Margaretta Schools leader will earn $119K

Contract also requires new leader to move to area
Alissa Widman Neese
May 29, 2014

Margaretta Schools has publicly released its new superintendent's contract, a three-year deal totaling about $400,000 in salary and perks.

Daniel Schroer, the district's new leader, will earn $119,000 this year.

He officially inked the deal May 14, with a start date of Aug. 1. 

Schroer is currently superintendent of Greene County Career Center in Xenia, near Dayton. 

He has 21 years of experience in education, including three years as a teacher for Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools.

In an interview with the Register this shortly after his hire, Schroer said he's looking forward to leading the small, rural district and getting to know its families.

Other highlights of Schroer's contract include a requirement his family relocate to the Margaretta Schools area, six weeks paid vacation, and reimbursement for travel, professional organizations, continuing education and cell phone usage.

Schroer will replace 12-year superintendent Ed Kurt, who announced his resignation in February after accepting a job as Findlay Schools superintendent.

Kurt received $118,000 a year as Margaretta Schools superintendent, and his contract was set to expire in July 2016.

A copy of Schroer's contract is available in the pdf below


Schroer's contract with Margaretta Schools

•Superintendent job is effective Aug. 1, 2014, to July 31, 2017. 

•$119,000 annual starting salary, with an annual pay increase of 5 percent, 3 percent and 1 percent.

•Up to six weeks paid vacation; up to 15 unused days can be reimbursed.

•Reimbursement for “all actual and necessary travel and other expenses required in the performance of official duties.”

•Reimbursement for membership in the Buckeye Association of School Administrators and an additional professional organization.

•Up to $3,000 throughout the life of Schroer's contract for continuing education expenses.

•$50 per pay period to assist with cell phone payments.

•District will "pick up" Schroer's payments toward the state's retirement system.

•Schroer is required to live within the school district.

•Schroer agrees to have comprehensive medical examinations at the board’s expense. 

Source: Margaretta Schools



This is part of the reason why schools are broke.
Salary + 8.5% PERS pickup + cell phone + 15 day reimbursement + education reimburesment = $586,851 over the 4 years, or $146,713 average per year. Think of this when you pay your RE tax bill.
This for being superintendent of a small school.

Gardenman is right, it is STRS, and the pickup is 12%, 13% & 14% making the package worth $610,877 or $152,720/yr.


Few corrections to your posting. The retirement system is State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio or STRS that he is and all other "certified" (positions requiring a college degree) employees in schools. The employee contribution to STRS is 11% not the 8.5% you state.

Actually, a $119,000 for a school superintendent of a system the size of Margaretta is not out of line. The other perks he has are very much in line again with a superintendent in similar school districts. The one I do not see and is again very common is a car usage allowance or sometimes listed as mileage.

Something I do not see and again is very common to be in a superintendents contract is a moving allowance and they seem not to be paying that.

You are not hiring a low level employee here you are hiring the top educator in the district. This person comes with not just a 4 year college degree but at least a masters and he has without any doubt spent well over $140,000 + for his education alone.

All this I am sure may seem like a lot of money but when Margaretta goes out to hire a superintendent they are out there with all the other systems and they have to be competitive too.

I have a friend that is superintendent of a school system which has 3 high schools, 4 middle schools. 19 elementaries and an alternative school. He even is provided a new each year leased Chrysler Town and Country van solely for his school related use. The Board pays for insurance/gas/maintenance etc.on the van. He was given up to a $20,000 moving allowance. When hired in the spring he was provided a fully furnished condo in the school district from that time till August 1st when he and family were to be moved into the district. The condo was for his and family use as he was transitioning into the new position. Alas, now there are some sweet perks !!

I know it sounds like a lot of money but in school systems around the state and in this county the salary is quite realistic. My grandmother use to say "you get what you pay for" and I believe here too that is true.


Keep voting for those levies folks. This is overkill for a superintendent over a small school organization to receive such a package deal. How does the superintendent get away with earning a 9% raise and a salary of $119,000 in salary over his three year contract? This is insane! All the while the employees are getting a smaller percentage of raise. The school board should be ashamed of themselves.


$119k plus perks is out of line.....and teachers think they are under paid o k


That's a sweet gig, for sure.

MI Smooth

Until school districts start hiring business people to run day to day operations, overspending and mediocrity will continue. These districts are big businesses with big budgets and should be ran as such. Most superintendents have no business background and are nothing more than a rubber stamp for the teachers unions.

Perkins Resident

He looks like Gunner.


Hey there a parallel to current CEO pay too?


The retirement is 10.1% this year and will rise to 10.2% next year. It will keep going up each year for the next 4 years until it reaches 10.5%. This makes your estimate even more extreme.

Do the teachers have their retirement paid.




I don't know, but it sounds like a lot of jealousy on this board to me. If you're so angry he's making this kind of money, then go get your education and then become the top administrator for a school district. I mean come on, it's gotta be easy, right!?! I'm not in education as a profession, but I believe that educators deserve their salaries and benefits. They have to have a lot of schooling and continuous education and then teach what the politicians want taught. I know a lot of people in education and almost every one of them said if they had to do it over, they would've done something else. And I'm not talking just teachers, I'm talking administrators. So, in short, congrats to Mr. Schroer!