22 eye school super job

Hopefuls are from local districts, other Ohio schools (Includes cover letters, resumes)
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 3, 2014


Twenty-two people are vying to replace departing Margaretta Schools superintendent Ed Kurt.

Troy Roth, the district’s high school principal, is seeking the job, as are six other area educators, according to applications the Register obtained through a public records request.

The deadline to submit an application was Friday.

Local educators who applied include William Butler IV, Monroeville Elementary School principal; Drew Grahl, Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools athletic and maintenance director; Catherine Puster, Edison Schools curriculum director; Rodney Smith, EHOVE Career Center assistant principal; and Christine Standring, Huron Schools director of curriculum, testing and gifted education.   

Fred Fox, who officially lost his position as Huron Schools superintendent in April 2013 through a controversial firing, also is a candidate. He contends he was wrongfully terminated and has a pending lawsuit against the district and the three board members who voted to end his employment. He referred to himself as the current Huron Schools superintendent in his application.

Other applicants include former Sandusky Central Catholic Schools principal Kenneth Schmiesing, who works at Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center, near Toledo, but still lives in Sandusky.

The school board plans to conduct candidate interviews throughout April and hire a replacement by May 19, according to a tentative schedule posted at the district’s website.

The chosen person will then transition into the new job throughout June and July, with some assistance from Kurt, and officially begin on Aug. 1.

Kurt announced his resignation in mid-February after accepting a job as Findlay Schools superintendent for the next three years.

A copy of each Margaretta superintendent candidate’s résumé and application is posted below.



Troy Roth's cover letter has an error in it. Still I will bet he is the one that is hired.


I think you are right...little birdy told me so...lol




Fox's has errors from the start, too. I heard the OEC has or will soon hand over its list of "errors" to Mr. Baxter's office for prosecution. Will that be a problem?


I am just saying from a perspective of an employer, someone who is applying for a 100K a year job, usually they are looking for a flawless resume' and cover letter. When applying for this kind of a position I would have double and triple checked it to insure it to be as perfect as I could get it. It is an obvious error. I hope they teach their students that in the business world this is what you strive for when applying for a position such as this, especially one that pays this salary rate.

Trigger from Erie

I just read through more than half of the cover letters, but I had to stop. What in the world is going on here? These letters are riddled with grammatical errors. This is a sad--and no doubt unintended--commentary on the state of education today. Wow.


Oh, you are going to "insure" it to be perfect? So, you are going to get insurance on your cover letter?! I would rather "ensure" that it was perfect. Do yourself a favor, and make sure you are mistake free before you critique others.


Lol I stand corrected, however I am not applying for the position and the grammical errors in those letters are a shame for someone expecting to earn over 100K and in the field of education.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Troy Roth is a great candidate. Glad he is pursuing this position.


Troy would be a good fit. Still, who would fill his shoes? Hopefully not Bohn, he can barely handle AD.

Big Poppy

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Fred Fox would be an asset to any school system. Too bad Huron didn't realize it. Made mistakes?? Yes! But still an asset.


I believe either Grahl or Roth would make a solid superintendent based on their backgrounds, but I would lean towards Grahl. He and his family have been outstanding members of the community all their lives.


Many people are outstanding members of the community, doesn't mean they would make a good super.