Four injured in U.S. 6 crash

Four people were taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center Tuesday afternoon following a three-vehicle crash at U.S. 6 and Northwest Street.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 4, 2013


Walt Griffin, 42, of Crystal Rock, and his son, Marvin Griffin, 6, were taken to the hospital, as was Jerrid Bullion, 17, of Fremont, and Russell Setchel, 44, of Clyde. None of their injuries were life-threatening, Erie County deputies said.

Griffin was cited for failure to yield for a stop sign and failure to obey a traffic control device. He was driving a 1999 Ford F-150 pickup south on Northwest Road when at about 4 p.m. he failed to yield for traffic at a stop sign, deputies said. Marvin was the only passenger in the pickup.

The truck collided with a Ford Explorer that was headed east on U.S. 6. Bullion was driving the Explorer, and Setchel was the passenger. A 2006 Chrysler van was also struck by the pickup after the initial collision, but the van’s occupants were not injured, deputies said.



OMG....when will people learn to STOP at the stop signs on RT 6? Do they need to be in NEON lights???? STOP AT THE STOP SIGNS! Have they stopped teaching this in drivers ed? Are stop signs now optional?

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ORC IH8-(B)(s) Traffic Law states if a stop sign is outlined in white, it is, in fact, optional.