wants you to tidy up your basement home.


It's a real success when you stated there were 40 million uninsured Americans, you pass a law MANDATING getting insurance, and 7 million comply. Only this administration thinks 17% is a success.


He'd actually be lucky if it proved a wash given all of those that LOST their insurance because of Obamacare! Combine that with the fact that the majority who "enrolled" are signing up for the expanded Medicaid program, and of those who are SUPPOSED to pay premiums, the majority hadn't. I don't know about YOU, but in any business, you can't say something's sold just because somebody picked it up and looked at it!


thanks to the king thats all one can afford to do is stay back at home and depend on your family get on there insurance till you get out of diapers and I assume you heard mom call you left out she called down the steps and you could hear her.. and wait till you see the DEATH PANELS start up but then again you are a king supporter so you will be gladdddd when the give your mommy and daddy the death panel drink more of the kool-aid A@@ Hole


@holysee you must be one of those fully asleep at the wheel, believing all that is told to you by the established bought and paid for media and your lord and savior...king Barack Obama or is it Barry Soetoro.


Now, now wally, I think I hear your mom calling you to put your tin hat back on and come upstairs to take your meds.


The affaordable health care act is doomed in spite of it's obvious success. Even some faux news tinfoils now support it.

The Big Dog's back

Obama cares.

There you go again

Obama cares about.....himself.


Reminds me of Bush when he landed on the aircraft carrier and prematurely claimed victory…

Bottom Line

That is hands down the funniest headline I've ever seen in the Register! And they've had some good ones.


ALL Republicans at ANY level are, by party affiliation, complicit in the shake down of American working class and low income workers.

From now on...I'll vote a straight Democratic ticket. I no longer have any empathy nor will I offer any quarter for them and those who vote for them.

By a one vote margin the new Supreme Court ruling allows for a maximum of $3,500,000 to be donated by any one person. This is INSANE!

"Contributions" (bribes) to politicians and lobbyists by the wealthy are robbing us of our freedoms, liberties, health and voting.

Money begets money and now...our Supreme Court has been bought.

The revolution we had to rid ourselves from the corruption of the King of England has now come full circle. Now..we must fight again.

Darwin's choice

Fool. You're the reason there's directions on shampoo bottles....

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Please explain how you reason Democrats are free from any form of being "complicit", corruption, bribery, etc.?

You do realize that this Democrat-only law guarantees profit to private corporations in the form of your direct tax dollars? I won't tell you how to vote but you aren't going to accomplish any of what you said you want to fix if you vote a straight-Democrat ticket. Especially if you dislike what the King of England did in centralizing power in a distant government that only the rich lords could participate.


So the same Supreme Court that allowed Obamacare, is now in the bag for Republicans?
You're a hard core D looking to make waves.
Democrats represent 8 of the 10 wealthiest districts in the country.


The HATERS lose AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darwin's choice

“That’s right, the White House said that it surpassed its goal for people enrolled in ObamaCare,” Fallon said. “It’s amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory and fine people if they don’t do it. And then keep extending the deadline for months. It’s like a Cinderella story. It’s just a beautiful thing. You make everyone do it. Isn’t it great how many people do it? But if you still haven’t enrolled, you might have to pay a penalty called the individual shared responsibility payment, which is 1% of your salary. Then Americans said, ‘Man, good thing I don’t have a job.’”

From "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon". Better than the Obama station...

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The Hero Zone

How many lost their policies, doctors, medicine, stability, or money to afford our President his own personal victory?

"...This is the only path that leads to the castle. Those who really want to make it to the castle must either step over the ones who have fallen or stay here to pave the road for those who have the will to make it...Without doubt, you stepped over the thousands of dead, whose bodies made up the stones to pave your way, and they, for you, have done the same to those before!"

The Big Dog's back

Never, ever do I want to hear someone say both partys are the same.

Supreme Court's rejection of U.S. campaign funding limits opens door for big-money donors


The UAW had better raise their dues fast. They have competition now.

$300M won't buy them the next election!

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The Hero Zone

Yes it does, indeed, Big Dog:

2008: Raised/Spent/Votes/$ per Vote
Obama - $778,642,962 / $760,370,195 / 69,498,215 / $10.94
McCain - $383,913,834 / $358,008,447 / 59,948,240 / $5.97

2012: Raised/Spent/Votes/$ per Vote
Obama - ~$1,072,600,000 / ~$985,700,000 / 65,915,796 / ~$14.95
Romney - ~$992,500,000 / ~$992,000,000 / 60,933,500 / ~$16.28

Where is all that extra money from the campaigns? Where does it go? There are answers and if you as vigilant over "the rich" controlling elections as I hope you are, you may not like the answers, but we can find them together.

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The Hero Zone


Goode King Obama I (long live the King!) hath declared that henceforth from this proclamation any and all discussion related to His Law is rendered moot; having seen with his own senses that no better nor just law can exist. Any who decry His Law and choose to argue against it is hereby branded Heretic and to be expelled from His Lands else face punishment.

= = = = = = = = = =

Seriously, who does this? Who makes such a declaration to shut down speech, thought, and conversation save for the dictators of banana republics and other sundry political thugs around the globe?
Who is this man that can in one breath both decree that not only is no further discussion allowed but offer the throwaway line of "it's not perfect" implying further discussion is needed to actually somehow salvage this wreck?

Hello, McFly, hello? Anyone there? Does anyone actually listen to the words this man speaks? We apparently now have something that is here to stay, nobody is allowed to talk about, and isn't perfect. WTF? Can he not even read his speeches written by others that are 1/1000th as less in pages than an act he signed into law?

How wonderful that our President gets to bask in this, now how many millions of individuals (let alone those who are working who will lose those unless he continues to illegally change his own law, another aspect of it apparently we aren't allowed to talk about) are wallowing in something else because of it? Oh praise our Dear Leader! Long live the King! He who takes no questions at his victory declaration of names on paper and not actual people helped!

You want single payer? TOO BAD! The President doesn't care about your thoughts. The discussion is over. Go home, single payer advocates there is no room for you in the White House.

You want to empower the individual with other means to offer them health care? GO SUCK AN EASTER EGG! Your thoughts are irrelevant to this imperfect-yet-"here to stay" plan.

You want a party in Congress to stop passing unread, junk laws so they can try to guarantee election perpetuity by ceaselessly adjusting them because they aren't "perfect"? FLY A KITE! This, Obama's basking glory, is more important than your petty requests to actually demand better of your government. You think they represent you to the Federal government, or do they represent the Federal government to you?


Hero, your work is brilliant and informative. Our country has been bought and paid for by those who have the most money. Where will it end?

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Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a key pillar of federal campaign finance law by allowing donors to give money to as many political candidates, parties and committees as they wish.

In the latest in a series of decisions by the high court that have given big-money donors more influence in U.S. elections, the justices rejected the overall limits on how much individuals can donate during a federal two-year election cycle.

The ruling - a 5-4 decision with the court's more conservative justices in the majority - could have an immediate impact on the 2014 midterm elections, in which Republicans are likely to keep control of the House of Representatives and are seeking to gain six Senate seats to take over that chamber.

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The Hero Zone

Join me in supporting a Congressional term limit amendment.

The Big Dog's back

Like Meowmix said, you're such a drama queen.

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The Hero Zone

Calling me a drama queen does nothing to dispel, disprove, nor discredit anything I said. The door is wide open to do so. Please, by any and all means my good sir. I shall roll out the red carpet for the King's Hound to make an example of me.

Where am I wrong? How? Explain. Point out. Educate. Or will you just give me another "if you don't know I won't tell you" throwaway lines like the President gave by simultaneously declaring all discussion about his law over yet somehow despite it being an absolute it isn't perfect and needs work.

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sappy, can you comprehend what you read?

“The debate over repealing this law is over” he declared. It’s “here to stay”

REPEALING! If the Repubs want to improve it, bring it on.

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The Hero Zone

Repealing all or portions of the law may very well be necessary, however how many times have other ideas been brought up and then neither accepted in the Senate or were overshadowed with a veto threat from the White House (probably with neither body actually reading the bill much like they did with the one they want to fight to protect unless you have a D after your name...then you are allowed to change it willy-nilly at the drop of a hat).

A fool declares options off a table before a discussion about what can be on the table is actually offered. If I want to improve my business but tell a consultant that they are not allowed to look at how I (for example) discount my wares...why even bother? What the heck am I paying him for if I hire him to tell me how to run my business but I tell him how I want to run my business?

Thus, only petty dictators make such absolute statements as if they know it all. Yet here we see not only the page count of the law bloated but all the egos attached to it that refuse to actually address the problem.