UPDATE: Grand jury rules self-inflicted, accidental

Watch Ohio Attorney General DeWine's news conference here.
Nov 20, 2013

UPDATE 9:45 p.m. — Watch and listen to the news conference and interviews with Mike DeWine and the Limberios family  in the frames below.

Click here the read Ohio AG Mike DeWine's statement

UPDATE 12:59 p.m. — Visiting Judge Dale Crawford and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine shared the details of the grand jury findings during a one-hour press conference Wednesday morning.

Crawford said the grand jury inquiry found 19-year-old Jacob Limberios accidentally shot himself in the head on March 2, 2012, and the jury elected not to consider criminal charges against anyone.

DeWine detailed the investigation by his office, including obtaining opinions from two independent forensic pathologists that found Limberios was shot on the right side of his head, shown by beveling revealed in the multiple autopsies conducted on the body. Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation scientists also conducted tests on the gun that showed 30 percent of the time, it could be fired without the trigger being pulled.

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No criminal charges will be filed in the case.

The civil lawsuit the family filed against Sandusky County coroner John Wukie will move forward, as Jacob's parents work to have the ruling on his death certificate changed from suicide to accident.

Watch an interview with Mike and Shannon Limberios in the player below with their reaction

Watch a follow-up interview with Attorney General Mike DeWine in the player below


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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will hold a news conference on the second floor of the Sandusky County Courthouse this morning "to announce the results of the special prosecution and BCI investigation into the March 2012 shooting death of Jacob Limberios."  

The news conference is set to start at 11 a.m. The courthouse is at 100 N. Park St.


sandtown born a...

I guess the money you spoke of excuses the lack of investigation, to say that is insane.


Really, weren't you listening to DeWine?

It's fact and no more insane than you or the rest of the sheeple.

Quite frankly, at this point, and after new information (via on camera comments from family friends ) has finally come to light .... the parents, certain friends, Dr. Phil, person who tried to illegally wiretap, AND THE Register are going to be lucky if a few lawsuits aren't filed against them.

sandtown born a...

Oh I heard Dewine cover for the sheriff and the other slacker officials. Sloppy or the lack of a autopsy or through investigation is unacceptable. I pray you personally never have someone botch a investigation when it's one of your loved ones


"when it's one of my loved ones" ?? WTH? Do you have a crystal ball and see into the future?

If you want the procedures changed Then submit a petition and be done with it. Remember the "paid" expert never took pictures, either.

Kottage Kat

Justice 4 Jake
Prayer for all who worked for that

The Bizness

Now that this is over with, what will fill the Register website for the next few months?



Kottage Kat

Sham justice at it's finest.


They got justice, they just don't want to accept it.




It all falls back to what I stated when it was fist told that the A.Gs office was appointed by this new judge to investiage , I stated that due to the time that has passed by , and eveidence that was lost of destored the A.Gs office would just be spinning there wheels . Its shame that someone just might get away with murder and that justice will not be searved , But honestly , I didnt think it would .
My heart goes out to the family as well as friends of Jake and hope that someday someone will come clean with the real story about what had happend and Justce will finally be served .I dont blame the A.Gs office , cause they could only base there findings on what they have found .


He made some good points and some questions went unanswered. Long story short, all this could have been resolved with Sandusky County changing the death certificate. Pretty sure that's how this whole deal started. Everyone said it was accidental the whole time. Now countless dollars have been used, thousands of man hours used, and a family tormented. Not only tormented by their sons death, but all the negativity some brought to the table. They deserve better than what Sandusky County offered them, I will never blame them for searching for answers. Hope they can heal and move on. My opinion is, it was an accident, no matter how, it was an accident.


You are very right Babymomma - Sandusky County could have solved this a long time ago

Julie R.

How could the AG's office just totally ignore the findings of those 2 experts?


They didn't. The final decision was up to the grand jury, not the AG's office. The AG did offer an opinion on the matter:

"Dr. Wukie, Dr. Whaley, Dr. Baden, Dr. Beisser, Dr. Di Maio, and forensic anthropologist Julie Saul all state that the entrance wound was on the right side of Jacob’s head, which is consistent with the witness statements and with Jake being right handed. Drs. Wecht and Whaley were the only forensic pathologists to opine that the manner of death should be ruled homicide. However, neither of those doctors had all of the investigative material and evidence at their disposal at the time they rendered an opinion. Furthermore, Dr. Whaley indicated that his opinion was preliminary, while Dr. Wecht told our investigators that he was not going to 'protest' which was the entrance wound and which was the exit wound."

So, they did not in fact ignore the findings of those experts - they simply found that those experts were the two minority opinions in a group of eight, and furthermore, that they did not have access to the same amount of evidence as the others due to their being hired by the Limberios family and not as part of the official state investigation.


Bullet in the ceiling? Just doesn't make sense.


Read the text of the findings and it will make sense. I read it twice.


The Register will have to find a new crusade to attempt to keep their meager circulation from falling further.


I think so, too, Thirteen(!!) pages of archives over a twenty month period just wasn't enough . All because someone wanted to keep stirring the pot. But hey, it sold papers, right?


Congrats to the two people who have been humiliated and treated like they were criminals and the whole time you were telling a truth.


What two people?


Can we all finally get on with our lives now?? I can't blame the SR for all of this coverage. It now has to go back to reporting all of the hoods and thugs that Erie county really has to offer. Instead of Jacob, now all we will get to here about are all of the Javariouses, Jaquisha's, and Jerkoffs that once great town of Sandusky has been infested with!!

The Bizness

You know Sandusky probably has some thugs and criminals named, joshua, james, and jason too.


No- they are all from Norwalk and Bellevue. We leave that coverage up to the Reflector!!


When was Sandusky great?

sandtown born a...

I remember when it was great now it's mostly slumlords renting to undesirables


So who is worse, the slumlords or the undesirables?

sandtown born a...

They both are bottom feeders so equally


Wow! What is the new conspiracy theory?


Mr Westerhold, I personally want to say thank you for helping me, Brady, and especially Mike and Shannon find some answers. You and your staff have done a fantastic job but our journey is not over.-Codey Dauch