Facilities reopen after shutdown

Local federal facilities reopened this week after legislators finally ended the government shutdown.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 19, 2013


NASA Plum Brook in Perkins Township and NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland were among the region’s facilities that closed amid the shutdown.

About 100 workers returned Thursday to their jobs at Plum Brook.

“We are currently beginning an orderly startup of activities and assessing impacts of the furlough on our NASA missions,” NASA spokeswoman Lori Rachul said. “It will take days to get the center fully operational.”


looking around

Where are all the tea baggers comments? You acted like it was Obama himself that barricaded all the national facility's, you acted like you had no understanding of protocol and procedures related to these actions. Now the sites are reopening is Obama running around with the keys and unlocking everything? You don't seem to have much to say......cat got your tongues?


The tea Baggers didn't get what they want and are now sulking in the corner somewhere. The A holes just about ruined this country.


No one's sulking. We have sequestration. Do either of you two know what that means? Let me help you, it takes spending back to 2009 levels (not as big of a cut as I would like) but enough to piss of the despot in the WH. But you WON!!! Guess what you WON! 17 trillion in debt, 90 trillion if you count the unfunded liabilities. Bravo libs! Bravo you WON!