UPDATE: Grand jury rules self-inflicted, accidental

Watch Ohio Attorney General DeWine's news conference here.
Nov 20, 2013

UPDATE 9:45 p.m. — Watch and listen to the news conference and interviews with Mike DeWine and the Limberios family  in the frames below.

Click here the read Ohio AG Mike DeWine's statement

UPDATE 12:59 p.m. — Visiting Judge Dale Crawford and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine shared the details of the grand jury findings during a one-hour press conference Wednesday morning.

Crawford said the grand jury inquiry found 19-year-old Jacob Limberios accidentally shot himself in the head on March 2, 2012, and the jury elected not to consider criminal charges against anyone.

DeWine detailed the investigation by his office, including obtaining opinions from two independent forensic pathologists that found Limberios was shot on the right side of his head, shown by beveling revealed in the multiple autopsies conducted on the body. Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation scientists also conducted tests on the gun that showed 30 percent of the time, it could be fired without the trigger being pulled.

Watch the full press conference in the player below

No criminal charges will be filed in the case.

The civil lawsuit the family filed against Sandusky County coroner John Wukie will move forward, as Jacob's parents work to have the ruling on his death certificate changed from suicide to accident.

Watch an interview with Mike and Shannon Limberios in the player below with their reaction

Watch a follow-up interview with Attorney General Mike DeWine in the player below


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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will hold a news conference on the second floor of the Sandusky County Courthouse this morning "to announce the results of the special prosecution and BCI investigation into the March 2012 shooting death of Jacob Limberios."  

The news conference is set to start at 11 a.m. The courthouse is at 100 N. Park St.


Simple Enough II



In all honesty hazel, the gun should have been left at home!


Who's fault was that, again?



And what about the fact that the investigation was not conducted properly from the start? Who is going to discipline those in charge of that?

Simple Enough II

The investigation was not conducted properly in "your opinion". I wasn't there, you weren't there when it happen and when the SCSO arrived on scene and made their determination, not every shooting requires a Warren Commission (and I'm not trying to be sarcastic).


The fact that these three witness's can live with themselves and act like they are the victims knowing what REALLY happened that night is disgusting.

A Young Adult's...

Oh you were there?

Peninsula Pundit

Two of the three that were there are liars, that much we do know for a fact. That says a lot, even if one wasn't there.


It doesnt take a genious to read a liar and Brittany and Will have been lying since the beginning.


6 out of 8 EXPERTS said it happened just as those young people said it did. Just because you don't like the decision doesn't make your opinion right. The investigation done by the AG had ALL the puzzle pieces and put it together and presented to the Grand Jury. Now if you have any first hand knowledge or were an eye witness to this, please feel free to address those with the proper authorities. If the family can accept the decision, so should you. This needs to be put to rest so this young man can finally rest in peace.


Let me guess, you believe in santa claus too?

Carlos Danger

To Matt Westerhold, keeping with the theme of your recent opinion piece as to who should apologize in this Saga, are you or the Register now going to apologize to the three individuals who witnessed this terrible accident? You heard the attorney for the AG’s Office specifically say that all three of these witnesses fully cooperated with the investigation, yet the Register falsely reported several times that one or more of them were not cooperating. Also, you heard the AG himself say that these witnesses’ statements were all consistent with each other and with the evidence as to how Jake died, yet the Register, in more articles than I can count, kept reporting that their statements were inconsistent and all but convicted them of homicide. So I ask again, are you going to apologize? Whether you do or not, they certainly deserve an apology.


Like this Carlos! Of course the SR owes an apology to not only those that you have mentioned but also the bloggers that he banned because they didn't adhere to his agenda.


No one deserves an apology!

red white and blue

I am not trolling I'm dead serious I wouldn't stop.There is to many red flags as far as anyone disagreeing I will ony answer you with this J4J!!! AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO!!!


What they deserve is to go to hell and I am certain when that time comes that's right where they will be.

Joe Schmoe

First off, I want to give my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Jake. They have spend almost the last 2 years fighting for what they think was right. Many sleepless nights, and many more to come. I pray for all involved they find comfort. Secondly, I want to thank Matt Westerhold and the Sandusky Register for their continued support and coverage of this tragedy. They also should be commended for keeping it in the spotlight and making our government give us the answers we deserve, and keeping the pressure on. Lastly, I want to make a comment to Sheriff Kyle Overmeyer and the Sandusky County Sheriffs office and to the County Commissioners.... What a bunch of incompetent, mismanaged, and untrained people, an absolute disgrace and embarrassment you have brought to the people of Sandusky County. Your lack of unprofessionalism, was highlighted on national media, and shows what a lack of self discipline your office has. Lets not forget Dr. John Wuike too, he also had a chance to make right, and refused to. You have brought shame to your name that cannot be disputed !!! Sheriff Overmeyer, you can start by taking lessons from Erie County's Sheriff Paul Sigsworth, a truly dedicated, honorable, trustworthy, and compassionate Sheriff.... The way it should be. Consider it an early Christmas gift from us in Castalia, I'm sure he wont even charge you for his services.


I didn't see this post before the one I just placed on the forum, or I wouldn't have wasted my time. This is so well stated and accurate in facts. I agree 100% with EVERYTHING, including the part about my partial adversary, Matt. I think he did a great service to our community and stepped forward and demanded a REAL investigation, and we got it.


I can't believe that MW (?) was asking if the funeral home were going to have charges pressed against them for throwing out clothes. For Christ's sake. I guess maybe they were suppose to have a crystal ball to see into the future down in their embalming room.

What's next, A psychic show to make contact with Jacob? I think John Edward ( Crossing Over) is still around.

Please Register ... No more "sagas".

red white and blue

Joe schmoe^^ I wish there was I like button I would hit it twice for that comment you made was very well said!!!


Well said Joe Schmoe. The only thing that I would like to add is a very sincere thank you to Mr. Mike Dewine and his staff. The family has deserved the dedicated, relentless investigation that the Attorney General's Office provided. Kudos to Mr. Dewine for his professionalism and tireless search of evidence. Hopefully the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office and elected/appointed Sandusky County officials learned from Mr. Dewine as well.

red white and blue

The only thing they learned is how he saved them from a lawsuit and how to cover up the truth.


For you people mike DeWine said accidental self inflicted because of the botched up investgstion by Sandusky county where evidence was destroyed. he had to say that because the evidence shows it was not suicide.so did the grand jury.my question is if it was self inflicted why was the bullet in the ceiling? if Sandusky County and others think they have won they better look again I don't think the group is done till justice has been served by Sandusky County for not doing there job right and knowing that the inconsistencies do not add do up to the stories. Plus Mike DeWine does not say that someone did not shoot Jake he just says that the evidence that he had was not enough to go by because of sandusky county.


Go and read the text it explains so much better why the bullet lodged in the ceiling. Jacob had his head tilted.




Did Dr. Phil testify before the grand jury? Seriously Matt, I can't believe you asked the attorney general that question. By the look on his face, he couldn't believe it either. Lame.


I believe its very unfair to accuse the Register for covering this tragedy as they did. They had legitimate concerns and questions which many people had, and I'm sure many still do. The press keeps in check those who have unlimited power to destroy anyone who they dislike. I personally felt and still do that those in charge of this case were sloppy, arrogant, uncaring, proud and thought they were god almighty in attitude. Look how they wouldn't even answer questions on the case, and I consider they treated the family rudely!

What the Register did is what the press is suppose to do, continue to report and ask questions until they're answered to satisfaction. They serve (for profit) the community and the community wanted answers and accountability and because of the Register we forced the AG to do his job as well, instead of their constant aggressiveness towards business in collections, at least DeWine did his job, Montgomery was worthless. Sadly, we will not get the accountability part towards those in Sandusky Co. in their treated concerning this case from its very beginning.

I seldom agree with Matt politically and other wise, I have been banned by his organization a few times, but in this case he did what is expected of the press and was the only one who had the guts to ask the tough questions.

I continue to agree with Matts open letter to the judges and investigators. Even though the report was in their favor, I still believe they were arrogant and severely lacking professionally, and they should be held accountable for these actions.

Peninsula Pundit

My! How nice everyone is now the the register is looking at killing the comments section. :)


The Register continually stirred the pot. Without all the facts. They were sloppy in their own right. The paper and the friends posted way too much information ( "hints" by implying or inferring things) in the paper (site) and ALL over social media. They should have had more common sense.

They should have pulled back, but, they were too damn busy trying to go after any and all LE. Hell, Matt even tried to go after the funeral home people for discarding the clothing during his questions.

The Register and the family friends had a wonderful opportunity to educate the public and run a series of gun safety articles. To make people aware. That didn't happen.

They were too damn busy with the conspiracy angles.

How about a yard sign which states :

"Don't Play with Guns and Drink"


Humbly disagree with your post because there were questions, and the prosecutor would not even attempt to answer, if I recall he walked away when asked questions. This produced a flag for many.

Second, the bullet in the ceiling question. The AG determined that he tilted his head, seriously? If so, where are the gunpowder burns along with the residue?

I don't think there is anyone who knows and the AG and GJury did the best they could do with the evidence that was REMAINING.

I still believe the powers to be were sloppy, extremely sloppy and should loose their jobs.

If blame is put on anyone for this cost don't put it on the citizens and Register, place it where it belongs, ON THE SHERIFF, the investigation team, prosecutor and coronor. If they didn't do such a terrible job in the first place we wouldn't need the AG and GJury to get involved.

Lastly, your complaint about the costs of them isn't valid, this is why we have these in place, to protect society from abuse or the lack of professionalism from those such as the sheriff, if we just let them do what they want and however they want then we will have chaos and crimes from authorities towards citizens. Our liberties and protection is not free,and this includes protection from the authorites. This isn't cospiracy, its a fact, any office that isn't HELD and FORCED into check will abuse its powers at some time, I've experienced it, you probably haven't because you seem to think there wasn't a need to force a real investigation. Wait until your a victim of a lazy or bad cop who manipulates the law, you will change your tune very quickly!