Baden wants death certificate changed

Famed medical examiner urges Wukie to correct his suicide ruling
Jan 7, 2014

A renowned forensic pathologist who reviewed autopsy reports and what was left of forensic evidence in the death of Jacob Limberios says Sandusky County coroner John Wukie got it wrong, and he should fix the record.

"Jacob Limberios died as a result of an accidental gun discharge," Baden wrote in the sworn statement. "The manner of death on his death certificate should be changed to reflect this."

Read the affidavit here

But Wukie, who didn't conduct an investigation and is not a forensic pathologist, is sticking with the nonsensical wording in his ruling: "Suicide. Gunshot wound to head. Deceased shot self in head, may not have realized the gun was loaded.”

Wukie has declined comment to the Register about his ruling but during an interview Oct. 10 with a BCI agent he said knowing whether an individual intended to take his or her own life wasn't necessary to rule a death a suicide. 

Baden disagrees. 

"Suicide is the intentional taking of one's life as defined in medical and general dictionaries and in the practice of forensic pathology," Baden stated. 

Wukie had been represented by Tiffin attorney Dean Henry in a civil lawsuit filed by the Limberios family last year. That lawsuit has been dismissed, however, and it's unclear whether Henry continues to bill the county for his services on behalf of Wukie.

Henry has declined to offer responsive replies to inquiries from the Register. 

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I think it's a sad commentary that there's so much misunderstanding of mental illness and suicide.

Kottage Kat

I do
Kat Kelley


Sal Dali

Baden has no self interest in the manner of Jacob's death; he wants the final official finding by the AG's office on the death certificate. The state called him in, not the Limberios family. Wukie's refusal to change the manner of death does not make his determination correct; however, it does make him appear as if he has an ax to grind or a pony in the race. Most professionals take the professional opinions of other professionals into consideration.

Like it or not folks, Baden has far more expertise than Wukie. No one is going to call Wukie to get his expert opinion for anything. The people in Sandusky County just have no other choice right now. They're stuck with him. Baden's opinion is also based on the new improved version from the witnesses that Jake was scratching his head with the gun story and the faulty trigger theory.

The forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family determined Jake did not shoot himself based on trajectory and stippling or the lack thereof. Wouldn't it all just have been much clearer if Wukie had shown up like he should have that night and he and BCI or the SCSD would have conducted a proper death investigation by the books (his job)? No throwing away bloody evidence, no joking about a dead young man, no interviewing witnesses together, stuff like that, which should have been deemed important?

For everyone complaining about the rehashing of this story, would you appreciate being cheated of an investigation if your child were shot dead and law enforcement nor the coroner lifted a finger to investigate when it occurred? If you don't have children, you cannot honestly reply, so you should not complain. Only a parent knows the grief Mike and Shannon are going through. Jake's daughter doesn't see daddy anymore...I cannot imagine the heartbreak and confusion of a small child having her father ripped away from her at such a young one can.

This family knew their son better than anyone posting on this page, shame on everyone for being cruel with their "expert" opinions on suicide. Suicide does involve intent; an accident is an accident. If you cut your finger off with a knife while slicing a tomato because the handle broke, you didn't intentionally cut off your finger carelessly and ignorantly did you? Accidents happen and are ruled accidental when a death occurs as a result.

Wukie is being stubborn and afraid if he changes his ruling, he will be admitting he didn't do his job right in the first place. This young man deserves to have the manner of death changed on his death certificate and so much more as well as his family. My thoughts and prayers are and always will be with this family, the justice system failed them and their son.

Simple Enough II

Explain to me what was the joking about? What I mean by that question, is what was the conversation that had them laughing?

Sal Dali

One of the family members has previously stated that he overheard one of the deputies make a comment about who was going to have to clean up and laughed about it while this family member (Jacob's father as I recall) was outside the home where Jacob was shot. NOT FUNNY. I could go back and wade through all the articles to see if any particular deputy was named, but then again, so could you. It happened, it was crude and there is no place in public service for brainless nit-wits like this, especially at a crime scene where someone has lost their life.


Please explain to me how a death as a result of extremely reckless conduct and self absorbed behavior is easier to explain to a child than a death due to mental health issues? With the former, wouldn't you agree that the parents bear a lot of responsibility for not raising their son to be responsible and not controlling his access to the gun?

I don't intend for this to sound harsh, but for me it would be much easier to accept that my child had mental health issues that ultimately resulted in his death than to accept that I raised a child that had such poor judgment.

With the accident theory one has to question whether Jacob was even fit to be a father and if Children's Services should not have been involved. For example, do you think people would react differently if the decedent in this case was Jermaine, a young black man from Sandusky Ohio?

It really bothers me that this family and friends have so much prejudice about mental illness and the mentally ill and seem ashamed to consider that their son/friend(under the care of psychiatrist and on meds that they refuse to disclose)did have some issues. For me the undisclosed medication(s) play a big part. Especially since these types of drugs are prone to abuse and according to one report, Jacob had a drug or drugs in his pocket that one of the witnesses wanted.

I agree that Law enforcement really botched the initial investigation, but that's an issue for the Feds, not a blog or an online Petition.