Wukie baffles DeWine

Sandusky County coroner continues 'investigating' but nearly 23 months later he's still mum on details
Jan 17, 2014


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine can't understand why Sandusky County coroner John Wukie refuses to change the death certificate of Jacob Limberios, who DeWine says died accidentally from a self-inflicted gunshot.

"I'm surprised by that," DeWine said Wednesday, describing Wukie's suicide ruling as not making sense. "It can't be an accident, and a suicide."

Meanwhile, Wukie continues a coroner's inquest into Jacob's death on March 2, 2012, but refuses to discuss what he is investigating or what goal there might be for keeping the investigation open.

Wukie's attorney, Dean Henry, refused to provide information about the probe, which Wukie re-launched in November immediately after DeWine finished his nearly five-month investigation and announced the results, determining the Limberios death was an accident.

"I don’t try my cases in the press, and this one is no exception," Henry stated in an email to the Register on Tuesday, in response to questions about the current investigation.

Wukie does not return phone calls from the Register or respond to inquiries. He has deferred questions to Henry, a private attorney hired by the county to defend Wukie in a now-dismissed lawsuit the Limberios family brought seeking to correct the death certificate filed by Wukie.

Henry was later appointed to serve as special criminal prosecutor in the probe, but a visiting judge presiding over the lawsuit removed him from the criminal investigation in May, citing the obvious conflicts in having Henry serve as both criminal prosecutor and defense counsel for the county.

It's unclear what, if any role, remains for Henry.

He refused to provide documents confirming his continued authority to act as criminal prosecutor. He also refused to answer questions about the continuing investigation, suggesting he's replied to all questions from other news media, but he won't respond to the Register's inquiries because he does not like the Register's news coverage.

"I am declining to share information with you because, in my opinion, you are using the Limberios family and their grief to sell newspapers and generate advertising revenue, and you’re doing that while engaging in very questionable journalism," Henry said.

Henry's position would appear to possibly be in violation of the Ohio Revised Code, which does not exempt public records from being released on the basis of a public official's personal opinion.

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Henry ratcheted up his hostility toward the Register earlier this month when he was asked about an ethics complaint concerning him, allegedly filed by the Ohio Attorney General. The complaint is referenced in the AG's report. He called the reference "bullshit," but has otherwise refused to comment on the nature of it or how any complaint might have been resolved.

It's unknown if any other news media outlets have asked him about the ethics complaint, or whether he's answered any questions about it.

The Register intends to pursue the question with the Ohio Supreme Court's disciplinary counsel, which handles ethics complaints against attorneys. Documents associated with complaints are often kept secret and exempted from the public record, however, and the AG's office has declined comment on the complaint referenced in the report.

The Limberios family has been fighting nearly two years to get Jacob's death certificate changed and has brought forward evidence — confirmed by DeWine — that Sandusky County officials botched the initial investigation, allowing critical forensic evidence to be destroyed and refusing to order an autopsy after Jacob died.

Jacob's parents, Mike and Shannon Limberios, have not complained about the Register's news coverage. They have, however, been critical of Sandusky County officials, including Henry. The family dropped the lawsuit to have the death certificate changed earlier this month, after Henry filed court documents opposing a change on procedural grounds.

Jacob's parents mortgaged their Castalia home to pay previous costs associated with a private autopsy, private investigation, legal services and court-related expenses.

Accidental suicide

Wukie wanted now-retired Sandusky County Detective Jim Consolo to be the lead investigator in September 2012 when he launched the original coroner's inquest in response the the family's lawsuit. After agreeing to let Consolo conduct a thorough probe "turning over every stone," Wukie backpedaled almost immediately, according to documents from the AG's report.

In a subsequent phone call to Consolo, Wukie asked the detective to assure him the coroner's inquest would not be critical of Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, or how Overmyer and his deputies handled the initial investigation. 

Consolo removed himself from further involvement just days later, after a brief and strange conversation with Overmyer's chief deputy, Bruce Hirt, about his work with Wukie on the coroner's inquest, according to the documents.

Overmyer's hand-picked replacement for Consolo was sheriff's detective Sean O'Connell. It's not clear if O'Connell assured Overmyer he'd conduct the investigation without being critical of Overmyer or the initial investigation. In a conversation he recorded, however, O'Connell did say he was assigned to the case because Consolo wasn't "a team player."

Wukie defended the nonsensical wording he used on the death certificate after DeWine announced his findings in November. In mid-March 2012, Wukie wrote on the death certificate: "Suicide. Gunshot wound to head. Deceased shot self in head, may not have realized the gun was loaded." 

He has said he wrote it that way out of compassion for Jacob's mother, to give her "some question" about whether Jacob intended to commit suicide. And yet, he did not return repeated telephone calls from Shannon Limberios after she received the death certificate from him in the mail just weeks after burying Jacob the first time.

Shannon inquired about the strange ruling, which shocked her, she said, but Wukie refused to return her calls. The family felt forced to get their own autopsy and to file the lawsuit, she said, when Wukie and other Sandusky County officials would not see them or respond to their inquiries.

An autopsy wasn't needed, according to Wukie, who said it's not necessary to know whether a person intended to kill himself in order to rule a death a suicide. Wukie told the AG's investigator in October 2013 it might be true, that in other regions in Ohio intention is necessary for a suicide ruling, but it's not necessary in Sandusky County.

Click here to listen to recording of Wukie's interview

Former New York medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden, a renowned forensic pathologist who reviewed autopsy results and the remaining forensic evidence that wasn't destroyed, also recently urged Wukie to correct the death certificate.

"Jacob Limberios died as a result of an accidental gun discharge," Baden said. "The manner of death on his death certificate should be changed to reflect this."

Coroners are the only public officials in Ohio who can change or correct a death certificate. Wukie's suicide ruling will likely result in Jacob's 5-year-old daughter being denied a small life insurance benefit.

Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt did not respond to a public records request seeking documents confirming Dean Henry's appointment and his continuing authority to act as special prosecutor. He also declined to provide any details about the ongoing coroner's inquest, its scope or the goal of an investigation.

Sandusky County officials also have refused to release public documents related to the cost associated with the 23 months spent investigating Jacob's death. 

They suggested previously an autopsy was not ordered initially after Jacob died because of the expense.




Wukie should be fired.


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One name: Dean Henry

John Harville

Henry defended former Clyde-Green Springs Supt. (who may be eligible to apply for judicial release from Judge Barbara Ansted) and allowed Helms to take the fall for several other persons about whom questions never were answered.


@ John, thank you for the information. Dean Henry was supposed to "investigate" allegations about another OHIO school system.

"The complaint alleges that some Benton-Carroll-Salem school members and county law enforcement officials, including county Prosecutor Mark Mulligan, have been involved in cover-ups and corrupt activity."
Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/Educa...



He won't be eligible for judicial release until he completes five years of his sentence. If Henry allowed Helms to take the fall for others (and this is common among attorneys who are aligned with the system) then Helms should start talking to federal authorities.

In another school case, (the case Centauri linked above) Henry was critical in protecting a law firm that stood by as its client school system's funds were misappropriated. The county prosecutor also allowed it. That same law firm was also involved in the Erie County Metro Parks Fiasco and the County prosecutor in that case also allowed that financial disaster to occur. So by any chance were the attorneys who represented Green Springs Schools during the Helms administration affiliated with the law firm Baumgartner & OToole or Stumphauzer and O'Toole?


engaging in questionable journalism??? that whole county is engaged in questionable practices, the register is just questioning their practices..


I have direct inside knowledge of said corruption and the register hasn't even begun to scratch the surface. Dig much deeper and do your job. The garbage is deep and wide.

Everyone is fam...

Wukie, you deserve to be in the unemployment line. There is NO reason not to change the death certificate. Get over your power trip, swallow your pride, and do what's right.


Please Help the Limberios Family & Friends by signing our new Petition Dr. Wukie Change Jake's Death Certificate from Suicide to Accidental.

Matt Westerhold

Dean Henry offered the following email response (among others) after this story published earlier today:

On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 7:11 PM, Dean Henry <deanhenry@bright.net> wrote:


I’m able to provide all kinds of information.  I’m declining to provide you with any of it, because I have lost all faith in your ability or desire to report professionally.  You are the only news organization that can’t seem to get it.  Everyone else is reporting accurately, asking all the right questions, and trying to stick with the facts.  You, on the other hand, are conducting a public clinic on how to screw up a story and completely mislead your readership.  Based on the online comments that have been sent to me, a lot of those folks are catching on to your subterfuge.

We’ve been around this block before.  You’re trying to bait me into responding.  You’re just lying when you continue to print that I have declined comment.  I haven’t declined to comment at all, and you know it.  I’ve told you over and over that when you produce the data I have repeatedly asked for, I’ll start talking.  Stop your lying, Matt.

Still waiting, Matt.




"I have declined comment". You just commented.


Really? Dean accuses you of lying? Sounds like the last refuge of a scoundrel. A reporter has nothing to gain from lying. Just what are the "right" questions? ANY and all questions should be asked and ANSWERED.
Keep up the good work Matt and grind their noses into the pavement.
WAY too much crap these officials can and do get away with.


Attorney, or petulant child?!

I say petulant child! Thanks for posting this email, for all to see the immature and unprofessional response. There is so much wrong with this, I don't know where to start!

The other reporters are "asking the right questions". WOW!

Let's break it down like this.

Haha, Matt! I have Xbox 360 and a ton of new games, but YOU can't come play with me! All the other kids tell me I'm cool, and I'm strong and they like me. But your just a poopy ,dummy and I'm not even going to tell you what new game I have, cause I'm not. So too bad, your going to miss all the fun! I've told you like a hundred times Matt, so quit lying, duh.

Hahahahahahaha! He also says people people send him the online comments! Right! He is sitting there reading all of them!! So childish.

Carlos Danger

One has to wonder how much the Register's "reporting" (a word used loosely when it comes to the Register) of this case has contributed to Wukie's decision NOT to change the death certificate.  In other words, has Wukie dug his heals in BECAUSE of the Register?


Probably. The old ugly step mother (ie the SR) kept beating the child to get them to do something and they refused as long as the old ugly step mother continued to beat.


I think it's a real possibility. The irony is Dr. Wukie has an open Inquest and that process allows Dr. Wukie to examine the conduct of the Sheriff and Captain Meggitt at the original scene. It also allows Wukie to inquire into the conduct of Prosecutor Stierwalt and what looks like the improper hiring of Dean Henry.

In other words, the last person the family should be attacking is Dr. Wukie. They should be trying hard to work with him not against him as the Sheriff, Meggitt, Stierwalt and Henry (with the AG's office help) are very happy that the SR and Limberios family is focused on him and off of themselves.


"I’m able to provide all kinds of information. I’m declining to provide you with any of it"

@Dean, Please use the Sandusky Register to provide the information to the masses.

Expect an email from me to: deanhenry@bright.net


@ Dean, Once I contact you, give me all the information and I will pass it on to the Sandusky Register. It will all be "word for word" with no edits.

If the Sandusky Register "edits" your information, I will post the information so the masses will know.

Think of me as an intermediary. I also offer my service for free to those too bashful or afraid to post comments.

Expect my email.

John Harville

Ohio Attorney General SHOULD trump Wukie - especially since ORC defines suicide as 'intentional taking of one's life'.

ORC also states, unequivocally, that Jake's parents - together and separately - are allowed to see ALL the Coroner's records used to determine the cause of death. Why aren't Jake's parents/attorney asking for those records?

John Harville

Matt: Keep up the pursuit of facts. Keep writing. In this county they do all that's possible to intimidate. The Sheriff even called me out in the middle of Miller's Super Market in Clyde. But I'm terminal anyway so I don't intimidate well.


John, sorry to hear about your health.


Harville, you aren't going anywhere until you write a book about 'everything' you know, Mister! *wink


Is it possible to do a recall of this guy and force him to stand for election early? I can`t believe the voters in Sandusky County would reelect him to office.


I want to know if the County is still paying Henry to represent Wukie now that the lawsuit has been dropped. Wukie is apparently still using Henry to represent him in some capacity. Who's paying the bills?

Matt Westerhold

Dean Henry submitted an invoice in the spring for about $8,500 for his services. Click here to read that story. In a reply to a recent email request for any additional invoices Mr. Henry stated there have been no other invoices submitted to the county. The lawsuit has been dismissed and it's not clear what role Henry still has with this incident because he, county prosecutor Tom Stierwalt and Wukie all refuse to respond to questions of that nature, or detail the purpose of the continuing investigation. 


Is this the same person that is trying to run a newly formed hospital in Fremont. Where does he have all the extra time.


What newly formed hospital is that? The hospital you are referring to (Physicians choice) that was under Wukie's tutelage went under over a year ago and is currently sitting empty.


Actually that Hospital was owned by a group of Physicians to offer competition to Memorial Hospital. I heard that when Physicians' Choice tried to align with a larger medical organization, the landlord for the building who sits on Memorial Hospital's Board played hard ball with the lease. Memorial recently signed with Promedica after their competition for ER services was eliminated.

From the Grave

You dig a grave, you put the body into it and fill it in, then you stop talking about it.




"Wukie's suicide ruling will likely result in Jacob's 5-year-old daughter being denied a small life insurance benefit."

And the truth, will set you free. How many said this wasn't about the money?



Matt Westerhold

If you do the math KnuckleDragger, the cost for the family likely is five times or more the value of the death benefit, so the logic and implication in your suggestion might not be valid. 

And the combined cost of the local and state investigations and grand jury proceedings is likely $200,000 or more. The Register is seeking details on the total costs to taxpayers for an upcoming news article. 

Carlos Danger

Oh Goodie!!! Another article. I can't wait for the spin on that one. Register demands the AG conduct a thorough investigation, but then complains about how much it cost.


And the AG investigation clearly wasn't thorough as it was led by a Senior Advisor to AG DeWine with an alcohol problem and he couldn't find any malfeasance with SCLE' investigation. In other words the AG is protecting SCLE and trying to place the entire mess on Dr. Wukie.

I've said this before: Dr. Wukie is in a position that allows him to investigate and criminally charge SCLE and Prosecutor Stierwalt with dereliction of duty and other crimes for their incompetence in the original investigation. Dean Henry was appointed at the specific request of Stierwalt IMO, to ensure Stierwalt and SCLE were protected and Wukie made to look the fool.

Dr. Wukie should demand new legal counsel as there is a conflict between him and Prosecutor Stierwalt, the Sheriff and the Sheriff's office all of whose interests are defended by Henry. That new counsel should be a physician Attorney who can also act as investigator and the ongoing Inquest (this is actually great news for the Limberios family) should examine the Sheriff, Meggitt, SCLE and Stierwalt's activities in undermining the original investigation.

Or, and this is a direct plea to Dr. Wukie: Please contact the US Attorney's office in Cleveland Ohio and request assistance with an investigation into law enforcement and prosecutorial corruption in Sandusky County Ohio. Your attorney is setting you up sir.


"Or, and this is a direct plea to Dr. Wukie: Please contact the US Attorney's office in Cleveland Ohio and request assistance with an investigation into law enforcement and prosecutorial corruption in Sandusky County Ohio. Your attorney is setting you up sir."

Excellent comment! The US Attorney in Cleveland (OHIO) will come if asked by Wukie. The Feds will not come unless they are asked to investigate. Don't delay Dr. Wukie. Why should Dr.Wukie be the patsy of the powers that be in corrupt Sandusky County Ohio?

Random Thoughts

Why did the family drop the lawsuit?  Ohio Revised Code Section 313.19 states that the common pleas court can, after an evidentiary hearing, direct the coroner to change his decision.  From all I've read, it seems that the family has ample evidence (the AG's report and even the reports done by the Sheriff's Office) that this was an accident.  So again, why drop the lawsuit?  Register, please report on this.  Did they run out of money?  If so, I'm sure there are several very competent attorneys in the area who would likely finish the case for free.


They dropped the lawsuit because they were going to lose on the issue of cause of death. There is a difference of opinion among qualified coroner's and ME's and the family could not overcome that fact. When one is trying to reverse a ruling one has to have clear and convincing evidence and the degree of reckless behavior in this case creates a situation where there is a basis for Dr. Wukie's original ruling.

The AG's office is not qualified to rule on cause of death and IMO, the AG's office was more interested in distracting from their associates' (Sheriff, SCLE and Prosecutor Stierwalt's alleged misconduct and dereliction so they told the family what they wanted to hear.

Random Thoughts

But why not let the judge decide after a hearing instead of giving up because they "assume" that they were going to lose? They took the case this far and have the Attorney General's investigation to back them up. Why quit now? If the reason they dropped the case was they ran out of money, which it sounds like, then I say let's take up a collection so that they can finish the case and have the judge decide. Also, I disagree that the AG's office told the family what they wanted to hear. According to all that was reported, the family wanted to hear "homicide."


I doubt it was because they ran out of money. I would hope their attorney brought that case pro bono, in view of all the publicity he has received.

Again, an attorney has an ethical obligation to assess his case before presenting it to the judge. If the attorney knows he can't carry his burden of proof, he is obligated to dismiss the case or face sanctions for frivolous conduct.

The only explanation is the Limberios family attorney recognized they could not prevail in Court and dismissed the case. They are now IMO playing right into Dean Henry's hand by trying to pressure Dr. Wukie directly to change his ruling instead of cooperating with Dr. Wukie to conduct an Inquest independent of SCLE, Prosecutor Stierwalt and Dean Henry.

That's why they need a physician attorney who can mediate this stand off and try to convince Dr. Wukie that Dean Henry is not looking out for his interests or find some way to remove Dean Henry as legal counsel to Dr. Wukie.


Matt, what data has Henry repeatedly asked for? If it's something he NEEDS for a lawsuit, I'm sure he has the means to subpoena.
These county turdballs need to be flushed out of their positions of leadership. Keep up the great work 'exposing' who we really have in these "elected" positions!

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Lil DAB for the question. Here's a link to a story that reported his demand, which is not an appropriate response, IMO, to a public records request. 


Matt, why hasn't the SR sued Dean Henry for the public records? I know the SR is represented by very competent legal counsel who know how to file a Complaint in Mandamus for violation of the Public Records Act.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Babo for the question. That's not being considered for a variety of reasons, one being that most of the Sandusky County documents were transferred to the AG's office when Henry was removed as special prosecutor, and we are still receiving and reviewing these documents from the AG's office.

The only current documents from Henry that might have any value would seem to be whatever appointment document exists giving him continuing authorization to act as a public official; and emails he indicated he's received from person(s) keeping him updated about posts at the sandsuakyregister.com comments section regarding the Limberios coverage. The SR made a public records request to Henry and county prosecutor Tom Stierwalt for these with a Jan. 24 deadline to receive the records. If Stierwalt fails to respond to this request the SR will ask the Ohio Attorney General office's public records mediation unit to assist in resolving the request.   

There was a reference to an ethics complaint filed by the Ohio AG in the AG's report of the Limberios investigation, but oftentimes this type of document is exempted from public disclosure. The  SR does intend to pursue this with the Ohio Supreme Court's disciplinary counsel, which handles complaints against attorneys.  


Thank you for responding to my question. Your reply in paragraphs 2 and 3 raises additional questions from me.

Any appointment document authorizing Dean Henry to act as counsel for Dr. Wukie would have to be on file at the courthouse and part of the public record of Sandusky County Commissioners. This is because only the Commissioners in conjunction with a Common Pleas Court Judge can appoint outside counsel if the country prosecutor has some conflict of interest. If there are no public records at the courthouse (check the miscellaneous files) and with the Commissioners, Dean Henry has no authority to act. See RC 305.14.

Question: Did your reporter check for the public records from the Commissioners and the Court authorizing Dean Henry to represent County Officer Dr. Wukie? Prosecutor Stierwalt would not be the custodian of these records.

Also, the US Constitution (Art VI clause 2) and Ohio Constitution (Article XV Section 7) require that Dean Henry take an oath of office before entering into his official duties. If he has not taken the required oath of office all his actions are unlawful including any bills submitted.

Question: Has a reporter checked the records at the Common Pleas Court for his record of oath of office?.

Finally, the Ohio Revised Code codifies the oath requirement at 3.22 and also requires he file a Bond 3.30 before entering into his duties. If he has not taken the oath or filed the bond he does not lawfully hold the office. I think the bond must be filed with the Treasurer.

Question: Has a reporter sought a record of Dean Henry's oath of office and bond?

In paragraph 3 you reference a grievance filed by the AG with the Supreme Court's Disciplinary Counsel. I understand that a grievance is confidential if filed by a member of the bar. You state that the SR intends to pursue "this" with the Disciplinary Counsel's office.

Question: By "this" do you mean that the SR is trying to obtain the grievance as filed by the AG or do you mean that the SR also intends to file a grievance against Dean Henry?

I hope it's the latter as you do have a basis for filing against him and unlike lawyers you don't have to keep your grievance confidential.

Matt Westerhold

Wow Babo, these are good questions. I will be brief. 

1. Your suggestions for additional records requests are legitimate but we're not at the point where we need to go there. I'm anticipating the appointment documents will be made available if they exist. If they don't exist, then there's a whole set of different concerns that might arise. But if need be, we will use these suggestions to go forward. 

2. With regard to the ethics complaint referenced in the AG's report, the SR's intention is to seek any information we can obtain about this for news coverage and explain the grievance process that occurs. The fact that the AG's office revealed the possible existence of the complaint put its possible existence on the record.

3. The SR does not have any intention to file an ethics complaint. Dean Henry has been extremely difficult to work with, but filing a complaint is not being seriously considered by anyone at the SR. 


Once again, thank you for responding to my questions.

I appreciate your points in paragraph 1;
Hope you do carry through on a story on the attorney grievance process not only in this case but to educate the public at large on how to address attorney and judicial misconduct as stated in paragraph 2; and,
Am disappointed the SR will not file an ethics grievance against Henry as stated in paragraph 3, but hope you encourage others to do so.


Excellent comments and questions!! You make too much sense. What you posted is the whole truth. If you live in corrupt OHIO, you should run for Governor or Ohio Attorney General.

After I viewed past Ohio elections, the sheeple of Ohio would vote in the misfits and not you.


Hmmm...you can leave the word "bullshit" in an article but if others write things like that in comments, or things not anywhere near as bad, it gets deleted?? I guess from now on just type those words with " " before and after.


Right! I was wondering the same thing.

Matt Westerhold

That seems like a very small issue among enormous issues this story has brought out. 


If I were Dean Henry I would get a restraining order against the SR. Mostly the Editor for harassment.

Matt Westerhold

Your comments, mikesee, are nearly always predictable. You ignore the issue each time as if you might not be able to grasp it and simply repeat your complaints about how bad and mean the Register is. Dean Henry does almost the exact same things in his emails to the Register. Interesting...

I've never heard of a public official seeking a restraining order against a journalist seeking public records and comment on a public issue, but perhaps that's happened before. It seems pretty twisted. 



I will surprise you some day Matt I promise.

Matt Westerhold

You just did. Thanks. I look forward to it and will be on the lookout.


You keep going matt. Dean henry needs to do the right thing. He never will cause he is part of the problem in the usa and around the world. They get a job to represent people and do good and you see which way he went. Wukie just needs to do the right thing by changing death certificate. Its bad when DeWine says the same thing and he refuses. He still investigating what? He should have investigated it when jake was shot. He is just blowing smoke up someones butt that he is still investigating it. I think the register does not change what dean or wukie say. What do they have to gain from not reporting what they said. Mikesee you say dean needs to get a restraining order against the register sorry the register is in the right. Babo thats not why they dropped the lawsuit. If you go on justiceforjaieandella.com or facebook justice for jake & ella you will learn why they did. Plus you guys hear rumors and it seems thats what you go by. Get the facts instead of rumors.

Kottage Kat

Prayers. 4 All


"If you go on justiceforjaieandella.com or facebook justice for jake & ella you will learn why they did."

I have seen many Facebook and other online accounts that failed to do their purpose. Those online petitions are worthless.

In corrupt OHIO, the Democrats protect Democrats and Republicans protect Republicans. Call it political party loyalty which comes first.
The citizens in Ohio come in last by both political parties. Former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray refused to do anything about corrupt Cuyahoga County OHIO because loyalty to the Democrat party was first.

QUESTION: What political party does DeWine, Overmyer and Wukie belong to?

Perhaps the OHIO Republicans are intimidating Wukie to act the way that he does.

Babo gave you all some excellent advice about calling in a US Attorney from Cleveland OHIO to investigate corrupt Sandusky County, OHIO.