Senate blocks confirmation of civil rights enforcer

Obama swiftly condemned the action. In a statement, he called it a “travesty based on wildly unfair character attacks against a good and qualified public servant”
Associated Press
Mar 6, 2014


President Barack Obama’s choice to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was blocked by bipartisan Senate opposition Wednesday in an emotional postscript to the long-ago murder of a Philadelphia policeman and the legal help his killer received.

The vote against advancing Debo Adegbile toward confirmation was 47-52, shy of the majority needed under new procedures Democrats put in place late last year to overcome Republican stalling tactics.

In this case, though, to the dismay of civil rights organizations and the White House, Democratic desertions played a decisive role in the outcome. Eight members of Obama’s party joined all 44 Republicans in preventing a final vote.

Obama swiftly condemned the action. In a statement, he called it a “travesty based on wildly unfair character attacks against a good and qualified public servant”



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Stop It

His own party is dropping him.


Not really. He needed about 5 more votes, I read. So, basically 5 more people than expected disagreed with him on one issue. Not exactly a "landslide" of disapproval. Keep on dreaming...

Having said that, I think he could have made a better choice, too, but to me, it's a pretty small, unimportant issue.


Re: "pretty small, unimportant issue."

He's the FIRST "post-nuclear option nominee to fail to pass through the Senate."

It sure is a BIG Deal. :)

H*ll, even progressive 'darling' Harry Reid voted against him.


It's not a big deal pooh. It's political. Everyone wants to keep their job! Everyone, not even every Dem has to agree with the President. It does not mean the world is coming to an end!


Re: "It's not a big deal,"

Sour grapes 'turd?


Sour grapes? Not at all. Win some lose some pooh! It is what it is!



So why was your Messiah upset and why did Harry Reid play political games to help possibly save some Senators' butts? :)

You just make crap up 'turd.


I only speak for myself pooh!


Re: "I only (snip)"

Can't answer the question, 'turd?


What question?


Re: "What question?"

Must be your Alzheimer's; never mind.


Unlike you pooh, I really don't know who the guy is and guess what? I don't care. How's that for an answer? That damn Kessler's is really doing a number on you! Ease up pooh. You know you are going to need some tomorrow!


Dream much StoopIt?


The police unions didn't want him. Enough said.


Defense attorneys of cop killers are not well liked.


Neither are the unions that take up for killer cops.


Let me be perfectly clear: Poor baby he didn't get his way, PERIOD!


This is all political as usual but it also proves Democrats think individually and vote how they actually feel not the way they are told to vote. Win some, lose some! Next!


Quit drinking their Cool-Aid. Liberal Dems are like a bunch of sheep. "Just pass it so that you can see what is in it"!


Tastes better than tea!!!!!!!!!


Re: "proves Democrats think individually,"


See: ACA

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The Hero Zone

A few held out until the pressure built. It was a hopeful moment for me and others. But then we got the "Cornhusker Kickback" and that mysterious Air Force One ride for Dennis Kucinich that had him change his mind. Granted, Mr. Kucinich was holding out because he felt it didn't go far enough, but "any port in a storm" so they say. One can only wonder what the conversation was on that plane...

I would actually like to see more of this type of behavior. The Democratic Party is in need of a "tea party" of its own to reorganize it and stir the settlement from the bottom of the barrel of GOBs, corruption, and a relative lack of "progress" despite it being all but a trademarked slogan.

"Vote Democrat: PROGRESS - at any price!®"

Sarcasm and any hint of nya-nyas aside, perhaps even in the magic of election time these people will do what their constituents want instead of party. So much of these issues and constituent marginalization could be saved if we moved FORWARD© on Congressional (and Supreme Court) term limits, a streamlined and FAIR© tax system (though "fair tax" is in use by someone else and frankly a flat tax would be nice too), and other things that benefit the MIDDLE-CLASS™.

Unfortunately there appears to be nobody with a D after their name who is interested in any of that and anyone with an R after their name either can't espouse the ideas, explain the logic, nor even believe in such a thing themselves. The lack of articulation especially from the SPEAKER of the House is baffling.

How many people knew that the Speaker doesn't have to be a House member? Meaning so much of the partisan games can be avoided if they chose the best person for the job? Someone who has speaking skills, an educational mindset, and who serves as a liaison between the people and their elected bodies instead of political party?


"The White House fired off a scathing statement from the president so quickly that it misspelled Adegbile's name."


The lefty fruitcakes will have to try that "no big deal" nonsense somewhere else.


Pres. Obama warned the miscreant Senators that are up for re-election that if they didn't play ball from now on, he'd come to their states and campaign for them. :)

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The Hero Zone

I don't think it is there now, but did you see the headline on the Huffington Post yesterday? It had pictures of all seven and pretty much called them traitors, urging their ouster for people who will fall more in line. It was pretty hilarious.

To be fair they never claim to be "fair and balanced" like another outlet but some of their headlines read like trashy tabloid news. It's especially amusing when the bipartisan Iran sanctions were called a "war bill" and got some Democrats (again with pictures) to not go with it by calling them warmongers, yet by that standard they praise war with Russia.

Harkens back to the election when Romney was laughed at by his critics for having a "Cold War mindset" yet here we are.


Re: " If you think HuffPo is a "bit" off you will get chuckle out of DailyKos. It is HuffPo on steroids. One of their more common traits is to edit tapes, and take comments out of context, then let the sheepole comment on the edited comments, as though the comments weren't edited or taken out of context. They also make no claims of being "balanced" let alone "fair". It does show the mindset of the wingers though.