Findlay extends superintendent search

Margaretta school district’s Ed Kurt is among top three candidates for the job
Alissa Widman Neese
Dec 14, 2013


Margaretta Schools won’t know the fate of its top administrator for at least a few months.

Findlay Schools announced Wednesday it’s extending its search for a new superintendent into the spring, according to a Thursday article in the Findlay Courier.

Margaretta Schools superintendent Ed Kurt is one of the top three candidates for the job. Findlay school board membersinitially planned to announce their selection at the end of December, but they’ve abandoned that timeline with no concrete deadline declared.

Board members plan to interview Kurt and two other Ohio superintendents during a closeddoor meeting today, according to the Findlay Courier article. They are also discussing the job with other unidentified candidates who didn’t apply.

Kurt is requesting $135,000 a year from Findlay Schools, according to his application.

He currently receives $118,000 a year at Margaretta Schools. His contract ends July 2016.

Dean Wittwer, the current Findlay Schools superintendent, is retiring in July. The new superintendent would be hired for the upcoming school year.



Sounds like the search committee in Findlay has no faith in the three remaining candidates.


And Gunner didn't even make that cut.

Erie County Resident

Yes but we can dream that Gunner is back in the race. LOL


I would have to agree, donutshopguy. Dean Wittwer was an early acquaintance of mine when I relocated to the Lima area and reminds me of Ed, but, prior to Findlay Dean was the super at Wapakoneta which is considerably larger than Margaretta. While the super is mostly involved in finances it doesn't help Ed that Findlay is at least 6-7 times larger than his present position. They also view themselves as upper-crust there so his rural background might be working against him to an extent.


Sorry to steal this discussion but I noticed some anti-Gunner posts. Would either of you be willing to pass a new operating levy (not building) if it was tied into the removal of Mr. Gunner ?