Attorney asks jury to reconvene

Polygraph exam of third witness showed he was not being truthful.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 5, 2013
Unanswered questions.

A failed lie detector test.

A family still grieving for their lost son.

The family of Jacob Limberios, 19, who died March 2, 2012, from a single gunshot wound to the head in a York Township home, is unsatisfied with the findings of a grand jury probe and the Ohio Attorney General’s investigation into his death.

Last month, the grand jury and the Attorney General’s office both issued reports stating Limberios shot himself in the head, an accident possibly caused by a gun defect.

Attorney Dan McGookey, representing Jacob’s parents, Mike and Shannon Limberios, asked the Attorney General’s office this week to reconvene the grand jury to hear testimony from the three witnesses to Limberios’s death.

But the plea will go unanswered.

In a statement from spokesman Dan Tierney, the Attorney General’s office said there is no legitimate cause to reconvene the grand jury.

“Any accusations that persons did not testify before the grand jury are conjecture and cannot be verified by an official source,” according to the statement. “While we cannot comment on what was presented to the grand jury, the information provided by Mr. McGookey represents existing evidence and testimony that was part of our previous BCI investigation, and provides no legitimate cause to reconvene a grand jury”

McGookey’s request came on the heels of knowledge not previously made available to the family: that a third witness had, in fact, taken a polygraph examination and investigators found he was not being truthful.

Sheriff’s office investigators previously disclosed two of the witnesses had also taken polygraph examinations and were found to be truthful in the statements they made to police in July 2012. The third witness did not take the test then.

According to documents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, however, that witness agreed to take the exam in August 2013, after BCI officials took over the case from Sandusky County, when a visiting judge asked the Attorney General’s office to step in as special prosecutor.

The revelation of a third witness’s failed exam, coupled with results from additional polygraph tests the other two witnesses gave during a filming of the “Dr. Phil” show that aired last month, spurred McGookey’s request this week to re-open the investigation.

“It is incomprehensible how you could rely on an unsworn statement of a witness who your own agency determined to be lying, and the statements of the other two witnesses who were determined to be highly deceptive,” McGookey said in an email to the Attorney General.

“This is even more shocking when considering the fact that your office chose not to let the grand jury members even see or hear from these witnesses themselves, giving the members the chance to determine their credibility” he said.

Grand jury proceedings are guarded, held behind closed doors, and records are sealed after each meeting. In this case, visiting Judge Dale Crawford also chose to seal the subpoenas issued to the 55 witnesses who appeared before the court.

But Limberios family members and friends sat outside the courtroom for much of the proceedings, and they never saw the three people who witnessed Jacob’s death.

Meanwhile, McGookey and Justice for Jake supporters are not ready to accept the findings of the Attorney General’s investigation.

“We call on you to complete an investigation, which is clearly unfinished,” McGookey said. “Mike and Shannon deserve to know the truth as to what happened to their son. We believe that by any objective standard, there is reason to believe that they have not gotten it”



WTF. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is up next? FBI, CIA, NSA, CSI, Law & Order, Mentalist, Castle, KGB, Interpool???? To bad Sylvia Brown died. Apparently they will NEVER let this rest until they get a different answer. My question is: what if they NEVER get the answer they want?????

Oh wait......maybe Long Island Medium can help!

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Psychic Network Miss Cleo


John Edward is Still around!!

Don't forget Scotland Yard. and the KGB um don't forget the Corleone family ..Oh and the Di Mira family on Days of our Lives.

Sandusky Register ,IMO, has LOST all credibility beating this dead horse. Hopefully they and fake "DR Phil" ( not therapy ONLY entertainment) will be sued soon.

WTF ?!?! Indeed.

indolent indiff...

Mikesee: I am personally offended that you left off Quincy. This would have been the perfect situation for Quincy. My goodness, he would have dug in and performed perfectly. Other than that I agree


Awww, I never gave Quincy a thought, either.



The family should sue the three people that were in the house, the home owner for the wrongful death of their son. When it effects someones money the truth will come out. If you listen to all the information on this case there is no way in hell that Jacob shot himself. For all those making fun if this, pray to God at night that this never happen to your love ones.

sandtown born a...

I agree the truth has not been found in this case, unfortunately without the evidence that was so conveniently destroyed that fateful night we probably will never know what really happened. Dewine is and always will be on the same side as law enforcement, the original investigators (using the term investigators very loosely)should be charged with obstruction of justice for basically refusing to do what they get paid to do. Pray for peace to Jakes family and friends.





Brick Hamland

How much money are the parents going to pay McCrookey to file a lawsuit against 3 kids that probably don't have any money to pay on a judgment (if one was awarded). I bet McCrookey's bill is in excess of $50K to date... that money would have been better spent in a 529 plan for Ella and her college education.

Carlos Danger

. . more like McKooky. The parents said they accepted the AG's findings. I wonder (not) who got them to change their minds.

Brick Hamland

The guy billing them $175.00 an hour most likely to keep this going


They should also sue the gun manufacturer. I bet they quickly come in to demonstrate how their month old gun was not the problem. It is utterly insane that the grand jury did not call the three witnesses to testify. With the lack of evidence, they're the only people that know what happened for sure. And, what of no powder burns on the corpse. I think the whole dog and pony show was to get the egg off the face. I have zero faith in our justice system.


it should be re-opened immediately.
Last I heard lying under oath is a felony !
Our justice systems entire foundation depends on the A.General going after this person. IF NOT, then none of us are safe and assured that we can be assured that TRUE JUSTICE under the LAW is still the norm.


For the record, I don't believe for a second that there was any defect in the firearm. If there were, the rabid anti-gunners would be all over it, and there'd already be a lawsuit or three pending against the manufacturer.

ALSO for the record (and I said it months ago): I KNEW the family wouldn't accept the results of this investigation if it didn't agree with what they believe. In fact, I'll go on record now for any future investigations which the family ALSO won't accept...unless it concludes their conjectures are correct.

I'm deeply sorry for this family's loss. It's obvious they're still grieving. But grief doesn't begin to end until there's some acceptance. At some point, they're going to have to decide whether or not to accept their loss and move on...or live for the rest of their lives in a state of angry mourning. I frankly wouldn't wish the latter on my worst enemy.


Just let it rest already. Why put these three through anymore? It is like they will not rest till they get the answer THEY WANT. Grasping at straws now. The three should sue them for harassment or defamation of character. Sounds like everyone in this case has been through enough obviously including the Limberios family. Unfortunately it is what it is. If it was an accident then it was. No one SHOT him purposefully. Justice for Jake should be to let him rest already. This has gotten too out of control with news papers, news, social media and talk shows. PLEASE LET THIS REST and everyone TRY to get back to some type of life.


Too many questions still not logically answered!!....Anyone with half a brain can look at all of the evidence, testimony, and otherwise that IS there, and see that it is HIGHLY unlikely that Jake shot himself!.....I continue to stand behind the Limberios family's plight for justice!! ...I really hope that they have the mental and emotional ability to keep on fighting, because saying that a gun had a "manufacturer default" and then saying that it was ONLY limited to Jakes gun, is yet ANOTHER oxymoron!...I agree with the commenter above who stated that this is highly unlikely due to the fact that the manufacturer would probably be all over this case to PROVE that it wasn't a manufacturer defect, as the AG suggested not once, but three times in his reading of the findings. For those of you who are "so sick" of hearing/reading about this, there is a thing, its called a brain, and sometimes when you use that thing called a brain, you can think what's called a thought. Now when you think the thought of, "I'm so sick of hearing about this...blah blah blah".....use that thing called a brain and think another thought like, "don't read this article, just move on, and go about your perfect daily life, the outcome of this does not concern you!" Good day! :)


It doesn't concern you either, does it?


Actually, it concerns me more than you, since I am all for the family finding the TRUTH and you are all about "keep pushing everything under the rug!' If you even knew how to read and use that little brain of yours, I was quoting what YOUR THOUGHT should be saying to YOU when you see a headline that has to do with a subject that you don't agree with!!...


You are as pathetic as the family at this point. You need a brain more than I.


The family's interest has been and still is getting the death certificate changed to something other than suicide. If Wukie would have changed it, this case would not have dragged on this long. The grand jury has decided that it was an accident, yet Wukie still refuses to change the death certificate. So, who is the one who is pathetic here?


Read the interview via the Fremont Messenger, It explains much.

If the people want the rules of standard practice & procedure to change then they have to file a petition with the MEA.

Good Luck with that.


Touched a nerve aye!?!......That's the ONLY thing you can come back with??...I'm just laughing at you because you are basing all of your comments on your feelings toward the Limberios family, not with facts!! :)


Lisa, ( remembered that from another thread )

It's eh, not aye,( I'm not a pirate ;]

I have nerves of steel and no dog in this hunt. I have no feelings toward the family or anyone in this. So you used the wrong word.

Bottom line is BURDEN of PROOF lies with the family!!!

Good luck with that.

Tired of paying for a paper with the news coverage of this when it is no longer news.

Oh that's right, I stopped my subscription.


Good luck with your detective work , though, kiddo.

You keep trolling my comments because you're hot to trot for "comeback" then why are you posting on here? Unless you were boffing the kid or one of the lackeys.

You don't like my opinions? GOOD ... I don't care- who the hell are you to me?


Erie Sniper

I was a supporter for the Justice for Jake campaign to get the AG involved to investigate this horrible tragedy. But this is getting ridiculous. I'm sorry Jake died and at some point you are gonna have to accept that it was an accident. I will not support the efforts to investigate the guns defects, if there are any, because this will only lead to a lawsuit to sue the gun manufacturers. To reconvene the Grand Jury based on one persons lie detector results is nonsense. Since when are lie detector results an exact science or even evidence for a trial. Please stop kicking this horse!
Maybe some of this energy or effort needs to be used on educating young people to not play with guns while drinking.


What I see people such as yourself keep saying over and over again, is the fact that you "shouldn't drink and play with guns." While that statement IS true, the fact is being overlooked by many, that Jake was the ONLY one not drinking that night!....The other witnesses have said on national television that Jake didn't have an ounce of any alcohol that night, but that they, the witnesses, had been drinking. I ask you this, with that information, and the fact that alcohol does in fact affect your actions, WHO would have been more likely to cause this, per say "accident," a person who had no alcohol in his system, who is well trained in gun handling and safety, or a couple of drunk kids who CLAIM that they never shot a gun before that (even though both Will and Brittany have both been contradicted on this, Will by himself on national television!) night???.....It takes logic people, and the logical thing here, is that it would have been close to impossible for Jake to have done this to himself while "itching" his head, not to mention, that although the AG states three different times, "manufacturer defect," after the reading of the findings and during an interview, the AG then says, "but it was only limited to Jakes gun." How in the world could they POSSIBLY know that it IS a manufacturer defect, yet say that Jakes gun is the ONLY one of that particular make and model in the WORLD, that has that manufacturer defect!?... I won't forget to throw the fact in that SC is waiting to get their hands on that gun so that it can be "destroyed." Now why on earth would they want to do that??...To make sure there is no way in hell for the family to really find out on their own if Jakes gun has a manufacturer defect??


Yet lacked the common sense not to let "drunk" people from playing with his gun?


Maybe he never let them "play" with the gun at all, MAYBE he really went there to sell the gun to one of the witnesses, as they stated, but when one of them was "looking" at it, they shot him, and then went outside and fired off the remaining rounds so they would all have gun powder on their hands, and then made up this elaborate story of how they were all "shooting" it together outside with Jake!!!...Maybe, just Maybe....but I guess nobody ever gave that a thought huh!?!?


Again he let a "drunk" person have the gun. Why?