Man accused of biting, hitting pregnant wife

A Margaretta Township man allegedly hit and bit his pregnant wife Saturday evening shortly before he threatened to shoot paramedics, tried to urinate on a deputy and slapped medical supplies out of a nurse’s hand.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 6, 2014


Walt Griffin, 42, 100 block Norwood Ave., was charged with misconduct at an emergency and domestic violence.

A relative dialed 911 when Griffin barricaded himself inside his home after taking 10 Xanax pills at about 4 p.m. and almost fell unconscious, according to a deputy’s report.

An ambulance quickly responded, but Griffin began hurling garbage and ice chunks at paramedics, then threatened to shoot them, the report said.

When deputies tried to cuff him, he allegedly fought them off, writhing and rolling violently on the ground.

At one point, he pulled his penis from his shorts and tried to urinate on a deputy’s leg, the report said.

Griffin’s turbulent behavior continued in the ambulance and at the hospital.

He spat continuously on his way to the hospital, swatted a cup of liquid charcoal from a nurse’s hand and swung at hospital staff, the report said.

Griffin’s pregnant wife — due to deliver the next day — later told police Griffin had spit on, hit, pushed and bit her shortly before paramedics arrived.

She tried to protect herself, but Griffin allegedly continued to strike her face and side, the report said. Griffin was arrested Monday and taken to the Erie County jail.


Joe Schmoe

Way to keep it classy Crystal Rock !!


Mrs. Griffin, please leave this poor excuse for a father and husband.


They should have tased his penis when he took it out. That would have settled him down.

Stop It



Wish the Register would put Crystal Rock instead of Margaretta. Please distinquish!



Common Sense

It's probably related to the curse of the...ZIP CODE! LOL


Leave him ,he doesn't deserve a precious new baby. In his mindset it may not be long before he hurts this child, after all he didn't respect this baby while in mama's womb.


Too bad people don't understand and respect healthcare givers more...they deal with people like this on a daily basis.