Obama supports Brown’s bill

Senator proposes expansion of federal anti-poverty program
Tom Jackson
Mar 5, 2014
U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has picked up an ally in his effort to expand a federal anti-poverty program — President Barack Obama.

The senator’s bill to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-income people who don’t have kids and young adults is echoed in the president’s just-released budget.

Brown told reporters Tuesday in a telephone conference call that he welcomes the president’s help.

“Ensuring that hard work means a path to a middle class life should be a bipartisan goal,” Brown said. “The president’s budget proposal is an important step toward ensuring that Americans who work hard and take responsibility can take home more of their pay each month”

The Earned Income Tax Credit — available only to Americans who earned money by working in a job — provides cash through federal income tax returns to help low-income Americans. To get it, low-income taxpayers have to file an income tax return.

Taxpayers have to be at least 25 years old to earn the tax credit, and the maximum age is 64. It’s also much more generous for people who have children than for people who are childless.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington think tank that focuses on helping low- and moderate-income Americans, says Obama’s budget and Brown’s “Working Families Tax Relief Act” would both lower the eligibility age for the tax credit from 25 to 21.

Brown’s bill would raise the maximum credit for childless Americans to about $1,400, while Obama’s proposal would raise it toabout $1,000. There are two other bills in Congress that also seek to expand the credit, the think tank says.

The think tank says childless workers currently get an average credit of about $270, compared to an average of $2,900 for eligible workers who have children.

Citing economists such as Karl Scholz and Ron Haskins, the think tank argues that expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit would encourage more young men to obtain jobs and would thereby even increase their chances of getting married.

Brown said he also wants the Earned Income Tax Credit to become better known. He said more than 200,000 Ohioans who are eligible for the tax credit fail to obtain it, apparently because they don’t know about it.

Although Brown’s weekly phone calls with the press always focus on a particular issue, he takes questions on almost any topic.

On Tuesday, however, he said he was asking every reporter on the call to help Ohioans find out about the Earned Income Tax Credit.

“This one, I really do ask all of you to help spread the word” he said.

Low income Ohioans who need to find out how to get free help in filling out their tax returns may call 1-800-906-9887.


The Big Dog's back

I still don't understand if you right wingnuts were so concerned about the debt, why you let bush put 2 wars and Med part D on a credit card.


Obama added 50% more on the National debt in 5 years than bush did in 8. I "let" bush do nothing. I didn't vote for him. Why have you left wingnuts "let" obama spend so much?

The Big Dog's back

To pay the debts the Repubs ran up. Liberals pay bills, not welsh on them like Repubs.


BOTH parties spend to much. BOTH parties borrow too much to keep up with that spending.

I'm not going to argue with you about the debts run up under the Republican Bush administration because I don't have a single point I can stand on. But if you think Bush spent too much — and he did — how can you NOT think Obama spends too much when he's spent far, far MORE?

I would be the basest hypocrite if I didn't agree that Bush increased the national debt by a LOT, especially since the facts show that that's exactly what happened. What kind of hypocrite are YOU, though, when you can't look at the skyrocketing national debt under Obama and offer up the same well-deserved condemnation?


That is one reason why I have repeatedly said that there is little difference in the parties, and have said that there is basicly one party, repubeirats, or is it demonlicians? Piddles is correct that bush spenttoo much but wrong when he stops at that point. Since you really can't be half right it makes him wrong, when taken in the whole picture. What a surprise, that piddles is wrong... again. It happens when they get food poisoning from that kool aide.

The Big Dog's back

What new things has Obama spent money on?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

$200,000,000 on "My Brother's Keeper"? A program that, good intentions and religious overtones aside, discriminates against women and non-black/Hispanic people? Destitute, crime-prone white women certainly need not apply. Nor Pacific-Islanders, Native Americans, whites, etc. even if they have an outie and not an innie.


Re."I still don't understand if you right wingnuts were so concerned about the debt, why you let bush put 2 wars and Med part D on a credit card."

Why did the Democratic senate approve the action?

The Big Dog's back

Coasterfan, if Repubs think they will screw their neighbor out of something, even though they themselves will get screwed in the process, they'll do it.

Dr. Information

It doesn't matter. In less than 10 years we will be spending more money on debt interest than welfare, defense..etc. we are going to go broke either way you look at it. Free money for all until there is none.


The fastest growing item on the budget obama just submitted is interest on debt... and the interest rate is well below historic norms... when it rises back to those norms... it will become the most expensive item in the budget, not infrastructure, defense, food stamps or anything else. When that happens it won't be long till it will take more than can be taxed to pay interest... It is the downside of compound interest... when you are paying interest and never principal for decades. It isn't political... it is math.

Simple Enough II

Let me see, I know of a gal who has a child out of wedlock, she receives WIC, housing & utilities assistance, was provided babysitting while she worked as a stna, Medicaid for the kid, and pulled in more than $6K on her federal tax return due to the big EIC she received. Yeah, we just want to help those poor folks trying to work, no reason to work anyharder is there with all those bennies.


Let's remember:

The EITC was first proposed by that great liberal pres. Richard Nixon.

Yes, he was one of theirs. :)

The Big Dog's back

Been drinking pooh?

The New World Czar

"The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington think tank"...uh yeah, this bunch has been catering to the left all along to understate the disasterous effects of the Obama administration's policies to our economy.

"Citing economists such as Karl Scholz and Ron Haskins, the think tank argues"...Neither of the two "economists" cited are employed in the private sector, and are just basing their stances on theory and getting paid handsomely for it from their utopian bubbled worlds. But then, so do the Senator and President, already proven by their continually-sputtering Keynesian ecomonic policies.

Dr. Information

Anyone watch Judge Judy yesterday? A young girl said on air that she gets free housing, utilities, food etc and SAVES around $700 a month. JJ asked her where she got this money she was saving and her response was MY WELFARE CHECKS aka government.

I know, I know she was probably a staged person put on TV by some right winger and actually works 7 jobs to support her family. Oh, and this probably is the only case in America where this is happening. Sound about right lefties.


Did not have time to watch TV, I had to work.......