Board to discuss employment of superintendent

Margaretta school board members have announced a special closed-door meeting for 4:30 p.m. Thursday to discuss the employment of the district’s superintendent, according to a news release.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 5, 2014


The gathering will be at its board office, 305 S. Washington St. No action is expected following the private meeting.

Margaretta Schools superintendent Ed Kurt is one of three finalists for the soon-to-be vacant superintendent job at Findlay Schools.



Interesting as 1 of the 3 candidates withdrew, leaving 2 !! http://www.findlaycityschools.or...


This has been so long in waiting. Please let it be so!! Maybe we can get Margaretta back on track to be a respectable place to educate children!

indolent indiff...

takeastand: have you seen the report card? excellent with distinction! what are you talking about?


Yes, takeastand, as there were only three schools in the entire state to have better report card scores than Margaretta this past year. That is three, out of 613 total districts. I'm not sure what track we are on, but it would be great if we stayed on it.


takeastand clearly is a clueless low life. Mr. Kurt is a tremendous superintendent that has put his heart and sole in to the Margaretta district for years. As others have mentioned, he has led the district in to being one of the most decorated academic institutions in the state! Further, he has worked diligently to run the district in a fiscally responsible, student first fashion. He has consolidated buildings in the district, successfully negotiated both classified and certified contracts that included both wage and benefit savings for the district, saved money for the district by reducing staff through attrition, overseen a successful building addition at the elementary school, started a fiscally independent computer charter school that is the envy of every other school district in the area, passed a levy in the district, and been the most visible superintendent in the history of the district. Losing Mr. Kurt as the superintendent would be devastating for Margaretta. There is absolutely no way that Margaretta could ever find someone that cares as much about the district as he does.




Well said Slacker. The best to Mr kurt.


to each his own.


Don't make it look like Margaretta is some great ivy league institution. They were not proficient last year in Math for 3rd and 5th grades while many schools in Ohio were proficient in all areas of instruction and received lower grades from the state. Some of those grades that schools received from the state can be very deceiving.Compare their test scores with Huron, Edison Oak Harbor Bellevue and Clyde and see who has better scores not Margaretta

indolent indiff...

trolley: that's just wrong. look again


I love how when someone has an opinion that differs from the "Ed Curt backers" they start calling names. Geez that's what I thought America was all about. Freedom to have opinions whether they agree or disagree with yours. But no, you guys/gals have to get nasty about it.