Police investigating fire as a homicide

Name released in fatal house fire. Man was stabbed multiple times.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 4, 2013


UPDATED Wednesday,9:14 a.m.: Release from the City of Sandusky:

Sandusky - On December 3, 2013, the Sandusky Police Department (SPD) and Sandusky Fire Department (SFD) responded to a house fire at 2201 Campbell Street, Sandusky, which was reported at 8:29 p.m.  

The fire was extinguished by members of the SFD.

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Neighbors at the scene advised there were possibly two elderly people inside the residence.  

The elderly female resident arrived at the residence a short time afterward and it was determined her husband could possibly still be inside the residence.

After the fire was extinguished, SFD personnel determined the fire was suspicious in nature due to several possible points of origin.  It was found an elderly male, George Martin (86 years of age) was deceased in the residence.  

SPD detectives responded to the scene, along with Erie County Coroner Brian Baxter.  While investigating the fire, and upon closer examination, Mr. Martin was observed to have what appeared to be multiple stab wounds to his body.

The scene was secured.  Agents and investigators from the State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI & I) were contacted and their assistance was requested in the investigation and processing of the residence.

Sandusky detectives and agents from the aforementioned agencies assisting in the investigation worked throughout the night in processing
the residence.

The body of Mr. Martin will be sent to the Lucas County Coroner’s Office for an autopsy.

SPD is investigating the death of Mr. Martin as a homicide.  

Anyone with information on the person or persons responsible for the death of Mr. Martin is asked to contact the SPD Detective Bureau at 419.627.5877 or at the email listed above.  Further questions regarding this investigation can be directed to Sergeant Dana Newell.

For information from the SFD, please contact Captain Jim Green at 419.627.5822 or at the email listed above.

Previous updates:

Sandusky firefighters responded to a house fire in the 2200 block of Campbell St. on Tuesday evening, and the Erie County coroner has been called to the scene.

Firefighters were dispatched to the home at about 8:30 p.m. They arrived to find flames at the back of the house, and they had the fire knocked down within about 20 minutes.

UPDATED 9:23 p.m.: Erie County coroner Brian Baxter is at the scene, but he has to wait for carbon monoxide levels in the home to drop before he can enter. Firefighters are still in the home. 

UPDATED 10:16 p.m.: Sandusky firefighters have asked the Ohio State Fire Marshal's office to respond to the scene for an investigation. Additionally, Sandusky police officers have said the cause appears suspicious. The coroner is still waiting to enter the home, because of high carbon monoxide levels.

The house is at the corner of Campbell and Grant streets.

UPDATED 12:09 a.m.: Police and firefighters have asked the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to assist at the scene. Firefighters said they found suspicious "points of origin" when they were trying to pinpoint the cause of the fire. Detectives and police Chief John Orzech said one body was found in the home. They have not yet provided the victim's identity, nor have they said if it was a man or a woman. 

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Bada Bing

Where is this and does anyone know if there were deaths

Bada Bing

Heard it was on the corner of Campbell and grant male passed...who lived there

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the unsilent ma...

It was scary. We watched from kfc


Husband and family dog did not make it. My deepest condolences to the family.


where did you get that information?

Bada Bing

Who stabs an 86 yom and then sets him on fire....sick folks out there...what has this town come to........


This is just sick!!! Whoever did this killed a man in his late 80s - what could he have possibly done to anyone to have warranted such action? Now I know that once people reach old age they're not angels but come on, they're a little more defenseless at some point. This would be like someone coming into my home and attacking my dad. Yeah he can be annoying at times, but would that give anyone reason to stab him? Don't think so and I hope that they find whoever did this to this man quickly! My heart goes out to his wife and family!


Sick bully losers, just that that moron on Strub road that beat that old man in his driveway and then drove off. Just don't understand what some people have come to.


This was my neighbors’ house and both Mr. and Mrs. Martin were some of the nicest people I have ever met. They did not deserve this at all and I hope justice will be served! A big thank you goes out to the SPD, SFD and all of the other officials working on this case as quickly as they can. Sending prayers to the family and I hope everyone else does as well!


Everyone please keep your eyes and ears open. A candle light vigil is in the works for Saturday evening! Also, debating about collecting donations for Mrs. Martin and the family as well!


Absolutely terrible! I can't imagine what would drive a person to do such things

Erie Countian

What has happened to the hometown I used to know? I'll tell you what has happened. All you have to do is read the police calls in the paper each day to see that whatever good and decent people are left in Sandusky are slowly being overrun by disgusting losers and trash who have not one ounce of respect or human decency. They are raised by seemingly endless generations of unmarried "baby mommas" (no disrespect to you, "Baby Momma" commenter) and "baby daddies" and are not being nurtured in stable, caring family units. These baby mommas and baby daddies rarely get along with each other, and they don't have a clue about what it means to be a loving and caring parent because THEY never had responsible ones either! Their idea of discipline is to call SPD when their kids don't want to get up and go to school or whatever, or they just physically and verbally abuse their kids and turn them into heartless, emotionally scarred monsters who think nothing of killing an elderly man and setting his house on fire, or of shooting a cop, or of raping and killing a mother and her children. There is a perfectly good school system in Sandusky at which ANYONE who applies themselves has an opportunity to eventually graduate high school and be successful in life. It takes work and parental support and guidance. But without the involvement of their parents, who are most likely druggies and abusers who have passed these traits on to their unfortunate offspring, Sandusky is left with a whole class of hopeless kids with no sense of morality or kindness and outright criminals who perpetuate this problem generation after generation. It makes me sick. Of course we do not yet know who committed this horrible crime, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is someone who perhaps knew elderly people lived in the home and knew they would be vulnerable. Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased gentleman.


Lol....no offense. I'm a married man with 2 kids (both with my wife) and a mortgage. I'm quite certain I don't fall into that category. I do agree with you though. Too many broken homes and not enough dads around to add wisdom and principles. It wasn't too long ago that schools could paddle and there wasn't all this craziness. I graduated in 1998 and I know I got paddled in school.


SALUTE!! You are right on the money ErieCountian!!


Do the words "Erie County Idiots" ever come to mind?? God Bless and comfort the family that has been effected by these D-bags!!


Once again idiots come on here and scream baby momma baby daddy this when we know what they mean. I was raised by a single mom who worked two jobs and did a very good job raising three kids so that garbage is mute. I joined a gang when I went down to columbus. And I saw then and still see a lot of kids with MOM and DADS still commuting crimes of all colors. So this because you come from a single family don't mean sh!+. And I know you see crime about Sandusky in a Sandusky news paper who would guess. When I go to the Norwalk paper I am suppose to see Norwalk news.

Erie Countian

I am no idiot. I have lived here for 60 years and have seen the continual downward spiral that plagues our city and others. I shouldn't have implied that ALL single parents are bad at parenting, and for that you have my apology. I also know it is not simply a matter of color. The trash element in this town comes in ALL colors for sure. In my anger I may have generalized too much, but no one can deny there is a very real problem, and it begins at home.


Erie.... As a society, we are very quick to judge and place blame when terrible events like this happen. I strongly disagree with your post about single family homes, though I do not come from one. Your last 5 words say it all..."It Begins At Home!" I have seen many troubled kids from both sides of the fence, BUT why are we so quick to assume it is a youngster? Lets face it, more than likely drugs are involved as they are in most articles we read on here. I see men and women, boys and girls in this paper and the Norwalk paper involved in drug use daily. It could have been someone from your era, my era or today's era. It could have been family, an acquaintance or an unknown. We do not know at this point and motives are becoming harder to prove these days. In hopes of not sounding ignorant, this society is missing one key element, and it is FEAR! Whether it be from authority or a vigilante, these people are no longer afraid of consequence, no longer worried about what will happen to them if they use a needle or rob a home. Slaps on the wrist are too common and second chances are given almost immediately. When I was young I heard stories of "An eye for an eye" and I think that is exactly what we need!

Erie Countian

Legend, in my first comment I believe I said "Of course, we do not yet know who committed this horrible crime." So yes, it could be anybody of any age and circumstance. But I still do not feel the need to otherwise defend my opinion about the state of Sandusky as I have seen it change over past decades, whether or not it relates to this heinous crime or not. Obviously the state of society in the whole country has gone awry. Drugs, alcohol, mental illness, the demise of the family (and I'm not even saying the "traditional" family, but just a loving, nurturing and supportive environment in which a child can thrive). When you add to that the bullying that many children endure, the abuse of all kinds, and the extreme violence that our children are exposed to on TV, in the movies and video games...it all plays a part in creating a large segment of society that just doesn't care and has no concept of right or wrong, and no fear of the consequences, as you said. It seems to me like an endless cycle of this has been going on for many generations now. This was probably the wrong article in which to vent my frustrations about some of what I perceive to be a major part of my beloved Sandusky's problems and I used the local police blotter as an example. It is disturbing to read what goes on here, and elsewhere, on a regular basis. Someone who commented ahead of me said, "What is happening to this town?" It just triggered something in me to try and rationalize what IS happening. My opinion wasn't in any way meant to be racist, nor a blanket condemnation of single parenting. It is only my opinion, but I do believe it has merit as far as being just one element of what is troubling our city and many others.


news is not necessarily localized by where the paper is located or what it is called. toledo has news about things that happen around here and our local papers sometimes have stories about cleveland and toledo. I see your point about people blaming broken families for crime-lots of kids from 2 parent households are criminals as well. some have parents that are law enforcement or preachers. did not seem to matter.


My condolences to to the family of Mr Martin. I hope they get these a$$holes and make them pay. Wherever they are from or what family they come from.


Condolences to the Martin Family. How sad it is to think, that an 86 yr. old man went through this ordeal.


A candlelight vigil has been planned for Saturday at 7PM. Please consider coming out to show Mr. Martin's family support and comfort. IF you are on facebook, you can view the event here:



This makes my stomach turn. How cruel can a human being--and I use that term loosely--be? What could such a demoralized creature possibly want from an 86-year old defenseless man? Sorry, but I hope God does not have mercy on your soul--if you even have one. God bless you Mrs. Martin.


Here are the details for the candlelight vigil that is being help to honor Mr. George Martin and support Mrs. Martin and their family.

Saturday, December 7th at 7pm in the All Phase Lighting Yard (corner of W. Parish and Campbell Street).

Please, I am asking that our community come together to support the family! Let’s show this family the support they will need to continue to push for answers and peace within the next few days and the holiday season!

We are looking for a local family and business to help with donations, including candles to use that evening. If anyone has any information please reach out to me, Emily Barton at ebarton05@yahoo.com


Wow! Another piece of trash and a lot of money for Erie County to put another one to death row.

Kottage Kat

May God comfort this family. Prayers are with them and for them.
Milan Baptist Church will be praying for them tonight.
May God's wrath fall on the person/or persons who perpetrated this henious crime.


^^Like^^ Prayers to the Martin family during this tragic event. Hug your loved ones, you just never know!


Sad, I think it was some drug related type thing, ( NO, I don't mean the elderly man was a druggie ) or the man tried to stop a robbery.


Not everyone in Sandusky is bad. Sandusky, the city, did not do this awful thing, a person or persons made the choice to kill this man. There are many good people in Sandusky, many who have been there their whole lives and many who are my relatives. Cities don't kill people, people kill people. Many of the people in that neighborhood have been there 50+ years. I grew up two doors north of that house growing up and my cousins lived in that house. I even lived in THAT house for 7 years with my husband... we moved in 2001. NOT not because we hated Sandusky, but because we wanted a house with more land. I still live in Sandusky. I love my hometown.


Very well said neighbor! I am proud to say I am from Sandusky and know there still are AMAZING people and families in that town. Please, everyone let's rise above this evil crime in supporting Mrs. Martin and her family and stop bashing Sandusky.


condolences....... Can't wait to hear the excuses this criminal will have. Let's see, druggie comes to mind. Misunderstood, single parent family upbringing, Thug mentality, entitled to what ever I can steal, cause life is hard....etc....

red white and blue

Here's a fact how many more people need to get killed in sandusky before we admit there's a problem .we need some major drug bust in this town and we need immediate death penalty carried out for murders

Stop It

Is that a question or a fact? Where is your back-up?


Even those with the worst upbringing know right from wrong. They may not CARE, mind you, but they KNOW! The one comment here that really sums it all up is this: Too many kids grow up without consequences for their mistakes or their crimes.

Parents get chastised for spanking. Teachers get SUED if they try to discipline a child (and I'm not talking physical discipline here, which frankly would be GOOD for some of these kids). Bleeding hearts excuse terrible things by saying that "boys will be boys" or "video games made him do it" or "well, his mommy didn't love him." And EVERYbody gets a trophy whether they try or not and whether they've got talent or not. Is it any wonder some of these kids (and kids who've grown up under these conditions) don't bat an eye at committing wrongdoings and who don't understand why some of us really DON'T think they're "special?"


Absolutely, whole heartedly agree 100000000%


I agree with a lot that is said. Sandusky is becoming a very bad place to live. But it's not a color thing or single parent thing. It's a responsibility thing. The courts need to be strict on trash people who get in trouble. Don't let another convict out of jail like Curtis Clinton. Parents that are not together should spend more time respecting each other an raising the kids In a good way. Instead they pass hate an blame an become more involved in hating each other then focusing on the kids an what's best. Also people need to be responsible for their kids. I was in the house by seven when I was young. Did homework or whatever in the house with my mom. These days kids have no guidance. Parents are drinking. Drugging or whatever while the kids run the streets all hours of the day an night. A lot more attention into the kids from parents would help. I have a gun an I will protect my family at any cost. But it's also a lot to carry on your mind if u have to take a life that could be a younger child over something stupid like breaking in my home. Wake up people. Your child's future depends on us an the choices we make raising them


It's simple: too many kids were brought into this world and used as a way of gaining money and freebies. That's it. The worry about raising them properly never occurred to those who had them.

red white and blue

One sandusky dad^^ you are spot on my friend even if parents aren't together respect each other enough for your kids lead by example. And yes we need to be harded on these criminals.if judge obrien and our proscuter don't want to start cracking down lets get someone who will like judge Lux

red white and blue

Look up how many of these criminals keep getting charges and nothing happens.we also need some Major drug bust in this town and surrounding areas!lets start a petetion to get our drug task force back there's obviously enough drug money around here to fund it


I'm in. I'll sign the petition. Everything that you and dad have stated are entirely true.


Erie Countain....you hit the nail on the head.
I get so sick of people pulling the race card. It is because of people like the ones that comment on these articles that racism is still so prominent. It begins in the home. I worked DIRECTLY with the public 5 days week at the minimum and I completely agree. It is the parents out here that are messing things up. baby momma, Baby daddy" these are terms that we ALLOW ourselves to be categorized as. So to say that "we all know what is meant" is ignorant. I had a senior at Sandusky High School tell me that there are SEVENTEEN girls in her graduating class THIS YEAR that are pregnant or have children. How much do you want to bet that they are not all one ethnicity. One thing I saw for sure is a bunch of people the same age as me acting like children. These people need to stop spending more time laying on their backs and drinking their lives away and start taking care of and monitoring their children. The children of Sandusky are being raised by chidren who were raised by children. WHEN WILL THE CYCLE STOP! Im sick of people commenting on racial biases when the REAL problem is staring the city in the face. Parents need to be held accountable for their children. If there is a 17 year old boy or girl with more than one child, or a child is constantly in and out of the juvenille center, child services needs to be involved and see whats going on in that home. So my point is STOP BLAMING EACH OTHER and do something about it. Until the community comes together AS A UNIT to end the downward spiral it is on, it is only going to get worse.More senseless acts of violence like this are going to happen. It takes a village to raise a child. This is why I left the city last month. My daughter will never grow up in an area where it is more common to pop a couple babies out, be the third and fourth generation on welfare, or have a rotating door at the juv center; than to graduate from college. Where are their values? Where are their morals? Where is the supervision? When will someone be held accountable for being a neglectful parent BEFORE it is too late?


sandusky dad you are completely correct.
I am not with my child's father however....he is my best friend still. it is not about us. it is about our child. was it an easy road? no. but you have to be selfless enough to look past your own hurt to do what is best for their child. problem out here is these parents see their children as bargaining chips and meal tickets.


Lots of unanswered questions here. Could be a domestic situation.