Detectives zeroing in on suspects

Security cameras nearby may have recorded George Martin's killers fleeing scene
Courtney Astolfi
Dec 7, 2013



Sandusky police are on the verge of arresting suspects in Tuesday’s grisly murder of 86-year-old George Martin, but they need the public’s help.
Investigators are eyeing two suspects in the killing.
In reviewing video surveillance footage recorded by security cameras at buildings near Martin’s Campbell Street home — where his body was found in the basement Tuesday night following a house fire — investigators spotted two people entering and leaving the area around the time he was murdered, Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell said. 
“We’ve got two subjects going to the residence at approximately 7:45 p.m., and we’ve got two subjects leaving there in a hurry at approximately 8:28 p.m.,” Newell said.
While Newell didn’t say if the suspects were men or women, he said both were clad in jeans, tennis shoes and dark jackets.
The video footage shows the pair walking east on Grant Street as they approach Martin’s home, Newell said. They’re seen leaving the scene after about 45 minutes, headed west, toward the direction they came from.
They walked along the edge of the road, but did not venture into the grass, Newell said. Their path took them behind the shopping plaza neighboring Sandusky High School, near the tennis courts.
“There was moderate vehicle traffic at that time,” Newell said. “There were numerous cars going by in the area of Sherman and Grant (streets).
“We know somebody observed these people walking, even though they wouldn’t have known what was going on at the time,” he said. “I need the public to contact us and describe them.”
As soon as any drivers who were passing through that area are able to identify or describe the two suspects, police will have enough information to arrest them, Newell said.  
Firefighters were dispatched to Martin’s home at about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, after neighbors called 911 to report a fire at the home. After firefighters tamed the blaze, they discovered Martin’s body on the basement floor. 
But it was not the fire that killed him. He was stabbed multiple times, Newell said.
Police believe Martin’s attackers set the fire to cover their crime. Investigators have not discussed a possible motive, but they did say Martin may have known his killers. 
Anyone who may have seen people walking in the area around that time should immediately call Sandusky police at 419-627-5877.
Neighbors are holding a candlelight vigil tonight in Martin’s memory.



LOL good thing the SR is on it...when they get the arrest warrents, why not write a story on that too...maybe let them know about what time the police will be there to serve them...Why not keep the story quiet until after they are arrested...Real simple story, police are asking anyone in the area of Sherman and Grant streets for information on two individuals walking thru the area between 745p - 828p to call in with information.



Courtney Astolfi

This is the information the head detective, Sgt. Dana Newell, wanted publicized. He's hoping it will be enough to jog the memory of anyone who may have been in the area at the time. Investigators have withheld other information that could tip off the suspects, but the details included in this article are explicitly the ones police wanted the public to know. 

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Yep, and if two suspects suddenly take off from town they are probably the two they are looking for!


I hope they catch these thugs and have a public hanging so we can all watch!! I would pay to have a ticket!!

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They're looking for 2 black males. Shocker!


I'm sure they're looking for more than 2, but what makes you say that about this article? They aren't even saying men or women, let alone skin color!


WOW I must have missed that part in the article...I saw two individuals and I believe it even said they wouldnt say whether male/female...

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Seems to be the common theme these days eh?

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it would not surprise me any , that the thugs are black , but you know , the thugs could be white as well, All I know is I just pray that the thugs will be caught and justice can be served


Where does it say they are looking for black males? I don't care if the suspects are male, female, white, black, pink or purple as long as they are caught!! Prayers to the family being sent up!


Why not show the video?


To the SPD: Please be certain that you have absolute rock solid evidence before you make any arrests/press charges. Wouldn't want you to jump to any conclusions and arrest the wrong individuals because you stopped looking at any evidence available too early in the investigation. Just don't want any innocent person(S) going to jail and the real murderer out on the streets to harm others. Sometimes when you're so convinced that you found those responsible, you may ignore other important information that points in a different direction.


I just check the County Jail and it shows a Michael Martin in the jail on Murder and a hold from Lucus correctional , and I am just wander if the two are related

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