Clyde Cancer Cluster claims another

Taylor Norman, 17, dies at Cleveland hospital where she was in treatment for cancer of the blood and bone marrow
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 4, 2013


At Clyde Senior High School’s graduation ceremony Sunday, 200 orange helium balloons were released in honor of Taylor Norman, who wasn’t able to attend graduation with the rest of her classmates.

Norman, 17, was at the Cleveland Clinic for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. On Monday morning, she passed away.

“She cared so much for her family and was an absolute joy to be around,” said Lori Davis, Norman’s aunt.

After being diagnosed in January 2012 and getting treatment, Norman eventually went into remission in April 2013. Over the weekend, Norman had a stroke. She had severe blood clots in her heart and other internal organs.

“She was a rock and never said a negative word at all,” Davis said. “She never complained, not even once.”

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RIP Taylor. My heart felt sincere sympathy to her parents.

nosey rosey

Quit perpetuating the myth of a cluster. Must everyone who contracts cancer be part of a conspiracy theory?

The Big Dog's back

Such a kind and thoughtful comment.


Listen Nosey...
Why don't you do some research and see why they are considering it a cluster. This is NOT a myth!!! This is a serious issue that has taken way too many lives, and most of them being way too young!!! It is revolving around a very small area, and because of the number of cases in such a small area, hence why it has been deemed a cluster.
Just incase you don't know, here is the definition for you...Pay close attention to letter d.

Definition of CLUSTER

: a number of similar things that occur together: as
a : two or more consecutive consonants or vowels in a segment of speech
b : a group of buildings and especially houses built close together on a sizable tract in order to preserve open spaces larger than the individual yard for common recreation
c : an aggregation of stars or galaxies that appear close together in the sky and are gravitationally associated
d : a larger than expected number of cases of disease (as leukemia) occurring in a particular locality, group of people, or period of time.

Now why don't you go stick your rosey nose in someone else's business!


Good answer!


So sad, God Bless all the Families.....Where is Erin B?