Toddler remains critical after crash

Investigators are not yet sure why Russell’s car collided with the truck, as she had just turned off Ohio 269 and traveled about 500 feet when the crash occurred, troopers said.
Courtney Astolfi
Mar 21, 2014


Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers continue to investigate a Tuesday-morning crash that left a 3-year-old boy in critical condition.

The child’s mother, Heather Russell, 23, of Bellevue, has yet to be cited. Russell’s car slammed into the rear of a garbage truck at about 9:15 a.m. Tuesday on Mason Road, Patrol Lt. Anthony DeChoudens said.

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   Her son, Nevan Jordan, sustained serious head injuries and was flown by medical helicopter to a Toledo hospital following the crash. DeChoudens said the boy remains there in critical condition.

Investigators are not yet sure why Russell’s car collided with the truck, as she had just turned off Ohio 269 and traveled about 500 feet when the crash occurred, troopers said.

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Troopers later interviewed a doctor who pulled the boy from the vehicle and treated his injuries at the scene. They learned the boy was indeed secured in a booster seat when the doctor arrived, but have not determined if the booster seat was properly attached to the car, DeChoudens said.

Meanwhile, troopers said they’re processing a blood sample drawn from Russell to test for any possible drug use. They are also processing her phone to determine if she was driving while distracted, DeChoudens said.


4-wheeler al

if you are turning on mason from 269 that time in morning better put down your sun visor fast nothing but sun.

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Poor little guy. Seeing that car seat breaks my heart. Prayers for him.


Some type of driver distraction . Won't speculate. No one drives into the back of a vehicle on purpose. Best wishes for the little boy.

Good 2 B Me

Hopefully it is a legitimate accident and not something that the drover was doing that took her eyes off of the road. Hopefully all involved will be safe and healthy again soon, either way!


This young driver has been charged with multiple driving infractions in at least Erie county, Sandusky county and Huron county.

For a total SIX speeding tickets, 1 failure to restrain, 2 driving under suspension, failure to control, improper turn, no seat belt, abusing 911 and last but not least, DRIVING WHILE TEXTING!

But my favorite, is while she was in the back seat of a cruiser, she dialed 911, requesting a "better cop" on the scene. The cop was kind enough to let her keep her cell phone to call to get someone to pick up her kids.


I said she's a menace on the road. And got flamed for it.


She has no business behind a wheel of car with that kind of driving record. Maybe a little jail time will do her some good.


Sounds like she needs her license permenantly taken away....she has no business or mature enough to be driving!!!

Tru Grit

Dick, Donut, Star, Bush. Harsh but I agree 110%. Hope the child makes a full recovery I really really do. Mom on the other hand I am just a little in awe because of her previous driving record. Seems like a lot of people say the sun is terrible the sun can take away visibility, that is very very plausible an could be the reason. My only concern is her lengthy record doesn't point to this conclusion. It concerns me that people like this are so careless with another innocent life who can't take themselves out of a situation like that, worst of all the kids mom. Hopefully all turns out well, causing some type of negative outcome all because of a text, smartphone, or not properly hooking a car seat up the right would not sit well with my conscious. If she turns out to be at fault, I'm not saying throw the book at her but if she hasn't learned before or by now, when will she....

indolent indiff...

Back to Jail Heather.

Mrs. Jones

Where do I start with this. Hmmmm! First off everyone jumps to conclusions age you all discriminate an age factor. Say perhaps it was the sun, or she had a medical condition, or even looking back to check on her son? One of the most important thing is that we have to understand that a toddler is a point in life that no toddler needs to be....Lets not start judging by the face value of the book with displaying her driving record online. And whos to say that over half them vehicle violations didn't come all within one violation. Hey we're all young at some point and are care free. Doesn't mean that baby was in the vehicle at the time of the violations or even perhaps the violations were done prior to the child being born...The point is lets all do what we're set here to do and lets give confident support for this child, the mother, and the family as they have difficult times ahead...See the bigger picture people

There you go again

Unfortunately, the "bigger picture" you refer to doesn't look good for this young woman.


Funny you mention "pictures" maybe Snap-chatting while driving. Hmmmm.......

Tru Grit

Mrs. Jones, we are all hoping that this child has a full recovery. The problem were all having is how this accident occurred. You're right it could have been the sun, she might have been looking back on her child to make sure he is ok, or a medical condition. Her past doesn't to us doesn't make any of those a plausible reason for the accident though. She has proven to show negligence and carelessness in the past so why would it change now. The OSP will check her phone record, and are doing a blood test so it won't be long till the truth comes out. If she is at fault through negligence I hope she is held very accountable for her actions. I'm a father myself and having a smartphone there is not text worth my daughters safety, plain and simple.


It isn't our job to investigate this crash and determine if the driver is at fault. Let the OHP do their job, and let us remain positive for the child and family.

If the OHP determines there is probable cause to charge her with a crime, then she will be charged and the criminal justice process will commence. At this point, we don't know anything about the facts of THIS accident, (not her past actions) and prudent and empathetic people would withhold judgment.

Nothing is gained other than adding to her pain by the sadistic comments herein, which seem intended by those who enjoy the suffering of others to cause this mother more heartache.


Common sense pretty much tells you that he wasn't in the car seat correctly. It's upside down!


One of the first photos is a "selfie" of her car. I'm going with the obvious reason for ramming into a truck.


Son sick, son choking, looks back at son, looks back, bam, sun in eyes hits truck, it was 3 houses from 269, taking child to doctor, child in car seat properly, son now awake. Getting better, you people with negative comments are idiots!