Elementary school possibly exposed to whooping cough

Margaretta Elementary School students may have been exposed to a suspected case of whooping cough, according to an email school officials sent home with first-graders Wednesday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 6, 2014


The child’s parents emailed the letter to the Register on Wednesday, aiming to inform the entire school community of the matter.

The girl, 7, who is in first grade, was vaccinated against the respiratory disease but still contracted it, her parents said. They’re awaiting test results, which would officially confirm the diagnosis. She has been removed from classes but attended earlier this week and rode a school bus when she may have been contagious, her parents said.

On Friday, the Erie County Health Department will notify the parents of their child’s official diagnosis, they said.

Whooping cough, formally referred to as pertussis, is a highly contagious bacterial infection that causes violent, uncontrollable coughing, making it difficult to breathe, according to the letter, which the Erie County Health Department authored. Most children are immunized from the disease, but the vaccination is only 85 percent effective.



I talked to this family as I know them .He stated the health officials told his daughter to stay out of school.The health dept even had the Erie county sheriffs office call him because the Dr. stated in his opinion his daughter has pertussis.According to him the school didn't even want to let parents know that they may have had their children exposed.They wanted to wait for results before making a decision.All this family wanted was to let other parents know that their child MAY have been exposed.Not to induce panic but to let parents to watch incase


That is so not true. The school did exactly what the health department recommended, and that was to send home a letter informing parents. The family wanted to return the girl to school this week, against the advice of the health department, which is why the Sheriff got involved.


no the school didn't even want to send the letter home.He let me listen to all the recorded phone conversations the father had with health department,and school members,even the sheriff. I'm pretty sure he will release them if test come back positive.The schools told him they do not consider it to be of any great concern unless 3 or 4 students come down with it.I just hope the results are negative.


Please do, release these "recorded phone conversations"!


They released them to the fox news network.


How can you tell your child has whooping cough? The cough is constantly and it is a strangulating cough. The child just can't stop coughing. If the child has not been vaccinated, it is especially bad for the child.


from what i was informed it was the opinion of the Doctor at urgent care. and based upon this the family was advised to keep child out of school based upon the opinion of the doctor, Health Department, commission of health department. All this family wanted was to warn other families of the possibility that their child may have been exposed but the school didn't want to do this at first until the father threaten to send her back to school. that's when it was going to turn into a legal battle just to let other parents know. Her cough was that constant of a seal barking constantly .


Why did your "friend" send such a sick child to school in the first place? They exposed other students just by their carelessness. Yet the school is being blamed for what again?


Good question.


they believe she got it from school

Bada Bing

Have we heard any results yet?


The parents just called the hospital for results and the hospital informed them that the lab where the culture was sent to no longer does this testing so they had to send it out to another lab might not get results until middle next week!!!!