Community remembers victim

A family and a community came together Saturday evening in grief and support. (Updated with video)
Melissa Topey
Dec 8, 2013


“All I can ask is, pray for us. I want my faith to shine through, but this is a hard walk to walk,” Florence Martin spoke amid sobs.

She was speaking to about 50 of her neighbors, friends and community members who gathered in the 25 degree temperatures at the Saturday night candlelight vigil in tribute for her husband, 86-year-old murder victim George Martin.

Tuesday evening Martin was repeatedly stabbed inside his home at 2201 Campbell St. in Sandusky.

Want to help?
Donations for Florence Martin, who has lost her home, most of her clothes and possessions, can be sent to:
Faith Memorial Church
1320 E. Strub Road
Sandusky, OH 44870
Please make a notation that it is for the Martin family.
“We have the best neighbors in the world. Everybody has been so kind,” she said, tears streaming down her face.    The attacker or attackers then set the home on fire to destroy evidence of the crime. Firefighters found Martin’s body in the basement after they put out the fire.

One of those neighbors who gathered Saturday was Elousie Nickelson, who recalled a friendly George Martin who spoke to everyone, never knowing a stranger.

Martin was always with his wife, even at the yard sales they would hold, she recalled of the couple.

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“It hurt me so bad when I saw the fire and then learned he was in there. I went home and prayed. We are like a family in this neighborhood. I hope the best for Mrs. Martin. God give her the strength to keep going,” Nickelson said.

The community has lost a man who loved others and was a tremendous influence on those who knew him, said Faith Memorial Church pastor Ken Hiser.

He spoke to the crowd about the family’s loss.

“The support of the community means so much” Hiser said

He called on God in prayer.

“Lord help us. We are each others’ keepers. Draw them close to your heart, and do not allow fear to grip us,” Hiser said.

Police are asking for anyone who might have seen people in the area, or who have information about the murder, to call Sandusky police at 419-627-5877.

Watch a video with a neighbor's reaction in the player below


local man

Please clarify - did this woman not have home insurance, if she did she should only be out her deductible, she can be reimbursed for possessions, home and extra expense. I grieve for her loss of husband but if she had insurance why does she need donations, someone needs to assist her with shopping and working with the insurance company. Instead of donations it should be cash.


yea well there is things that money can not replace and thats her husbands life as well as memories , and something that were lost can never be replaced



JMOP's picture

Probably has to wait for the investigation to end before she sees a dime.

Kottage Kat

Buying the basics right now clothing, and tolietries cannot wait for insurance.
I am sure insurance and other business matter's are not a priority at this moment
May God hold this family in the palm of his hand and give them strength and comfort


and it is very possible that he didn't have life insurance have a heart it's Christmas! from what I understand they gave to the community as much as possible the least someone to do is give them a little back


I know I don't know this definitively but I believe in arson cases just like JMOP stated that an investigation has to be completed before any money will be released. And Looking Down I really doubt that they didn't have insurance, most people the Martin's age have insurance, however they've had it for many years and with the rising cost of everything - including funerals - what they have available isn't enough to cover the cost incurred.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family in their time of sorrow


Why is local man concerned? Insurance isnt always what it should be. And in these cases they dont let go of a penny until all is setteled. Middle income people dont have a lot of money and she needs things now. My sympathy to her and her family. Also when these things happen any help is appreciated.


I am a longtime resident in Sandusky, my condolences to the Martin family. I am saddened and distressed by this most recent tragic crime in our community. In my opinion I believe we have the options of (1)sitting around wringing our hands, lamenting the cruelty of these violent crimes and declaring that "someone" should do something or (2)we stand together ,become socially organized in our neighborhoods, learn to be more observant of activities around us and be willing to report suspicious people or behaviors to the police dept. Even if they seem minor to you it is possible you could prevent another crime. The police are human beings just like us all, they want and need our help to curb this trend. They can't prevent or solve these crimes by themselves. We have excellent judges, police and fire departments here ,so let's pitch in and do our part as citizens to assist them. I don't see a choice if we truly want a peaceful and safer Sandusky for our children and seniors. So please think about becoming that "someone" who becomes empowered and really does something about it. There is a neighborhood watch group in that area and others, they are becoming socially organized and are looking for concerned neighbors. Contact the City of Sandusky or the Sandusky Crime Prevention Council for meeting dates or more information on starting/joining a watch group in your neighborhood. Have no illusions, our community is under attack from undesirable elements and we must stand together and fight back. I am no one special, but proud of myself to say that I am active in this effort. please join us.


I know i lived right down the street and I have walked passed that block and you know nothin ever happened , All I can say is I am glad I moved away from Sandusky , But I am sad cause I dont get to see my family as well as close friends like I would want too , The Girl in the video I have spoken to and she seems really nice and I hope she as well as everyone involved in this nightmare is able to go on and try and put this behind them as soon as possiable . You all will be in my thoughts and prayers