UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Milan's Jim's Pizza Box burns

Occupants escape injury in early morning blaze
Feb 19, 2014


Milan firefighters are investigating a fire at Jim's Pizza Box. 

"The building sustained severe interior damage but no structural damage," Milan Township fire Chief Brian Rospert said.

Crews were dispatched to the area at about 2 a.m. after receiving a report of smoke coming from the building. They arrived to find heavy smoke and entered to find a working fire. 

Watch Larry "Smitty" Smith describe the fire and what the business means to Milan in the player below

Three occupants who live in apartments above the Pizza Box all escaped without injuries. 

Milan requested assistance from Norwalk and Huron fire departments, putting a total of 34 firefighters at the scene. They knocked down the fire within an hour, Rospert said. 

The cause is not suspicious, Rospert said, but he has asked for assistance from the Ohio State Fire Marshal.



The West family are good people and support the community. The Pizza Box is an asset to the Milan community. Wish them a swift rebuild.


Many great memories from high school, Jim always made us feel at home there.

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Sorry for the loss. I hope they will be able to rebuild/restore soon.

Lots of typos in this article though.


The pictures are upside down also

Seen it All

Also, the headline needs correcting... it is JIM'S PIZZA BOX, not House!


Spell check! It's your friend!

Faaip De Oiad

Fantastic place. I hope they rebuild soon!
On another note though: I think the Sandusky Register needs to invest in some spell check.

everyday joe

Thoughts and prayers going out to Jim and his family.


I don't know, this seems awfully odd to me. A fire in the middle of a block and the apartments above it aren't damaged? I know it's possible it just seems very odd to me. I'm glad that they have the fire marshall looking in to it. I haven't been to the Pizza Box in a long time but I know that they've done some really great work with and for the community so as others have stated I hope they'll be rebuilding as well.

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Who said the apartments were not damaged? Just says they got out safely. I don't even see where it states the cause and/or origin of the fire.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Facebook posts on the Pizza Box page states no one was displaced. That's great!

Seen it All

Best of Luck to Jimmy and his family in the re-build! Such a Milan staple for so many years! I know Huron will be invaded with Milanites for their Pizza Box fix!


Love Jims Pizza Box. Glad everyone in the apartments got out safe. Hope they re - build soon.


Great place, great people. Good luck to them. I was craving a bacon and banana pepper calzone just reading the article!


Jim will rebuild bigger and better.


I've known Jim since he was making pizza's at Duke's Sand Bar in Huron. Best pizza ever! Best of luck to you Jim! And how about opening another location in Sandusky?!?! If you build it; they will come!