Attorney asks jury to reconvene

Polygraph exam of third witness showed he was not being truthful.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 5, 2013
Unanswered questions.

A failed lie detector test.

A family still grieving for their lost son.

The family of Jacob Limberios, 19, who died March 2, 2012, from a single gunshot wound to the head in a York Township home, is unsatisfied with the findings of a grand jury probe and the Ohio Attorney General’s investigation into his death.

Last month, the grand jury and the Attorney General’s office both issued reports stating Limberios shot himself in the head, an accident possibly caused by a gun defect.

Attorney Dan McGookey, representing Jacob’s parents, Mike and Shannon Limberios, asked the Attorney General’s office this week to reconvene the grand jury to hear testimony from the three witnesses to Limberios’s death.

But the plea will go unanswered.

In a statement from spokesman Dan Tierney, the Attorney General’s office said there is no legitimate cause to reconvene the grand jury.

“Any accusations that persons did not testify before the grand jury are conjecture and cannot be verified by an official source,” according to the statement. “While we cannot comment on what was presented to the grand jury, the information provided by Mr. McGookey represents existing evidence and testimony that was part of our previous BCI investigation, and provides no legitimate cause to reconvene a grand jury”

McGookey’s request came on the heels of knowledge not previously made available to the family: that a third witness had, in fact, taken a polygraph examination and investigators found he was not being truthful.

Sheriff’s office investigators previously disclosed two of the witnesses had also taken polygraph examinations and were found to be truthful in the statements they made to police in July 2012. The third witness did not take the test then.

According to documents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, however, that witness agreed to take the exam in August 2013, after BCI officials took over the case from Sandusky County, when a visiting judge asked the Attorney General’s office to step in as special prosecutor.

The revelation of a third witness’s failed exam, coupled with results from additional polygraph tests the other two witnesses gave during a filming of the “Dr. Phil” show that aired last month, spurred McGookey’s request this week to re-open the investigation.

“It is incomprehensible how you could rely on an unsworn statement of a witness who your own agency determined to be lying, and the statements of the other two witnesses who were determined to be highly deceptive,” McGookey said in an email to the Attorney General.

“This is even more shocking when considering the fact that your office chose not to let the grand jury members even see or hear from these witnesses themselves, giving the members the chance to determine their credibility” he said.

Grand jury proceedings are guarded, held behind closed doors, and records are sealed after each meeting. In this case, visiting Judge Dale Crawford also chose to seal the subpoenas issued to the 55 witnesses who appeared before the court.

But Limberios family members and friends sat outside the courtroom for much of the proceedings, and they never saw the three people who witnessed Jacob’s death.

Meanwhile, McGookey and Justice for Jake supporters are not ready to accept the findings of the Attorney General’s investigation.

“We call on you to complete an investigation, which is clearly unfinished,” McGookey said. “Mike and Shannon deserve to know the truth as to what happened to their son. We believe that by any objective standard, there is reason to believe that they have not gotten it”



"But Limberios family members and friends sat outside the courtroom for much of the proceedings, and they never saw the three people who witnessed Jacob’s death."

Do you really think this would have been a good idea!

Note to people...NEVER take a lie detector test. They are inadmissable in court so therefore no one is required to take one.


lmalley...regarding the is hard to look away when this is everywhere! Facebook, yard signs, news, news papers, Dr. Phil ETC... But guess what...with all of this... it is not getting them the answer they want. I agree the investigation was non-existent, the three in the home may have lied to some extent, blah blah blah...but at some point people need to move on with their lives. The sandusky register needs to also stop the maddness with this case already. Nothing has changed with all of these efforts...nothing! A lot of work from a lot of people has been put into this case and yet...NOTHING IS WORKING. Let it rest.


One thing is clear: if Jake had not had a gun ----.


Very true, very true, and at your age; you're wiser than all of us combined.


Seriously considering putting a "Justice for Brittany, Will and Evan!" Sign in my yard....

sandtown born a...

That's your right just as the justice for jake supporters have that same right


While I understand the sentiment, I'd think twice before doing that. The J4J supporters might seek their vengeance upon you, as they refuse to debate this calmly. I do think something stinks in this case, but at some point you have to accept that the only justice you'll receive is public support.


So basically they are bullies? Well these aren't the kind of people I would support in any way! I obviously wouldn't put that sign in my yard as I have no affiliation to anyone involved, but at some point we have to ask ourselves when does this become harassment to the 3 witnesses.....


Agreed and I'm sure there are future lawsuits to be filed against the family and media outlets.

This even went over to England's Daily Mirror.


lawsuits against the family for WHAT???...Because they are seeking the TRUTH in how their son died???....I have never ONCE seen ANY of them BASH any of the "witnesses," or slander or blah blah blah....As a matter of fact, I have seen numerous times on the J4J FB page that they do NOT want the witnesses harassed or threatened and that they don't think it was intentional, but an accident, so why would they think they could EVER win a lawsuit against this family!?!....Now you are grasping at straws!!...I think you and people like you are just mad that there is a possibility that the Limberios family will continue their I said earlier, if you are SOOOOOO tired of hearing and seeing about this, WHY are you even still wasting your time in the comment section of tthis article????....Why not just go about your day???.....I mean seriously, since you are SOOOOO tired of hearing about it!!!!


I would but you keep yapping about it so I do it just to make you mad.

After all tit for tat.

You also keep accusing and implying that those other three murdered him now if that's not libel I don't know what is.

I'll tell you what Lisa, since YOU know so much and were pretty much there. According to YOUR statements ... I'll get ahold of the authorites for you and give them YOUR name and they can contact you through here. okay? How's that.

I'm more than happy to do that for you.

You are rabid and everyone who disagrees with you -- you automatically accuse me and them of being one of the three. YOU are INSANE!!

I'm tired of it. So I took the liberty of printing these comments so that I can turn them in, so they can come talk to you SINCE YOU KNOW SO DAMN MUCH. About all the little details.

Are YOU okay with that. Lisa ?

Are we still playing?


Why do you keep calling me "Lisa"????.....Apparently you THINK you know who I am!!...I'm sitting here laughing at you right now!!!...And no, after this comment, I will not play your "game" anymore!....I have spent my entire day off posting my thoughts and opinions to this thread, I have to go to bed now for work in the morning!! Ta Ta


And you can do WHATEVER your little heart desires sweetie!!! Because like I stated in other comments, I comment based on "facts" that I have read and researched from the SR and J4J FB page, unlike you, who comes here only to belittle this family and their plight for justice. I'm glad you wasted your ink, have fun with that! :)


Um, yeah, thought so! :)


Um, yeah, thought so! :)


You just played it! bahahaha

John Harville

QUESTION ONE: How do you complete a Grand Jury investigation without bringing in all three witnesses?

QUESTION TWO: How did a PROBATION OFFICER from a neighboring county get seated on a grand jury investigating, among other things - conduct by LAW ENFORCEMENT? The PO revealed his/her presence on the GJ while it still was DELIBERATING.
QUESTION THREE: You expected justice from a Republican AG in a case involvling law enforcement in a heavily Republican county where both Republican judges were removed from the case?



John Harville

The Grand Jury should have been conducted in another county with persons from another county...where folks haven't been overwhelmed with 'justice' signs.

BOTTOM LINE... the GJ report indicates what many have known for a long time - our local criminal justice system leaves much to be desired. But then, this is the sheriff who brought in counselors to teach his officers how to deal with the mentally ill AFTER he fired some for mishandling a mentally ill prisoner...


And yet another good point is brought to the table!!!...When you put EVERYTHING together, it only makes sense that the whole thing is one big cover up!!...The AG is not the last stop...there is someone higher than him, and I would take it all the way there if it were my son and I had the means!!


I am so glad that I don't shop at the Bait Store this family and a lot of the community are patronizing. When the wind is from the east, the fishies bite the least. Please quit throwing hooks in the water. The only things that are being caught are old boots and car tires. Time to reel in and head home for the night. I do feel bad about what happened. I'm not a cold hearted person. But when you keep trolling for new answers, your boat is bound to run out of gas!!

sandtown born a...

I wouldn't stop with so many unanswered questions, keep fishing until you land the real truth.


They should sue their dead son for F***ing around with a loaded weapon.

What a crock.

These people are a joke now...


Starryeyes that is so mean to say. They should sue you for saying that. The only joke is you.


Yep, I was mean - too bad.

Truth hurts!!

So was tricking the others to go on tv, So is this newspaper for keep on with this pathetic excuse for a soap opera "saga" ..But I bet the advertising hits are up there.

The GJ findings are final. The family doesn't want to accept it. After they said did, now they don't, AGAIN!!

Oh and I don't see too many signs left up in my area.


I am still seeing a few in my area. I wondered about them. How long will this go on?

lmalley77 are just TOO funny!!!...How on EARTH were they "TRICKED" into appearing on TV???....They WANTED to go on TV because they wanted a free trip to California!!!!....I mean c'mon, you MUST be related to one of them ,or ARE one of them, for you to be getting so worked up over something that you say you are tired of hearing about!!!!


Wrong again.

Don't quit your day job you would not make a good PI.


You non supporters are a joke. Yes lie detector test are aloud in a grand jury but not regular court. It seems from the fremont paper that evan took a test in august but the family or there lawyer did not find out till the paper put it in it. Something sounds fishy in Sandusky county. It sounds like key evidence was left out of the grand jury. Wonder why? Is your AG's office corrupt to? What is the AG's office afraid to open it back up cause it might get them into trouble to. Legend you seriously want a sign for them. AG's office needs to get off there butts and redo this whole case over and right. Yes some evidence was destroyed but they still have enough to do a case with. The hair on gun could have been dog hair instead if human. But my guess they never had it tested to see if it was human or not. They say there was no foluc on hair to do dna well they still could have done one. Fbi has a machine to do test without folic. They just blowing smoke up the familys butt. Uk I am glad the register keeps posting this. Keeps me up to date. Erie sniper you where a supporter but now you not. True supporters do not change sides. Brick hamland the family will do what ever it takes yo find justice but as far as money and lawyer you gave to clue. Mike I hear cold justice might be interested in this one. JUSTICE FOR JAKE & ELLA will prevail. Weather yoy guys like seeing it or not it will keep getting posted plys I bet as long as there are signs still left they will keep giving the them out. I had one sent out of state for me to put in my yard. Alot if my fellow officer friends are appalled by the way this whole case has gone on and the way it was investigated. They say the county should be ashamed. Gives the good officers a bad name.


Aside from the grammatical errors :) this statement is very well put!!....Too much not adding up, and now ALOT of people wanting to keep it swept under the rug!!...If Jakes family is reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep going!!!...Do NOT let a couple of non-believers bring you down! You still have a lot of us here cheering you on!!!! #justiceforjake