Gasser supports ‘Jake’s Law’

“Jacob left us too soon, current law left us with the burden of seeking the truth on our own”
Alex Green
Feb 19, 2014


If “Jake’s Law” gets enacted it will be the result of a relentless pursuit.

“It’s too late for Jake,” said Brady Gasser, who spearheaded the proposed legislation with the help of state Rep. Chris Redfern in the aftermath of the death of his friend, Jacob Limberios, on March 2, 2012. “But passing this legislation in Jacob’s name will at least give us the satisfaction of knowing we stopped this from happening to future victims”

Gasser turned his rage at Sandusky County officials’ failure to conduct a competent investigation into aggressive advocacy on behalf of his lifelong friend’s family.

Gasser is a co-founder of the robust “Justice for Jake & Ella” group in addition to his work with Redfern crafting legislation he hopes won’t allow what happened to the Limberios family to happen to another family.

“Jacob left us too soon,” Gasser said. “Current law left us with the burden of seeking the truth on our own”

Sandusky County coroner John Wukie refused to order an autopsy after Jacob died inside a rural Clyde home when the gun he brought there fired a bullet into his head. Wukie did not go to the home or conduct his own investigation of what occurred, relying instead on information provided by Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and deputies at the scene.

Wukie ruled the death a suicide but added words to the ruling suggesting it could have been an accident. He has refused to correct the ruling despite findings by the state that Jake’s death was an accident.

Physical evidence was destroyed immediately after Jake was killed and the witnesses allegedly failed lie detector tests, which are not always accurate and cannot be admitted in a court case.

But Wukie’s refusal to order an autopsy is a key decision that led to the enduring ordeal the Limberios family suffered, according to Gasser, and “Jake’s Law” will require autopsies be ordered when a death occurs under similar circumstances.

“The bottom line of this bill is the belief that every deceased person deserves the respect of a proper and thorough investigation into how they died,” Gasser said. “Regardless of where they spent their last moments”

Gasser and Redfern either met or spoke about a dozen times developing a bill with language that gives it a better chance to become law.

“Initially Brady suggested it should require autopsies for all causes of violent deaths,” Redfern said. “That would be veryexpensive, and legislators are concerned about cost”

Redfern lobbied fellow lawmakers earlier this month and plans to introduce the “Jake’s Law” legislative proposal in the House this week.

Gasser’s enthusiasm made that possible.

“Brady is a very smart young man,” Redfern said. “You quickly realize his relationship with Jake was very profound. There’s a lot of commitment on his behalf and this family’s behalf”

Gasser had been friends with Limberios since the first grade and shared a common bond among their friends.

“After he passed I’ve just tried to be around a lot, helping his folks,” Gasser said. “They always felt like my second family”

He’s seen firsthand the difficulty the Limberios family has had in dealing with their son’s ambiguous death.

A college student studying urban development at Cleveland State, Gasser forced the change he wanted to see down a long road. He didn’t expect the hurdles that would need overcome when he started out.

“Maybe I was a little naive” he said.



raise you hand if your tired of this soap opera.... know I am. And it's not as easy as "if you don't want to hear about it, don't read it". about once a week the SR's site has about 2-3 stories on this saga..

Matt Westerhold

We're sorry you're tired of the posts and news coverage of this story, but the number of posts related to this topic is a small percentage of the whole. There are literally hundreds of posts you could read that are unrelated to it. There are 20,000 readers who follow this story at the Justice for Jake & Ella page and more than that at It doesn't seem to make sense to kill a story because some readers of tired of seeing it when there continues to be that level of interest from other readers. Legislation is being introduced in Columbus and this post covers that development. 


Brittany? Will-yum? Is that you?

red white and blue

Like you said don't read it^^^ J4J J4J J4J....................!

Joe Schmoe

Awesome job Brady. We need more people like you. What a way to support Jakes family. I'm glad the Sandusky register continues to cover this. J4J


I am tired of reading this old news

Stop It

Not tired enough to b*t*h about it after you read it, huh?

I want to know how someone can FORCE someone else to read ANYTHING.

Matt Westerhold

You could take a nap if you're tired PapaJoe. Come back with renewed energy.  


Tired if hearing about it, but if it was you're child what would you do? Sit back and say nothing? I doubt it! This poor family just wanted the death certificate changed and officials held accountable! Don't think that is too much too ask after what they put this family through! Still wondering why the 3 others were never charged with at least underage drinking, using a firearm under the influence etc.....

kcender's picture

if you're tired of reading it then quit stop reading it the rest of us would like to know what's going on out there in Sandusky County them good ol boys getting away with whatever they want to do even though the state officials say to change the report. I think the state needs to come in and looking all the Sandusky County law enforcement and judicial system


When is the guy that bought the gun for jake going to be charged? If it wasnt for him jake COULD still be alive.


Your logic makes 0 sense placing the blame elsewhere. If he had the gun in his hand he killed himself not the guy who sold him the gun. I guess a spoon & fork are to blame for some people being obese or dying from clogged arteries.


Im saying the family wants to blame everyone else for there sons stupidity, why not the guy that straw purchased for jake? Its illegal for anyone 21 and under to purchase a handgun. so yes, my logic does make sence to me....


Some merit to your statement. That being said it would also probably be illegal for someone under the age of 21 to either sell or be in possession of one.

Simple Enough II

I know where you are going with this, and I agree. You still have to remember the family stated they would go along with what the Special Grand Jury came back with (They were flawed in there ruling I believe, I have to go with Wukies thought process), yet Jake's father posted on this site that he still believed his son was murdered by one of the other 3 and IMO I think his mind is made up and will not accept what happen that night. Shame, someone's son, friend and father died, but I've reached the conclusion sometime back that all of this tragedy could have been avoided by removing any one thing from the piece of the puzzle. 1. Parent's did not allow their son (under the age of 21) from possessing handguns while living under their roof. 2. The family friend did not make a straw purchase for Jacob. 3. Jacob had followed safe handling of said firearm (it was loaded, there was video reviewed by "experts" who stated Jacob did not safely handle said firearm in that video), pointing a loaded weapon at anyone including yourself is not a safe act. So instead the focus has been on the Coroners ruling and the sheriff's investigation (or so called lack of one). I hope the Family and the J4J&E find peace and start to rebuild their lives, 'cause he's gone and nothing will change that, not a law nor a witch hunt.


Very well said!


True , so when are the parents going step up and admit culpability on their part ?


I certainly expected there to be more questions, comments, and concerns about the proposed legislation.