No arrests made in murder

Sandusky detectives worked through the weekend investigating the Tuesday-night slaying of 86-year-old George Martin, but had made no arrests as of late Monday, police said.
Courtney Astolfi
Dec 10, 2013


On Friday, Sandusky police detective Dana Newell said investigators uncovered two people entering and leaving Martin’s home at 2201 Campbell Street around the time he was murdered.
Surveillance footage captured the pair walking to Martin’s home at 7:45 p.m., and leaving in a hurry at 8:28 p.m., Newell said.

Neighbors spotted flames in Martin’s home and dialed 911 within a minute or two of the suspects leaving. Rescue crews put out the fire, but soon found Martin’s body in the basement with multiple stab wounds, police said.

Investigators have been working to solve the case since then by speaking with witnesses and reviewing evidence. They have also interviewed “people of interest” in the case, Newell said.

Though detectives have focused on the two people seen in surveillance video, they’re pursuing other leads as well.

“We’ve got other people we’re checking out, too. We can’t just focus on two people and find out later it’s not them. We can’t disregard the other information we’re given” Newell said.

Detectives are trying to enhance other nearby surveillance footage from Tuesday night in hopes they’ll find additional evidence, Newell said.

Newell is urging anyone who may have been driving in the area of Grant and Sherman streets and saw two people walking around that time to call police at 419-627-5877.



I wish the police all the luck and tips they need to get the ones that did this.


I agree queenjhb. These murderous thugs need to be brought to justice.

Pioneer Trail Pimp

Take your time and get it right. Those two Canadians that killed Mr. Martin deserve the needle. Don't screw it up Dana!


Cant they make the footage public? Maybe someone will recognize them.


Canadians? where did you get that from?

No Wake

It's a cute way of saying black person, as if bigotry were cute.

Dr. Information

Ill go with 2 black guys as well knowing Sandusky. Just a hunch.


It's always black guys even when it isn't.


Yes, we need to get these thugs off the street! I know I watch alot of Law & Order, and Dateline, but I believe the authorities can still collect DNA even though the house was torched. I'll bet there was Heroin involved.