UPDATE: Grand jury rules self-inflicted, accidental

Watch Ohio Attorney General DeWine's news conference here.
Nov 20, 2013

UPDATE 9:45 p.m. — Watch and listen to the news conference and interviews with Mike DeWine and the Limberios family  in the frames below.

Click here the read Ohio AG Mike DeWine's statement

UPDATE 12:59 p.m. — Visiting Judge Dale Crawford and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine shared the details of the grand jury findings during a one-hour press conference Wednesday morning.

Crawford said the grand jury inquiry found 19-year-old Jacob Limberios accidentally shot himself in the head on March 2, 2012, and the jury elected not to consider criminal charges against anyone.

DeWine detailed the investigation by his office, including obtaining opinions from two independent forensic pathologists that found Limberios was shot on the right side of his head, shown by beveling revealed in the multiple autopsies conducted on the body. Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation scientists also conducted tests on the gun that showed 30 percent of the time, it could be fired without the trigger being pulled.

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No criminal charges will be filed in the case.

The civil lawsuit the family filed against Sandusky County coroner John Wukie will move forward, as Jacob's parents work to have the ruling on his death certificate changed from suicide to accident.

Watch an interview with Mike and Shannon Limberios in the player below with their reaction

Watch a follow-up interview with Attorney General Mike DeWine in the player below


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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will hold a news conference on the second floor of the Sandusky County Courthouse this morning "to announce the results of the special prosecution and BCI investigation into the March 2012 shooting death of Jacob Limberios."  

The news conference is set to start at 11 a.m. The courthouse is at 100 N. Park St.



The residue question was answered, maybe not in the way you like, but it was answered.

Why didn't it come to light that Jacob had a habit of handling the firearm in an unsafe manner? It was proven in the video that he did. Why wasn't it published that he was under a psychologists care and on meds? All of that was left out.

Wonder why?


""" Note the date stamp is wrong I posted the above comment... "The Register stirred the pot"... last night about 11:30 pm.


All you know about those people is what was stated in the Register. Newspapers should not take sides.


NO they shouldn't but this one did. The register should have asked if there was a life insurance policy involved. But they didn't And is that the real reason for all of this? As she gets older, the daughter won't care what's written on the dc. She's going to go by what will be told to her by her family.


Truth, the problem that I had with the SR covering this story is that from the start the editors were totally biased. There was NO reporting from all sides to give an unbiased opinion. Apparently the editors have a woody for the people that they disemboweled in their paper. I bet Mr Henry is laughing his a$$ off at the people that kept these articles going.


J4J will still keep fighting for justice for other familys

Peninsula Pundit

Wow. The gun would fire 30% of the time without the trigger being pulled? That fact changed the whole face of the thing for me.


Yes, and if Sandusky co would have done their job this would have been known a long time ago and Matt and others would have not been so upset.

Again, its the Sheriff and others in Sandusky Co that is at fault for having to have this investigation, NOT us the citizens or the Register.


Matt is suppose to remain unbiased, is he not? He's not suppose to be upset.

Stop It

I have a Colt 1925 Police Positive model .38 special revolver. The Police Positive part was made so accidents did not happen.

"The Positive Special also incorporated Colt’s “Positive Lock” safety which preventing the firing pin from hitting the primer unless the trigger was deliberately pulled. Intended to address deficiencies of earlier models such as the Single Action Army, Colt's Positive Lock prevented an accidental discharge even if the lowered hammer was struck or the pistol was dropped, allowing the revolver to be safely carried with all six chambers loaded."


And really, all one has to do is open the cylinder and watch the action while pulling the trigger. I find it hard to believe a newer model .357 magnum doesn't have the same safety feature?

Simple Enough II

From what I read it did have a transfer safety, it just malfunctioned. Still handling a loaded firearm and pointing it at anything but it's intended target (if there is one) is very unwise. Another case of youth and inexperience, how tragic an outcome.


I put two new signs up tonight....beneath 'Justice for Jake and Ella' I put 'Rest in Peace'. And out front and center I put 'Support JAKE'S LAW'.
Think that about says it all. Many tears for ALL parties involved....


Im im glad its all over with enough is enough... Time to take all the signs down... Thanks Dr. Phil






PEOPLE....give it a rest! Time and again there has been Grand Jury findings with the same results. These juries have been made up of different citizens that have came to the same determination.


I have to disagree that all the signs should come down. Justice for Jake and Ella means being able to look people square in the eye and say without argument that Jake's death was not a suicide, it was an accident! If you go way back to find the root of the Justice for Jake and Ella campaign, it was ALWAYS to simply have the death certificate changed so that Ella would never have to think that her daddy committed suicide. As the Attorney General stated multiple times in his explanation, there is absolutely zero evidence to support that this was a suicide. Wukie, for the love of God, change the death certificate to reflect accident, NOT suicide! Do the right thing! Then, and only then, we will finally have Justice for Jake and Ella.


So for the family to have peace from this tragedy the difference they must accept is; their son wasn't troubled, and did not commit suicide but he was reckless enough to cause his own death. Now everyone should allow the family to grieve in a proper manner and stop the media circus for nothing more than increased circulation and bias against certain government agencies.


I'll never believe it was self inflicted. Just not possible!

sandtown born a...

I don't buy it either, maybe if the grand jury had ALL the evidence, oh yeah it was never collected or it was destroyed. Dewine excused the terrible investigation as a mistake to be learned from. Voters need to make sure the incompetent don't make another mistake when someone lost their life. Then let them learn that way jobless.

Food For Thought

Let me guess, you believe that JFK was shot by a gunman on a grassy knoll too right?

sandtown born a...

Actually I don't have a opinion of the JFK assassination but I will speak of a unjust investigation by incompetent officials total sloppy or laziness on Sandusky county officials and they should be held accountable

BULLISDEEP's picture




Why does Wukie have this chip on his shoulder? The AG said it wasn't suicide...why can't the AG make him change it?

sandtown born a...

They do as they please in sc

Brick Hamland

Are there rules or catergories in which the cause of death on the death certificate must comply with? For example, if you were killed in an accidental avalanche and eventually found to suffocate while under the rocks does the certificate read "crushed by avalanche" or "suffocated" or "accidentally suffocated by avalanche?" Seems to me that if it was a self inflicted gun wound that could read accidental suicide, suicide, or self inflicted gun wound. I shutter to think what McGookey's bill is going to be for all this... I have seen him run up bills on foreclosure cases and then leave the clients with no results and a high legal bill


At this point, I think the family better hope certain people don't sue them.


I have a question for Wukie - If a person gets in a car and is in a one car accident because the car is faulty, is this also suicide or is it an accident? There was no intent to kill oneself but it was an accident. How is that any different with an unintentional gunshot that the AG deemed it was? WHY would he NOT change the death certificate? All of this, only to have the coroner say he won't change the death certificate?


Here's how it's different. From the Fremont News-Messenger:

"Dr. Gregory A. Schmunk, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners and medical examiner in Polk County, Iowa, told the News-Messenger last summer a suicide ruling might not be inaccurate if Limberios shot himself."

"It is a complex question," Schmunk said. "If a person is playing around with a loaded weapon and puts it to his head, I would call that a suicide - predictable lethality and actions by the decendent."

"But if a person was cleaning a gun, for example, Schmunk said he would likely rule the death as accidental."

So Dr. Wukie is following a set standard that is used industry-wide. You can disagree with the standard. But it's not fair or accurate to try to discredit the coroner for applying this standard to this situation, as it was done so appropriately, per the outcome of the grand jury investigation.


Thanks for the explanation - I do appreciate it.
I guess whether Dr. Wukie went to the scene that night is irrelevant but an autopsy should have been done, and as Mr. DeWine said. “What we learned from them, it would be prudent to do the autopsy.”
I believe he also said hindsight is 20/20.