Contractors damage murder victim’s lawn

Construction workers damaged the lawn of murder victim George Martin this week while working to build a gas station at Perkins Avenue and Campbell Street.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 11, 2014


Martin’s neighbor called Sandusky police Wednesday evening after he noticed construction equipment had taken out a section of bushes on Martin’s property, according to a police report.

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Officers photographed the damaged shrubbery and tire tracks cutting through Martin’s yard, and spoke with the construction company’s manager about the issue. The manager said one of his employees likely caused the damage and promised to speak with Martin’s wife about footing the bill for damages, the report said.

Martin’s home is still surrounded by police tape and considered an active crime scene following his Dec. 3 murder. On that night, Martin’s attackers stabbed him multiple times and torched his home to cover their crimes, police said.



yea and i am just wandering what is the deal with that .Are the Sandusky Police any closer to finding out who did that and when are they expecting an arrest ...I am sure the family would like to have some closer and they wont as long as the thug or thugs are out and free


I commented on another thread gene that I think they're completely stuck- now they're crossing they're fingers, toes, and eyes hoping that the DNA comes back with something. If it doesn't it will probably take someone's loose lips to crack this case.

Simple Enough II

Well Maybe Matt W. can start a weekly story to just keep the SPD on their toes you know, not that he would stir the pot to just be vindictive, but for the good of the family and justice for the victim......



Kenny V

WOW! Really? This is news? Apparently there isn't any other reportable news in and around the area?

In many instances there is collateral damage to surrounding property when there is a project of this size and magnitude going on. It sure doesn't make the "news" paper.

I think there are far more important issues to worry about here. The arrest and conviction of the people who perpetrated these heinous crimes.

I live in the neighborhood this happened in. I can see this family's house from my front porch. Tho I never met the family I do feel for them. They lost a father, a husband, a provider, a great man for what? I drive by the scene everyday taking my kids to school, heading to work, to buy dinner for my family. As I drive by EVERY single day I think about this crime and the proximity to the home where my family lives. Do I worry? HELL YES!!!

In other stories on here they talk about cutting police and fire fighters jobs. What in the world are our city leaders thinking? I would say cut back on less essential needs.