Justice for Jake tops 20K

Group fighting Sandusky County officials surpasses milestone of support
Jun 11, 2014


An anti-corruption group started after the March 2012 shooting death of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios hit a high-water mark Wednesday: 20,000 "likes" at its Facebook page.

The group supports families that contend law enforcement officials in Sandusky County are corrupt. 

The Justice for Jake and Ella Facebook page was flooded with "likes" and inquiries this week when two episode of the "Dr. Phil" program about the death of Limberios were re-broadcast on national TV. 

"We are trying to answer each one of your comments and messages," a post Tuesday evening at Justice for Jake and Ella page states, responding to the inquiries.

By 8 a.m. today the "likes" count was at 20,300.

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Supporters of the Limberios family have been joined by other families, including the Burdines of Oak Harbor, in a petition drive to Gov. John Kasich seeking to remove Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and county Prosecutor Tom Stierwalt from office.  

Kasich has ignored the petition, citing elections as the appropriate venue for the removal of elected officials despite a state law cited in the petition that gives the Ohio governor power to take action. 

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has been investigating the 2007 jailhouse death of Craig Burdine since August, but the Burdine family fears DeWine intends to no-bill a grand jury by withholding evidence and testimony from grand jurors.

DeWine has walked away from two previous grand juries in Sandusky County without indictments that were investigating actions by Sandusky County law enforcement.

The grand jury hearing evidence in the Burdine case has been meeting about once a week since May 6, but DeWine's lead prosecutor, Matt Donahue, has called few, if any, witnesses directly involved in the circumstances that led to Burdine's death. It is expected to re-convene on Monday. 

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The Justice for Jake and Ella group is organizing a protest rally at a planned political event June 22 for DeWine's re-election bid at Dewine's home in Cedarville, Ohio.

The group has staged protests and a grand jury watch at the Sandusky County courthouse since the Burdine hearings were started in early May.

DeWine told the Register in March he intended to review information the families have provided, but he never later provided any response or comment about the findings of that review. 

DeWine also has had no comment on a host of other investigations, and spefic questions directly related to his intentions concerning the potential for criminal indictments in Burdine's death.



Some Day someone will Put on there BIGGIE girl Pants or Biggie Boy pants and Step up to the batters plate and Speak up.


20K supporters and where has it gotten ya ? Absolutely knowhere...unfortunate but true.

Ralph J.

They need to call their US Senators and Representatives to get a Federal investigation started with agents from Washington. This is nothing but an ongoing dog and pony show. Those 20,000 supporters all need to come together and demand a Federal investigation with agents from Washington and out of state. There is strength in numbers when demanding a Federal investigation with the help of US Senators and Representatives. Talk and chatter on social media like Facebook is cheap and a complete waste of time. There are plenty of Facebook accounts seeking justice which goes nowhere. Online petitions are also worthless which is treated like junk mail. Stop the insanity and get serious about getting justice. Demand a Federal investigation from your US Senators and Representatives.


There's nothing like the Register beating dead horses over and over and over again.


Then stop reading it.. Not alone commenting on it! Geesh.....


It has gotten us some where. We Have brought attention to a big problem plus it may help another family. So your post is wrong.


When is the guy that straw purchased the gun going to be charged? We already wasted a bunch of state tax money, lets not waste federal!



nosey rosey

What a waste of time. Accept the fact that your kid was an idiot and played with a loaded gun. Geez.


You insensitive Schmuck. Karma.

Julie R.

Insensitive isn't the word for that comment. How would you like somebody to talk about your deceased son like that?

Horace Mann

Looks like they'll be filing a Form 990 with the IRS.


Nosey rosey he brought the gun cause one of them wanted to buy it. He asked them if they wanted to shoot it so they could decide if they wanted it or not. He gave each of them the used cartridge as a souvenir. He told them that there was one left in the gun. Do you have any kids nosey rosey? Go to justice for jake and Ella on facebook or go to justice4jakeandella.com to see everything on what really happened before you make a comment like you just did. I know you gonna say freedom of speech but that does not include being insensitive person to say something like that.


My kid would not be in possession of a handgun underage attempting to sell it illegally while he was partying with drugs and alcohol, at least if I had anything to do with it.


My son was COMPLETELY against drugs AND he was the only one there NOT drinking! I pray a tragedy never hits your family.


I am truly sorry for your loss, and I am sorry if that comment offended you. I can not imagine what you have and are going through, and I would be upset with the way it was handled as well.

That being said, even if he wasn't drinking or doing any illegal drugs, the other people that were given the gun to use probably were. When someone has a handgun in their possession, it is a huge responsibility to handle it safe and to ensure that it is not used improperly. That is the reason why you have to be 21 to own it.

I think there has been a huge push to put the blame on someone. The only point I am trying to make is that the gun should have never been in that home, nor should it have been in Jake's possession. How did he get the gun? Maybe that question has been answered previously but that's the biggest question to me. Someone bought that gun legally, someone owned that gun legally, and it got in his possession somehow.

Even with the poor investigation, I truly believe that even if it was completed in a perfect way, the only way anyone is going to tell you the story otherwise is from the people that were there.


Nosey rosey maybe you should realize Mr overmeyer is a joke . Along with yourself. I bet you would say the same about MLk. Jr if he would have been quite he wouldn't have been shot right...


Looking for someone to blame so bad that you're going to the man's home. That's pretty over the top if you ask me.

If the gun was in a locked safe this would have never happened.

Ralph J.

There was a rerun about this on the Dr. Phil show the other day.