Attorney asks jury to reconvene

Polygraph exam of third witness showed he was not being truthful.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 5, 2013
Unanswered questions.

A failed lie detector test.

A family still grieving for their lost son.

The family of Jacob Limberios, 19, who died March 2, 2012, from a single gunshot wound to the head in a York Township home, is unsatisfied with the findings of a grand jury probe and the Ohio Attorney General’s investigation into his death.

Last month, the grand jury and the Attorney General’s office both issued reports stating Limberios shot himself in the head, an accident possibly caused by a gun defect.

Attorney Dan McGookey, representing Jacob’s parents, Mike and Shannon Limberios, asked the Attorney General’s office this week to reconvene the grand jury to hear testimony from the three witnesses to Limberios’s death.

But the plea will go unanswered.

In a statement from spokesman Dan Tierney, the Attorney General’s office said there is no legitimate cause to reconvene the grand jury.

“Any accusations that persons did not testify before the grand jury are conjecture and cannot be verified by an official source,” according to the statement. “While we cannot comment on what was presented to the grand jury, the information provided by Mr. McGookey represents existing evidence and testimony that was part of our previous BCI investigation, and provides no legitimate cause to reconvene a grand jury”

McGookey’s request came on the heels of knowledge not previously made available to the family: that a third witness had, in fact, taken a polygraph examination and investigators found he was not being truthful.

Sheriff’s office investigators previously disclosed two of the witnesses had also taken polygraph examinations and were found to be truthful in the statements they made to police in July 2012. The third witness did not take the test then.

According to documents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, however, that witness agreed to take the exam in August 2013, after BCI officials took over the case from Sandusky County, when a visiting judge asked the Attorney General’s office to step in as special prosecutor.

The revelation of a third witness’s failed exam, coupled with results from additional polygraph tests the other two witnesses gave during a filming of the “Dr. Phil” show that aired last month, spurred McGookey’s request this week to re-open the investigation.

“It is incomprehensible how you could rely on an unsworn statement of a witness who your own agency determined to be lying, and the statements of the other two witnesses who were determined to be highly deceptive,” McGookey said in an email to the Attorney General.

“This is even more shocking when considering the fact that your office chose not to let the grand jury members even see or hear from these witnesses themselves, giving the members the chance to determine their credibility” he said.

Grand jury proceedings are guarded, held behind closed doors, and records are sealed after each meeting. In this case, visiting Judge Dale Crawford also chose to seal the subpoenas issued to the 55 witnesses who appeared before the court.

But Limberios family members and friends sat outside the courtroom for much of the proceedings, and they never saw the three people who witnessed Jacob’s death.

Meanwhile, McGookey and Justice for Jake supporters are not ready to accept the findings of the Attorney General’s investigation.

“We call on you to complete an investigation, which is clearly unfinished,” McGookey said. “Mike and Shannon deserve to know the truth as to what happened to their son. We believe that by any objective standard, there is reason to believe that they have not gotten it”



Not to mention the spelling.

The BURDEN of PROOF - STILL lies with the family and friends.

I hope they (courts) start throwing the cases out.

Junk lawsuits. The family at this point is only after money.

( yeah -I know- I'm mean, but right)

No MORE sympathy here.


Last I heard, they were looking for the truth, not money!



red white and blue

Anyone here that thinks this is a joke^^^(starryeyes83) is a joke themselfs makes me wonder of that's u Brittany, will, or evan hiding behind a fake name! I have no dog in yhis fight but it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out they are all covering this up so the county don't get sued!! As far as loe detector test not being admisable they were all for them till they came up they were lying J4J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey , red, white, blueballs, You moron! I'm Class of '83 and have been on here for about 10 years, and your point is??

I have stated before I don't know anyone in this case.

Oh, and your spelling is horrible. Put down the crack pipe and crack open a dictionary.

Whatsa matter? You fools lost your case. It's done.


red white and blue

Mikesee you are just trolling your comment are ignorent and have no merit

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"ignorent?" Yeah, that about sums up your and Ctwhalers comments.Go back to "skool" if you have already graduated. Take English courses.


I have not followed the case; however, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if Jake were my child and with all reported mishandling of this case, I would fight too. At this point, Jake's family has been shown nothing more than they can not trust those who are in charge of finding the truth. Why should/would they trust blindly now? My heart goes out to Jake's family. I hope one day the whole truth comes out and they can start the process of healing.


I finally have to comment on this, I must say I do not know any of the parties involved, this is my opinion on this, I agree with the people if you are tired of reading about this then don't, I also believe there is something fishy about this case.
Even just watching the actions of these 2 kids on Dr. Phil show you could tell they were lying, with or with out the lie detector tests. Now all of a sudden, he was scratching his head and shot himself, but she did not actually SEE him shoot himself BUT, she said he was using the gun and shot himself, its because he didn't, this is all a bunch of coverup b.s., also, I was trained in ccw, I am no way, shape or form and expert on handguns, but i do know that, even if you have the hammer cocked you have to use the trigger to shoot the gun. Is it possible they got into a scuffle and shot him and then went outside and all shot gun so all there prints would be on the gun. I do not agree they threw away her clothes as well as what ever they did with the rest of the other twos clothes. They all know exactly what happened. If that gun as powerful as it was, him scratching his head and pulling the trigger would blow half his head off? And why was the girl at the house with 3 guys? Did she set him up, and where is the mother of this baby? how is she involved? were they broke up, fighting custody of the child and offed him so she could have full custody? I as a mother would fight as much as possible, there are 3 people they are covering up for, I'm sorry for these kids, but if in fact, they killed him and get off they will live with this for the rest of there lives, and yes maybe they should get a pchyic, maybe they could shed some light on what took place. I agree with sandtown, DO NOT STOP SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT, JAKE WILL COME BACK AND HAUNT THE CRAP OUT OF THESE KIDS FOR LYING. I think one of them shot him and are covering for each other. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!!!!! AND SUE THE CRAP OUT OF SANDUSKY COUNTY FOR A PISS POOR INVESTIGATION!!!


You did read about the 30%, didn't you. And that test was done in a controlled environment when it was handled safely.

Now imagine. the odds going up when the gun is NOT handled safely , You do understand that Jacob had a habit of having his finger still on the trigger while the hammer was cocked ... it was on the video it was proven.

Now add drinking to the mix along with the medications he was on.


I agree with everything in your statement, except for the fact that you question Ellas mom. She is and has stood by the Limberios family the whole time, wanting justice and the truth just as much as the Limberios'. She has even stopped talking to her own blood sister, and doesnt believe Brittany, so if she grew up with Brittany and doesn't believe a word she's saying, to me, that speaks VOLUMES!! Her and Jake were together when this happened, they had gone out looking at houses together the day before and the day of the shooting. I find it interesting that you also have a theory similar to mine, and that is, DID they ever go out back and shoot the gun WITH JAKE, or did he get killed and then they all went outside and shot it so as to have gunpowder on all of their hands??....I made the exact same comment a few weeks ago!!...I personally don't even believe that Jake shot that gun WITH them, especially since, when they were asked on national television why the last round hadn't been fired from the gun while they were all still outside shooting with jake , their answer was, "because it was too cold outside!" Are you freakin kidding me????....It takes a split second to fire off a round, and they were ALREADY out there, supposedly with Jake, shooting the gun, but nobody thought, "hey, its just one more second, let's shoot off the final round!" I believe wholeheartedly that the reason there was one left in the chamber, is because they didn't think anyone would ever ASK why they never shot off the last round!!...Think about it, they are saying the story went like this: four of them, including Jake, shoot the gun one time outside, then Jake accidentally shoots himself with the last bullet... so that's 5 bullets right?...Maybe, the gun still had all 5 bullets in it when Jake was shot, then they all panicked, ran outside real quick and each one shot off a round, one of them shooting twice to "take" Jakes shot, so that they would ALL have gunpowder on their hands, and none of them would go to jail!!....Will said, on NATIONAL TV, that the reason Jake "supposedly" gave them each a shell casing, was because it was all their first time shooting a gun!...BUT, then he turns right around in the same sentence and says, " well, except the time I shot a .22," but then he realizes what he says, and quickly laughs it off and pushes it under the rug!!...It was either the first time they had ever shot a gun, or it wasn't, but it can't be both!!...And then when I heard the AG say in his reading that Brittany had shot the gun with Jake before the night he died, I was shocked!!....EVERYTHING, and ALL of the other things that are way too fishy, SCREAMS COVER UP!!! I just hope and pray that one day, the Limberios' and Ella and her mom will know the real truth behind what happened to Jake that night! I will continue to stand by them!!


Just how they were going to buy a house? He had gotten fired!


Starry eyes....learn how to read...I never said they were going to "buy" a house, only that they went looking at houses. Could have been to rent!!..Seems like you are awfully much against this family finding out the truth!! I have to wonder how YOU are connected to these "witnesses!" Are you a family member?...Will, Evan or Brittany hiding behind a fake screen name?...You seem to be throwing out nothing but hatred, unlike supporters such as myself, who are arguing with FACTS!!...And how many times does it have to be said that Jake was NOT drinking at all that night!?!?!....The only thing I can say to yourself and any other person who is "against" the Limberios' searching for the truth is, I hope that something like this never ever happens to one of your loved ones and that you are left with questions that continue to go unanswered and illogically explained!


Well, Lisa, ON another thread someone stated that they were looking to buy.

Frankly, I'm surprised anyone would make that detail public. Since it's not really relevant.

Rent or buy? Again how when he had no job? How do you know he wasn't drinking. Where are the tox reports?

Good Luck on your PI license.


I know he wasn't drinking because Will and Brittany said on national television that he wasn't. And maybe there would have been tox. screen results if Sandusky County would have done their jobs!!...And by the way, I often get mixed up with Lisa based on my screen handle, but that is far from me! I'm packing the wrong equipment for me to be a "Lisa," if you know what I mean.


Well hey You ASSumed a lot about me and a few others, I just thought I'd return the favor.


And to think they haven't found the body or killers of Jimmy Hoffa. Maybe the SR can get on that.

sandtown born a...

Troll elsewhere


I will troll where I want to.

Really, will this ever stop?

sandtown born a...

Had this been my son it would never end until the truth comes out not just opinion .


Maybe they can also prove Elvis is still alive.

red white and blue

Stop it this isn't pick out spelling errors.Lord it must be hard to be so educated.Its funny that when you or anyone else disagrees that is your comback.Once again I got my point acrossed now only if you and some others on here could READ BETWEEN THE LINES! J4J!!!!

red white and blue

Also ^^^ MIKESEE^^^ it pain me to say this it really does! But on another article (wages) you and me couldn't agree more yet here you are so off base makes me wonder what your thinking.unless your just stiring the pot.

sandtown born a...

He's trolling that's all it is


Not trying to stir the pot. Just putting my thoughts out there. After the AG spoke the concensus was that they accepted the explanation and felt it to be satisfactory. Next thing you know they are starting up again.

Look, I am being serious when I ask what if they never get the answer that they are seeking? This has been a horrific ordeal but sometimes there are no logical explanations. Has this whole investigation been botched? YES. The best way to show your displeasure is to vote out the people that you can and hope that new office holders can either demote or fire those who have botched this from the start and get more competent people in those positions..

As far as the corner goes he is not a medical examiner nor a forensic pathologist and if those of you on here feel strongly about changing laws regarding this there are proper procedures for getting this law changed. Get it started. It is a process but can be done.


First of all you talk to gun smiths or manufactures say that what the AG says happened to the gun could not of happened that way. The family and supporters will not we stop till justice is served. Signs will continue to go up as long as they have them. Sorry you guys hate seeing this all the time but Sandusky county screwed up plus story keep getting changed. I am done commenting you all make me sick. J4J


It is also my humble opinion that the "witnesses" are not mad that the Limberios family is still seeking the truth, and that they are being "harassed," BUT that they are SO upset that some people have probably figured out EXACTLY what happened that night, and that there is a possibility that if the family keeps pushing, their LIES will come out and one, if not all of them, will end up in prison!!....I think they are so scared, they are mad!!!..And they should be, because somebody IS lying, and if this case comes along the right hands, the truth WILL be found out!!!



red white and blue

Starryeyes^^ class of 89 here and yes I have an education! I also own and operate a very successful business. I'll take a spelling class when you take a comprehension class and for now on i'll call you by your real name Brittany.oh and just for you J4J you can't keep living a lie!


Wrong again, squid, I'm 48 so that shoots your theory. I've been on here about ten years, So you're not too smart. OH look up the archives of the casa fiesta raids from '07- '08 My comments are on there.

Brittany is a stupid name. I'm glad mine never fell into category of a "popular" name.

Can't believe you're dumb enough to think I just started posting with this story.