UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Arrest made in Martin murder, arson

Sandusky police arrested a suspect this morning in the Dec. 3 murder of 86-year-old Campbell Street man George Martin.
Courtney Astolfi
May 23, 2014


Bethany Sandy, 24, of Norwalk, was charged early Friday with complicity to aggravated murder, aggravated arson and aggravated robbery, Sandusky police Sgt. Dana Newell told the Register Friday at about 1:30 a.m.  
Sandy was arrested at her Norwalk home late Thursday night and brought to the Sandusky police station for an interview, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said.
Following that interview—at about 1:30 a.m.—Sandy was charged with the alleged crimes. 
Newell declined to comment on any information gathered about a possible accomplice.
Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said more details will be forthcoming at a 1 p.m. Friday press conference at city hall on Meigs Street.

Watch the press conference in the player below

Check back for updates as they become available



That is great news, I was starting to think this one would go unsolved.


Wonderful news! I am so glad they finally arrested someone in this case. It will be interesting to hear the full story and reason behind it all.

Coram Deo

Thank God.


Probably a botched robbery to support her heroin addiction.


Never had a doubt that SPD would make an arrest in this case. Some things take longer and require more investigation. That's why there is no statue of limitations for murder. Good job SPD.


I can't wait to hear the details on this!


Kudos to the SPD! Hopefully the family will find the closure they need.


Just remember this just a arrest . Its going to be a long road too an conviction ..


WONDERFUL!! Great job SPD!! Now maybe Mr. Martin can Rest In Peace............


Looking back at the past articles the person called the legend called it out about them being from Norwalk.


Did he also predict that they'd be related to the deceased?


Look for youtself. Can you read?


Yes, I can read. That doesn't mean I am going to go back months to look up a comment. I merely asked a question. You don't have to be so snarky. Can you spell/type? Nope.

Bottom Line

Don't worry. We all know santown is a loser.


Why bottom feeder mad because another of your druggie relatives in the news. I see a lot of your relatives in the Norwalk paper. The loser gave birth to your racist. Madd because someone your color and your hometown killed a elderly kind person the only reason any of you have a problem with this. Can't bring the race be into it. Bottom feeder that is your brain on drugs you racist loser.

Bottom Line

Seriously, you need professional help. What kind of sick, deranged individual could even write a "paragraph" like that? There are programs out there designed to help people with problems just like you. If you don't get help at Charter, please get help somewhere.

I'm assuming you're around 12-13 years old with the way you construct your sentences. Please have the courtesy to spend a couple extra seconds to go back and check your writing to ensure it's forming complete, plausible thoughts.

Einfach genug III

Wonder if his grammar is a product of the local school system?


Santown419 is right. I bet it is just killing the usual suspects on here because they can't go all racist with their comments. Relax people, I'm sure you'll get the chance to spew your hate on another article.

How's that for grammar!?

Bottom Line

Unlike racists such as deertracker and santown I hate murderers and all felons equally regardless of skin color. I hope this girl gets put down if she had anything to do with this. Just like I would say the same if it was a black or Hispanic. Makes no difference to me.


I don't think she did the actual stabbing, but she sang like a canary and they now know who did. Very sick and brutal. I won't give you his name but he is in prison on a different charge.


Bottom Line I don't think I have said anything racist. Some just don't like to be called out on their racist comments. There were a few predictions when this all went down. I would also like to point out that if I was a racist it would be my right as is yours.


Great job SPD!!!


So happy to hear they've got someone arrested on this!! I bet his wife is too!! I'm wondering about the charge though - complicity? I wonder if that means that there was someone else involved and she's given up their name and there's more coming. At least that's my take on it. Just so glad that there's been some action on it. I wasn't worried that it was going to go unsolved, but like someone else said, some times it takes longer and they wanted to make sure that they had the right person so that there was no way they could get out of the charges!! Way to go SPD!!!!


Complicity: the act of helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way.

More to come but at least it gives the police leverage to lean hard on the girl to give up the others.


Excellent work by the Sandusky Police Department. To bad Norwalk don't have a police force like this. Now we need to keep their heroin junkies out of Sandusky.


First of all, Norwalk has a great police force! They arrest the junkies! The court system is trying to rehabilitated the drug addicts! You have issues with that, do something instead of complaining on a newspaper website! My biggest pet peeve is when ppl complain yet are unwilling to act!


Did you watch and listen to the video? The Norwalk police called the Sandusky police and told them about the girl. The SPD didn't find her, they went to Norwalk and picked her up when told about her by the NPD.


Was this just a random act, or is there a family connection or something? It's just strange to think that someone from Norwalk would come to Sandusky, and just happen to know where an elderly man lived, so they could rob, murder, and set his house on fire. Gotta be more info. I'm betting this boils down to drugs. It's unbelievable how drugs have taken over the lives of so many! Guess we'll soon find out more details.


One can only hope that a lot of questions will be answered this afternoon at thd press confrenece


You can bet there will be additional arrests made in this one! Great job SPD.


Nice job SPD. I wonder if LEASTerhold and The Rag will have a "Register Viewpoint" commending (instead of condemning) you about A JOB WELL DONE.

Stop It

I don't know when you stepped off the planet, wally44824 , but The SR has had nothing but good to say about SPD since Chief Orzech has been in charge. Only prior incidences of misconduct have been discussed that had to do with the (then) city manager and city lawyer with a cop's dismissal.

Step back on the planet.

The Bizness

The Register is a joke

They are nothing but a gossip magazine.

Peninsula Pundit

And here you are reading it......
The joke is in your hand.


Dont know if you have noticed, but there is no other local paper! Well the Norwalk reflector but they are owned by the same ppl


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


If this act was random, I think everyone should be concerned. Most of the time the victim knew the person.


Comments above and comments in Reflector story state that she is related.
More to come...


The audio kept going in and out. Can someone hit the high points of the news conference to sum it up for us?


Just did if you want to see near the end of the comment string

Stop It

Tandem Media Player livestream is just a sucky format. Wait till the broadcast is over for a few hours and see it in it's entirety right here at sanduskyregister.com...

Stop It


thinkagain's picture

A Bible believing Christian I’m sure…


Because we all know good bible thumping Christians NEVER do anything bad. Andrea Yates, David Koresh read the Bible, said God spoke to him, John Wayne Gacy, just to name a few. I am not sure which fork of Christianity they hail from but Josef Fritzl, a man who kept his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and raped her over 3000 times was a devout Roman Catholic. So..go ahead and thump that bible ONE more time and tell me how good all the other readers are and how bad all the rest of us seem to be.

thinkagain's picture

They were no more Christian than you are.


Ah, but they were. They held their bibles tight, read them , quoted them JUST LIKE YOU! Preached JUST LIKE YOU. Now this story is not about religion.

Hopefully the family can get some of the answers they are looking for and find some peace. There are no words that can bring them the comfort they need, but maybe they can begin to heal. My thoughts are with them.


I bet you also found Gary Ridgway to be one, too......



I know this comment will bring out an interweb troll or two. I know the context in which the phrase is being used, and I understand its just a phrase. With that being said, don't thank God for this, God had nothing to do with it. Thank the Sandusky Police Force for all the leg work they did following up on leads and continuing the investigation. In my opinion, most people who bash the police have absolutely no idea how much work is involved in policing the community, especially when it comes to a murder investigation. Most things you see on TV, when it comes to dramas, are not true. And some of the "tools" they use do not actually exist. Its not uncommon for a murder investigation to take months or even years to finally solve. There are almost an infinite amount of factors that can be a part of any case. So again, great job SPD for doing their job and running down the leads to eventually crack open the case.


Dear Lord, thank you for giving the SPD the courage, strength, determination & knowledge to do their jobs & bring justice to this family. Thank you for giving them the ability to do a service that very few can. Please keep them safe in their endeavors. Amen.

Is that better?

Stop It

Evidently Tandem Media Player totally went bonk scrap for the SR. When are you guys gonna get a new application for your video aspects? TMP is nothing but junk unless it's in Matt's office and even then it's questionable. Invest in something better or use youtube.

Edit to add: I don't believe this has anything whatsoever to Jason's competency as a skilled AV guy. He's using junk software. One can't make bread outta dogs&!t.


There is much much much more to this case than meets the eye. Look into past employers, debts, etc.


Glad the SPD got one of them .the Norwalk PD got a tip from someone about her involvement. The other attacker is already in Prison somewhere in Ohio. The girl is related to the victim. The victim was found stabbed multiple times in the basement. Also in the basement I believe the video said one of several fires were started.

Not sure why people get off on tangents on these comments, but just because people say they believe in God, dosn't mean they are perfect or even good. Just the same way that just because someone states they have another belief means that they are bad. Contrary to some people's belief not all Christians rape, and kill. Some of the thought behind some folks comments are pretty shallow.

Back to the story. The girl and her friend did this for drug money. I'm sure heroin or Oxys. That stuff is bad news, and especially a problem in the areas south of Sandusky. I pray comfort, and healing for the widow, and.that this type of thing never happens again. I wish those drugs were never developed.They seem to bring the worst out in people.


Glad an arrest was made. Appreciate the work of law enforcement bringing the criminal in to jail.

I am puzzled though why in the news conference it was necessary for some city commissioners to be there, fire chief, and even the acting city manager? With all those there which seemed rather unnecessary I have to wonder why they did not include the building janitor or maintenance person for city hall etc.

Seems like they had everyone and their grandmother so why not have those folks too. Could it be the SR video cameras and all these folks wanted to be seen by the public on the screen?


At the news conference why did it take city commissioners, fire chief and the acting city manager to be present? Don't understand what these folks did to bring the person to justice.


You ask why the (Acting) Fire Chief was there? DUH~ THEY FOUGHT the fire and discovered the arson!!! That's a pretty important part~wouldn't you think ??






Let these scum heroin addicts kill themselves not other people to support their habit!


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