Witnesses fail lie detector tests

“Dr. Phil” segment comes to an end, family still doesn’t have answers
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 16, 2013

Results of lie detector tests two witnesses took during a taping of the “Dr. Phil” show found they are not telling the truth about how Jacob Limberios was killed.

Brittany Bowers and Will Lewis both failed the tests administered by former FBI polygraphist and special agent Jack Trimarco, according to information from the second of a two-day segment of the “Dr. Phil” program that aired Friday.

Watch as the Limberios family watched the program at the Village Pizza House by clicking HERE

The questions asked for the tests were simple.

“Did Jake shoot himself in the head? That’s what this is all about,” Trimarco said, responding to a question from Dr. Phil, after Lewis and Bowers agreed to take the tests. “He either did, or he didn’t. It will be a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No.’” 

Dr. Phil met with Lewis and Bowers separately to reveal to them the results of their individual tests. Bowers called it a trap after Dr. Phil told her the test found she was being deceptive.

“I just feel as if I came on this show and got set up to do this ... you guys put whatever you want on a piece of paper,” she said. “It doesn’t work like that. This is my life. I didn’t lie.”

Dr. Phil: “Let me be clear: You’re accusing me of fabricating these results?”

Bowers: “This is for TV, right?”

Dr. Phil: “This is for a boy’s life.” Bowers: “This is for my life. I’m living, Dr. Phil.”

Dr. Phil told Bowers what he thought the results and her responses to them meant.

“You either know something that you’re not sharing, or you don’t know what your claiming to know,” he said. “That’s the only two ways to interpret this. If there’s something you know that you haven’t wanted to say, if there’s something you need to change or add ... .”

Bowers replied: “Jacob did this to himself. I don’t know how. I wish I knew, but I don’t.”

The camera fades away and Bowers appears to be alone on the set. She tilts her head back, looks up, and appears angry as she says, “Jacob why are you (expletive) doing this to me? Why did you do this? Thank you for making my life hell. Thank you.”

Lewis offered a more muted response upon learning the result of his polygraph test.

“I don’t know what to say,” he told Dr. Phil. “I can’t believe the results came back as deceptive.”

He, too, maintained Jake shot himself, after acknowledging scientific evidence that suggests Jacob could not have been holding the gun when it was fired.

“I know for a fact that he shot himself,” Lewis said. “I’m not lying to you. There’s nothing I’m not telling.”

Lie detector tests cannot be 100 percent accurate, and they are not admissible in court proceedings.

Meanwhile, a special Sandusky County grand jury took testimony Friday from Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York medical examiner who reviewed autopsy reports, witness statements and other evidence for the Ohio Attorney General’s office, which is heading up the grand jury proceedings.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth and Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver also testified on Friday.

It’s not clear whether Lewis, Bowers or Evan Neidler, a third person who was inside Bowers’ York Township home when Jake was killed, will be called to testify.

Bowers is out-of-state, according to a Facebook post that appears to be from her.

“While your are all talking s**t, I’m here in Florida laughing on the beach” the post states. “Good things happen to good people, guess my karma isn’t all that bad.”

Mike and Shannon Limberios and Kayleigh Bowers, who was Jacob’s girlfriend and is the mother of his daughter, Ella, and is Brittany Bowers’ sister, are expected to be witnesses for the grand jury next week.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, who also appeared on Friday’s “Dr. Phil” show, could also be called to testify. Wecht, another forensic pathologist who Dr. Phil called “the best of the best,” conducted an autopsy in September 2012 and determined Jacob was the victim of a homicide.

Watch a Between the Lines interview with Mike and Shannon Limberios with reaction to the program in the player below



Heard from someone that knows the witnesses that will killed him. Did it for some pills in his pocket

Simple Enough II

If that is the case why isn't their lawyer mcgoofy talking to him/her?


they might be trying to find out who is so they can. Or could be maybe they already know and they have talked to him.


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If there is truth in that statement...I pray someone is trying to find out about this.

From the Grave



I quoted Will from the day after it happened, word for word he said... "I witnessed the most tragic event right in front of me. I will never forget last night. I'm so sorry, Jake. I wish I could take back what happened. I wish we never picked him up. It's so hard not to blame myself, I love you all and I'm so sorry." Funny how he "can't remember" now, and why is he so sorry? He can't take back what happen? If it wasn't his fault there's nothing he can do.

The Bizness

This is crazy that this is on TV. The registers articles are funny as well. Witch hunt is on.


Really biz ? Witch hunt ? I'm glad this is getting the attention it is because hopefully sooner then later the truth will come out and ALL of this can be put to rest. the Only witch hunt that should be going on right now is locating Brittany


I haven't been reading much of this case, someone's guilty is my verdict so there's no reason for me to read further into the story. Anyway, Brittany's gone?


Where's the witch hunt? All anyone wants is the truth. These kids are obviously not being totally honest. No one is looking to prosecute anyone. Usually when things don't make sense there is a lie somewhere!


deertracker, While I understand that Shannon and Mike to not want to "prosecute" anyone and I totally get that. If it is found that this was indeed a homicide, which I also believe it was, an accidental homicide. No one group or individual persons can decide not to prosecute this case. It will in fact fall into the jurisdiction of the "State of Ohio" and they will be prosecuted. If not for manslaughter it will be for giving the police false information, tampering with evidence. Again, they will be prosecuted.


Agreed. good points

The parents cannot have it both ways.

Unless they change the DC to "Accidental self - inflicted" or "UNintentional homicide" ... which may or may not pacify the insurance company.

.( WEd 11-20) Holy crap did I call the "accidental self inflicted" or what?


What witch hunt. You must be either close to one of the wittnesses if you say that or close to ones that botched this all up. Did you just read the first comment. There might be something to this.


Really? Because you can trust the people on this site to post truthful facts? they are just as admissible in court as the lie detector tests.


no you cannot always trust every thing to be truthful facts but from what I have heard this isn't the first time this is been brought up. I am NOT from the area but I keep up with people I know in the area keep me up to date on the facts and other things plus I check their page a lot


I agree, but the person I heard it from is cousins with Brittany and I guess jake too!


Admissible or not, bottom line is they are lying and jacob didnt shoot himself, if people are tired of the story our mad about dollars being spent direct your attention to the people lying ! May this continue till the truth be told

The Bizness

I have no dog in the fight. I see a media circus masquerading as truth seekers. I see ratings going up, and websites getting hits. Hopefully the family gets some peace but I doubt it will be through Dr. Phil.


how are they masquerading the truth? like I said I'm not from your state so I'm trying to learn things as I go about your state the way things are going on this case and what really happened all I have to go by is what they have on their page audio copies of the paperwork. Cause right now seems like they have more stuff in their favor.


Well that was a exercise in futility.


Hey Brittany, you still laughing ?? You should change your name to karma, cause your both a b!tc# !

The Bizness

Was the show yesterday live? Cuz if not Brittany knew the results while typing her post.


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So Lewis and ms karma cry for two days about how upset they are and how their lives are being ruined by all this and it comes out that they both are lying, i hope that you both wake up everyday and its worse then the one before until the truth comes out, i hope this continues to eat at you and you have no peace until the truth be told. HEY WILL...come out come out wherever you are !?!?!?!?

Simple Enough II

And what if they state really happen? what does that make that? Oh yeah, the truth I forgot that along with you.


Hey simple, this like your name is simple ! Its obvious they both lied, and why would will plead the 5th if he is innocent and had nothing to hide ?

Simple Enough II

Maybe he is smart enough to keep his mouth shut because maybe folks only believe what they want even though they weren't there when it happen?

Stop It

How can anyone take this seriously anymore? It's turned into a parody of itself. The ridiculous notion that being on 'Dr. Phil' helped to bring the attention it needed..........well,never mind.


No surprise here - according to the results, both kids answers scored 8 out of 10 as far as being deceptive. If they'd scored in the "4" range, it might've been questionable, but according to the scale, both were being VERY deceptive, which is what most have thought all along. Why they did this on TV, however, is beyond me. There's no way they were going to get either of them to tell the truth, no matter WHERE they put those two! It's called "CYA."