Father's body found near Cedar Point breakwall

Discovery comes just hours after missing girl's body was found
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 26, 2013


The body of Jonathan Francis, 30, has been found on the rocks on the south side of a breakwall along the Cedar Point causeway.

Officials confirmed the identity from jewelry and a tatttoo on the body. A boater found the body of Franics' daughter, Viola Franics, 12, on Friday morning, just hours before this discovery. 

The father and daughter went missing April 6 in Sandusky Bay while kayaking.

Check back for updates.


Good 2 B Me

Sad ending to a sad story.

Good 2 B Me

Sorry for the loss.


So sorry for this family, Terrible ending to such a tragedy! RIP Daddy and Daughter!


Thoughts And Prayers To The Family, Wishing It Were Different! :(


Such horrible news and story. RIP Jonathan!!


So terribly sad!


So awful.. RIP daughter and Dad...So sorry to ALL involved! :(


Was hoping it was nothing more than a custody battle and both were alive in another town or state.

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The Hero Zone

While it is sad that happened, and a reminder for us all about safety, it is good that they have been found and can be given a proper funeral and preparations according to family wishes. Hopefully this can now bring closure and encourage healing in the family and community!


I 'm not sure if there ever is "closure" it's such an overhyped term.