Limberios family accepts ruling, tearfully

The family of Jacob Limberios will move forward with getting the ruling on his death certificate changed to accidental.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 21, 2013


After a news conference on Wednesday, his father, Mike Limberios appeared stunned at Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s conclusions the 19-year-old had shot himself.

Tearful, his mother, Shannon Limberios searched for the words to describe her feelings.

“I’m willing to accept this today,” she said. “All I know is I want for his death certificate to be changed from suicide, and I’m confident that’s going to happen now.”

Watch and read about the news conference HERE

The barrage of new information presented to them Wednesday had yet to sink in moments after the news conference ended. “We got what we asked for, a very thorough investigation by Mike DeWine’s office. He promised me that,” Mike Limberios said.

The determination Jacob Limberios’ death was an accident — not a suicide — was a relief for the family, and affirmation of part of what they believed.

“If there had been an investigation in the first place, we would not be here,” his mother said. “Pretend it was your child. Then tell me what you would do.”

Watch an interview with Mike and Shannon Limberios in the player below

She asked only that Sandusky County investigators consider that.

Their attorney, Dan McGookey, remained adamant they weren’t yet finished with their own inquiry into the investigation.

He said they would be requesting documents from the investigation and would analyze each one.

“I want to know who said what and when,” McGookey said. “The only reason we’re here today is we filed the civil suit. We wouldn’t be here otherwise. This is a travesty.”



"Their attorney, Dan McGookey, remained adamant they weren’t yet finished with their own inquiry into the investigation"

Hopefully this will be pro-bono. I think enough money has probably been spent. Where and when does one stop?


What has it cost you?


As a payer of state taxes, many thousands of dollars.


Prove it!


What is the hourly wage of the Attorney General of Ohio? He wasted how many hours on this witch hunt? How about all the BCI agents who spent hundreds of hours investigating this witch hunt. The cost of other attorneys and secondary personnel who wasted how many hours on this witch hunt?

I will send an e-mail to the Attorney General's office and see what we can come up with.

Deer, you are so naive to think there is not cost to this travesty. You must believe all government officials work for free. Sorry, but they use taxpayers money to support this three ring circus. So indirectly I paid for this mess with my state tax money.

Tiredofthe BS

Maybe you shoud consider if this was your chid how would you feel? Wouldn't you want to resolve all you could?


county, state, fbi, cia, secret service, white house???????????


I'd get some old KGB agents from the old Soviet Union and beat on them until you get the answers you want. Doesn't matter about truth...just McGookey truth.


Don't forget Scotland Yard and Interpol.


The girl accidently shot him. Just my opinion


So for the family to have peace from this tragedy the difference they must accept is; their son wasn't troubled, and did not commit suicide but he was reckless enough to cause his own death. Now everyone should allow the family to grieve in a proper manner and stop the media circus for nothing more than increased circulation and bias against certain government agencies.

sandtown born a...

From what I read the grand jury came to this conclusion based on evidence available. which wasn't much from the scene since NOTHING was collected with NO autopsy before prep for burial. What a shame they couldn't have seen all the evidence from the scene. I just hope none of you naysayers have to go through something like this to see the difference between a proper investigation and a lets hurry up and close this case so we don't miss a hot dinner attitude.

red white and blue

Sandtown ^5 mike sometimes I think you comment just to get as rise out of people if you are so worried about your tax dollars call sandusky county there the ones that caused this mess I wouldn't hold your breath they haven't done there job here so I dought they will get to your complaint

sandtown born a...

Speaking truths is trying to get a rise is about as stupid as most of your comments false with no merit. Go trolling elsewhere

red white and blue

Oh and nobody cares your right on the money I second that

Julie R.

McGookey is right on one thing --- it sure is a travesty. The travesty is what they put the Limberios family through for the last two years, not only because of their own negligence, but because of their arrogance that nobody is ever supposed to question these stupid public officials. Too bad they can't kick the whole stinking bunch in Sandusky County to the curb.


Hmm wonder what the SR will print tomorrow about this case to keep it's readers posting comments.


Well said mcgookey you guys keep fighting. You guys in ohio seem to forget because of the botched up investigation and because of family did their own investigation and did some things that the AG's office would have done and because evidence was destroyed the house was cleaned real good that they had nothing to really go by so they had to call it self inflicted. If all the evidence was collected that night you would have a different story today. I like to thank the register for doing a great job of covering the story and hope they cover more stories like this to help other families out if you do not like reading the stories don't read the register. way to go on Matt Westerhold

Peninsula Pundit

There's still something fishy about the polygraph tests but, if the gun will fire 30% of the time without pulling the trigger, there's your reasonable doubt.Accidental shooting.
Ditto on the comments here about the botched police work.


Still don't understand how the third witness has not been a big part of all this??? As if he was not there. I know he got a lawyer, but that is a red flag to me, and I don't, and will never understand the ruling. Thankful for the accidental ruling.