Obama supports Brown’s bill

Senator proposes expansion of federal anti-poverty program
Tom Jackson
Mar 5, 2014
U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has picked up an ally in his effort to expand a federal anti-poverty program — President Barack Obama.

The senator’s bill to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-income people who don’t have kids and young adults is echoed in the president’s just-released budget.

Brown told reporters Tuesday in a telephone conference call that he welcomes the president’s help.

“Ensuring that hard work means a path to a middle class life should be a bipartisan goal,” Brown said. “The president’s budget proposal is an important step toward ensuring that Americans who work hard and take responsibility can take home more of their pay each month”

The Earned Income Tax Credit — available only to Americans who earned money by working in a job — provides cash through federal income tax returns to help low-income Americans. To get it, low-income taxpayers have to file an income tax return.

Taxpayers have to be at least 25 years old to earn the tax credit, and the maximum age is 64. It’s also much more generous for people who have children than for people who are childless.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington think tank that focuses on helping low- and moderate-income Americans, says Obama’s budget and Brown’s “Working Families Tax Relief Act” would both lower the eligibility age for the tax credit from 25 to 21.

Brown’s bill would raise the maximum credit for childless Americans to about $1,400, while Obama’s proposal would raise it toabout $1,000. There are two other bills in Congress that also seek to expand the credit, the think tank says.

The think tank says childless workers currently get an average credit of about $270, compared to an average of $2,900 for eligible workers who have children.

Citing economists such as Karl Scholz and Ron Haskins, the think tank argues that expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit would encourage more young men to obtain jobs and would thereby even increase their chances of getting married.

Brown said he also wants the Earned Income Tax Credit to become better known. He said more than 200,000 Ohioans who are eligible for the tax credit fail to obtain it, apparently because they don’t know about it.

Although Brown’s weekly phone calls with the press always focus on a particular issue, he takes questions on almost any topic.

On Tuesday, however, he said he was asking every reporter on the call to help Ohioans find out about the Earned Income Tax Credit.

“This one, I really do ask all of you to help spread the word” he said.

Low income Ohioans who need to find out how to get free help in filling out their tax returns may call 1-800-906-9887.




Darwin's choice

..Gotta keep buying those votes, eh kURTje?


Flat tax...10%-15% on all income. Rich, or pi** poor, everyone contributes.


Can't/won't do it. It would actually be fair; it would actually be simple; and it would actively PROHIBIT vote-buying. Nope. Ain't gonna happen.


Right. Fair is anti-American. No one said anything about the millions for drought relief/Agri-business.


Re: "Earned Income Tax Credit"

Little wonder that the progressive-socialists like this one in order to help buy votes, its full of waste, fraud and abuse.

"According to the results of a government-issued audit released this week by the Treasury Department, IRS officials have erroneously handed out over $110 billion in tax credit to undeserving recipients during the last decade."


Not to worry; just phone Fed. Chair Yellen and have her print a few billion more dollars - good to go!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

You beat me to it. There are many who are here illegally who receive said incentive, too. It also has been pretty good at punishing responsible young people who DON'T have kids (or rewarding those that have, however you'd like to see it). I also find it disingenuous to claim to lift people out of poverty with a once-a-year payment. It does nothing to address the education nor lifestyle of the people who receive that money, will spend it on whatever, then continue the rest of the year with what is the norm for their life.

Simple Enough II



I'm all I'm favor of this. Me and my wife work our tails off for barely 40k a year. If this bill were signed into law and we qualified, that doesn't mean I'm voting for him by any shake of the stick.


Didn't take long for the usual conservative naysayers to vent, did it? Just goes to show you that they'll voice displeasure for anything Obama supports, even if it's for something THEY usually support.

It's additionally ironic, given the fact that it was the Bush Recession that caused much of the current poverty lower-income folks have experienced. Their continued push for a continuance of those incorrect economic policies have merely continued the difficulties felt by lower income people. That's kind of the GOP mantra isn't it: hold the heads of the poor underwater, while giving more and more money to the rich.

I read that worker production since 1980 is up 90%, yet wages for the middle class and lower class have only gone up 8%. Guess who got all the money? Anyone who doesn't believe that there has been a massive redistribution of OUR money to the 1% is in some serious denial.

The Brown sponsored bill does exactly what is needed. It rewards those who ARE working, but who still don't make enough to get off food stamps. And that's irony #2: because Republicans don't support a raise to minimum wage and don't support common sense legislation like this Bill, we end up having to support them via food stamp subsidies.

Don't believe the baloney put out by the Right, gang. The two biggest employers of people on food stamps in Ohio are WalMart and (oh, the irony) Kroger. We can either take the Democratic path: pay people enough so that they have enough to live - and help them out with tax credits like the Brown bill - so that they don't have to be dependent on federal handouts. OR...we can take the Republican path: keep their wages down, don't give them any tax incentives, forcing them to continue to need federal funding.

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The Hero Zone

So are you saying that the Federal government should pay people, oh, $15,000/year to simply exist? Is this the Democrats' plan? That would eliminate poverty 100% and then some since the current line is set around $12,000. That seems simple and straightforward. The state should guarantee the income of everyone allowing you to choose if you want to work or not.

No poverty.
No wage issues.
No workplace abuse/injury.
No need for any of the middleman crap.
The elimination of almost all need for welfare programs.

This seems rather humane, does it not?


Thanks a LOT, Hero Zone. Ten to one there will be at least a couple on these blogs who will agree with you. And they'll be completely serious when they do!

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The Hero Zone

I'm tired of all the whining and things going on that don't address a problem someone has. That kind of indirect, passive-aggressive BS gets us nowhere. If coasterfan or Senator Brown, who got in about as many nebulous political buzzwords in his first quote as possible if you noticed) wants this he should just say it because following the thoughts he put out this is how you solve poverty with a 100% success rate which this tax credit will never, ever, ever, ever do.


I find it fascinating, Coasterfan, that prices, unemployment, and wages during the "Bush recession" were actually in better shape than they are in the midst of the "Obama recovery." Gosh, don't you?

The Big Dog's back

They were?


Yes. Google is your friend, pup. Verify it for yourself.


Yes everything was really good especially the first six years prior to the left wing loonies taking over congress


Re."It's additionally ironic, given the fact that it was the Bush Recession that caused much of the current poverty lower-income folks have experienced."

You are still blaming Bush for things as they are today. Would you then say that Bush 41 was responsible for the good economy of the Clinton years?

Obama did campaign that the high price of gas was due to Bush and Cheney and that he would see that the prices were lowered however he did not. He also campaigned that the gap between the wealthy and middle class was Bush's fault and he would correct that problem and yet it is still growing very well.

You did mention WalMmart and I did read an article telling that a very large majority of union workers complain about their business practices however a large majority of the union workers will shop there to save themselves money.


I read an interesting article yesterday, on why people vote Republican, even when it is obviously NOT in their own best interest. The article sums up what most of us on the Left know: if you make less than $250,000 a year and vote GOP, you are supporting candidates who continually enact legislation that hurts you, and who continually block legislation that would help you.

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The Hero Zone

Meanwhile, at the Democrats' secret lair...

"Isn't it great to be perfect, beautiful snowflakes who can do no wrong? It's amazing we are free of corruption, hypocrisy, and we do it all without any of those hated 'rich people' in our ranks. Every one of our laws is simultaneously just, proper, financially sound, and offer no loopholes or exemptions. What is good for us is always good for the people that follow us. Our arguments are morally 100% airtight, suffuse with research, historic in root, and uplifting in intelligence. We also read every bill we pass cover to cover three times to ensure nary a type-o let alone burdensome language is used."

Then, suddenly, at Alan "Republican's War on Women" Grayson's house...


Now I get it. I'm not calling for his head (though if you read some of the stuff this guy write you'd argue he lost it already). If he were Republican he'd be guilty as accused, yes? After all his wife is merely accusing him of domestic violence in the wake of a divorce. So let's give this guy a chance and see, as his campaign manager indicates, if this isn't all a complete fabrication to undermine the Representative's power.

Attention SR! At coasterfan's suggestion I think we need to disband the only corrupt, languishing party in America's politics. This is a rotten choice and the fact that countless people fall victim to the schemes of the Republicans is proof enough that they are perhaps nothing more than organized crime. American's should only have to have one choice when it comes to parties. The moral choice. The just choice. The financially sound choice. The party of...

Wait, a party like that exists?

The Big Dog's back

You've totally fallen off the edge sappy.

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The Hero Zone

How? I solved poverty.

The Big Dog's back

Scouring right wingnut sites to try and find dirt on someone you politically disagree with.

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The Hero Zone

If you read the headlines of the paper it isn't a bastion of Republicanism. Unless you call the SR a right wingnut site for publishing the trespassing story regarding State Rep. Redfern? It doesn't take much "scouring" to find unflattering accusations about one party or another. Or the fact I was born in Florida and enjoy keeping up on news from that state.

The Big Dog's back

Whatever you say.

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The Hero Zone

You act like you don't believe me entirely. I'm not a complex person with machinations that last lifetimes. As much as I can I try to stay topical and draw in contemporary examples to highlight certain issues with roots in history, economics, or philosophy.


You're right! Although I suspect NBC's Today Show would be STUNNED at being referred to as a "right wingnut" organization...


Re: "enact legislation that hurts you, and who continually block legislation that would help you."

Doesn't matter, the end results will ultimately be the same.

Either this central bank financed credit expansion cycle ends sooner or it ends later. If done sooner the overall economic damage will be lessened.

The progressive-socialists are like the financially ignorant individual who states:

I still have checks in my checkbook; how can I be out of money?

Interest payments on the Fed debt ALONE are projected to be $1T annually by 2020.

The Dems won't stop spending and the Repubs don't have the political will to stop them. There's little doubt that this will end badly.


Re: "Interest payments on the Fed debt ALONE are projected to be $1T annually by 2020."

In the current budget submited by obama, the fastest growing item, interest on debt, and this with some of the lowest interest rates for decades. Wait till rates start to rise... as the rates are well below historic norms.


Re: "Interest payments on the Fed debt ALONE are projected to be $1T annually by 2020."

In the current budget submited by obama, the fastest growing item, interest on debt, and this with some of the lowest interest rates for decades. Wait till rates start to rise... there is a lot of interest paid on $17.5 trillion debt and still rising a billion or 2 a day.