Witnesses fail lie detector tests

“Dr. Phil” segment comes to an end, family still doesn’t have answers
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 16, 2013

Results of lie detector tests two witnesses took during a taping of the “Dr. Phil” show found they are not telling the truth about how Jacob Limberios was killed.

Brittany Bowers and Will Lewis both failed the tests administered by former FBI polygraphist and special agent Jack Trimarco, according to information from the second of a two-day segment of the “Dr. Phil” program that aired Friday.

Watch as the Limberios family watched the program at the Village Pizza House by clicking HERE

The questions asked for the tests were simple.

“Did Jake shoot himself in the head? That’s what this is all about,” Trimarco said, responding to a question from Dr. Phil, after Lewis and Bowers agreed to take the tests. “He either did, or he didn’t. It will be a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No.’” 

Dr. Phil met with Lewis and Bowers separately to reveal to them the results of their individual tests. Bowers called it a trap after Dr. Phil told her the test found she was being deceptive.

“I just feel as if I came on this show and got set up to do this ... you guys put whatever you want on a piece of paper,” she said. “It doesn’t work like that. This is my life. I didn’t lie.”

Dr. Phil: “Let me be clear: You’re accusing me of fabricating these results?”

Bowers: “This is for TV, right?”

Dr. Phil: “This is for a boy’s life.” Bowers: “This is for my life. I’m living, Dr. Phil.”

Dr. Phil told Bowers what he thought the results and her responses to them meant.

“You either know something that you’re not sharing, or you don’t know what your claiming to know,” he said. “That’s the only two ways to interpret this. If there’s something you know that you haven’t wanted to say, if there’s something you need to change or add ... .”

Bowers replied: “Jacob did this to himself. I don’t know how. I wish I knew, but I don’t.”

The camera fades away and Bowers appears to be alone on the set. She tilts her head back, looks up, and appears angry as she says, “Jacob why are you (expletive) doing this to me? Why did you do this? Thank you for making my life hell. Thank you.”

Lewis offered a more muted response upon learning the result of his polygraph test.

“I don’t know what to say,” he told Dr. Phil. “I can’t believe the results came back as deceptive.”

He, too, maintained Jake shot himself, after acknowledging scientific evidence that suggests Jacob could not have been holding the gun when it was fired.

“I know for a fact that he shot himself,” Lewis said. “I’m not lying to you. There’s nothing I’m not telling.”

Lie detector tests cannot be 100 percent accurate, and they are not admissible in court proceedings.

Meanwhile, a special Sandusky County grand jury took testimony Friday from Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York medical examiner who reviewed autopsy reports, witness statements and other evidence for the Ohio Attorney General’s office, which is heading up the grand jury proceedings.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth and Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver also testified on Friday.

It’s not clear whether Lewis, Bowers or Evan Neidler, a third person who was inside Bowers’ York Township home when Jake was killed, will be called to testify.

Bowers is out-of-state, according to a Facebook post that appears to be from her.

“While your are all talking s**t, I’m here in Florida laughing on the beach” the post states. “Good things happen to good people, guess my karma isn’t all that bad.”

Mike and Shannon Limberios and Kayleigh Bowers, who was Jacob’s girlfriend and is the mother of his daughter, Ella, and is Brittany Bowers’ sister, are expected to be witnesses for the grand jury next week.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, who also appeared on Friday’s “Dr. Phil” show, could also be called to testify. Wecht, another forensic pathologist who Dr. Phil called “the best of the best,” conducted an autopsy in September 2012 and determined Jacob was the victim of a homicide.

Watch a Between the Lines interview with Mike and Shannon Limberios with reaction to the program in the player below


red white and blue

The third witness HIGH PRICED LAWYER TOLD HIM NOT TO TALK.Now that's in it self says something and young adult we all know he had a gun it was there ya ya lets move on to the part were he gets shot and people are covering it up.When this all comes out they'll be alot of commenters on here changeing there tune! J4J!!!!!

Simple Enough II

Maybe the lawyer told him not to talk to protect him from civil suit, look at the witch hunt going on.

A Young Adult's...

RW&B doesn't understand that having a lawyer isn't an admission of guilt, apparently.

red white and blue

And yet you two wouldn't understand when someone is lying. Everytime something comes up with this story pointing towards brittany or will having something to do with this you find someway to defend them.If there a witch hunt it didn't start till the lying and cover up started.

A Young Adult's...

I have repeatedly said I have no fog in the fight, it's just the persecution of these three BEFORE being proven guilty of anything whatsoever is beyond ridiculous. Keep thinking you know all the facts whereas I know none and you will never be able to understand my rationale.

red white and blue

Young adult I understand more about a lawyer then you will ever know.

Truth or Dare

A question, should anyone have the answer; Is it true the 3rd. witness, the one that seems to be missing from this entire situation was/is in the Military?

Something, many things very wrong happened that day, accident or not, but I don't believe for one moment IT WAS AN ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE, nor should've been labeled as such and that something very wrong only continued w/LE, the SC Coroners, the Judges and the clear conflict of interest by the Prosecutor brought in!

Didn't need to watch the Dr. Phil show to feel the way I do. I've felt this way for quite some time now, especially reading about SCLE and their pattern involving other cases! All the family asked for was to have Jake's Death Certificate changed. They asked for an autopsy. Both refused! Pretty sure they, SC is regretting they didn't accommodate this family, as it's clearly evident what's taken place is referred to as C.Y.O.A., only in this case it's alot of arses, careers and county paychecks that should be where they belong, flushed down the toilet!

JUSTICE FOR JAKE AND ELLA! FYI; It also means justice for an entire County as well surrounding counties. Don't forget folks, you live in SC or a neighboring county and something questionable happens to you or a loved one, it's these Coroners that will determination our cause of death!


He was honorably discharged from the Navy.

nosey rosey

Why would anyone believe the results of a "test" that is unreliable, inadmissible as accurate and applied by a company who's sole goal in life is to score ratings? The 15 minutes of fame have come and gone hours ago. How much did they get paid to appear?


from what I heard nobody gets paid on that show and as far as lie detector test that guy does it outside the show not only on the show from what I heard. It may not be inadmissible in court but if you look at the last results they had taken it was like they had taken a test at all. there are other people that look at the other lie detector test outside of sandusky county and your local bci. I am pretty sure that.


Studies have shown that polygraphs are between 80-92% valid. By itself, one could argue the case of the 8-20% invalid. But when you put it together with the scientific expert opinions and all the other issues with this case, there are so many red flags that one would be crazy not to doubt the witnesses statements. I could disregard one red flag, maybe two. But not one on top of another on top of another on top of another...


Somebody is covering for somebody else!!...There is no reason why both of them should have failed the lie detector test!....It seems the third party is the weak link, since he lawyered up and is refusing to talk!!.....I bet if they interrogate him, he would be the first to budge. The other two are playing Russian roulette with their freedom!....They think they can cover a lie forever...it only takes one big slip up!....Brittany already contradicted herself when she first said, "I heard a loud bang, so I turned and looked at the window area of my kitchen, and I expected to just see a bullet in the wall, but Instead I saw Jake on the floor!" Then she later says she did see Jake shoot himself....sooooooo if she saw him do it, why would she have turned her head expecting to "only see a bullet in the wall??"......Its not rocket science, but science and truth don't lie!...why would Jake yell out to them, " be careful, there's one still in the chamber," and then pick up the gun and "accidentally commit suicide!" It was Jakes gun, he was an adult and he had experience both handling that gun and firing it!...I find it hard to believe he would warn his friends to be careful and then pick up the gun and shoot himself!!..They also admit Jake wasn't drinking but they were...who would be more likely to have an accident happen, a sober firearms collector or a couple of drunk teens!?!?!?...It also seems that they feel untouchable right now, Brittany posting that she's laughing in Florida....I bet she is!!.. If you still think Jake killed himself by "accidental suicide," ask your self these questions. 1) Why would Jake do this when he was looking for a new home with his girlfriend the day before and the day of the shooting. 2) He loved his daughter so much, why would he cause her this kind of pain
3) There weren't any outward problems that Jake was dealing with, he was happy with his girlfriend and his daughter, his life! 4) why did the coroner not come to the scene of the accident and investigate it himself before ruling it an "accidental suicide?" 5) Why would the coroner, who never came to the scene, not do an autopsy to check for consistencies with the stories the witnesses were documented saying THAT night? 6) Why were NONE of the witnesses hands or clothing tested for gun powder residue? 7) Why were witnesses, specifically Brittany, allowed to change their bloody clothing and not give it to the police to match up blood splatter patterns? 8) Why were the witnesses shoes thrown away? 9) What is the third witness hiding that he had to lawyer up?...Makes one wonder if he is the real shooter or is he covering for one of the other two? 10) Why was the bullet that killed Jake not taken from the ceiling where it lodged, for weeks upon weeks? 11) How do two people who SWEAR they are telling the truth, end up failing a polygraph test!?!?!....It doesn't make sense!!...Need to get some real detectives working this case, not the boggled ones from Sandusky county, REAL ones...ones who will know how to break these liars down into telling the truth!!..And whomever said that this is all about name calling and bullying, you are mistaken sweety!!...The J4J page and the register have spoke nothing but the TRUTH!...Every piece of evidence (some of what I mentioned above), every obvious lack of police work in Sandusky county, it is all the truth. There is no name calling or cursing, it is informative and if you actually took the time to look into the cause and read into the evidence, you would see this isn't as much an open shut case as the "witnesses" and Sandusky county would like us all to believe!!....Somebody knows the truth, I just wonder if they all do, or did one tell the other two a story that happened when they weren't looking, so the other two just assume that must be how it happened?!?!?...I hope everyone gets answers soon, it wouldn't be justice for Jake or Ella if this gets swept under the rug AGAIN!!!! #justiceforjakeandella

A Young Adult's...

"Accidental suicide" would imply that he didn't mean to, thus making your questions #1-3 irrelevant.


My questions 1-3 are not irrelevant when you actually go back and look at statements from the "witnesses" inside the house with Jake that night. They stated that he "put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger!" I can't imagine him doing any such thing when my questions 1-3 are a fact! He would have never played Russian roulette with his own life, knowing that there was another bullet in the gun, as the "witnesses" stated he yelled to them right before he was shot!....I believe that Brittany is the one responsible due to her actions/reactions on the Dr. Phil show.....looking to the ceiling and asking Jake why he was "doing this to her," making her life "a living hell," SHE is the one making her life the way it is, all because she won't tell the truth!!...I can't wait until Jakes family has the truth, so that everyone who is so "tired of hearing about this witch hunt" can go rotate on their own thumbs!

A Young Adult's...

They are completely irrelevant because the witnesses said he was doing that with the gun as a joke. I wish everyone involved the best but I believe the Limberios should be more focused on Sandusky County and less focused on the three witnesses until they have any morsel of concrete evidence. I don't necessarily believe the witnesses are being 100% truthful but I feel that the manner they are being pressed is unconstitutional. Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"??? And by the way, the third witness "lawyering up" is in no way, shape or form an admission of guilt. It either means that he is hiding something OR he is telling the truth but terrified of being wrongfully accused/convicted for something in which he wasn't involved.

That being said, I feel awful for Jake's family. I hope they absolutely destroy Sandusky County for the ineptitude of their officials. Even I thought Brittany and Will appeared to be hiding something, but that could've just been nerves on TV. IF more concrete evidence arrives pointing to one of these three being deceitful, I will gladly recant my statements and stand by your opinion.


There is evidence that the public is not aware of...I'll leave it at that.


I didn't say that Evan lawyering up was an admission of guilt, only that he seems to be the weak link. I do agree with what you say, although I believe that him being the first to get a lawyer and refuse to speak to anyone somewhat suggests that he DOES know exactly what happened. Not saying he did it, only that he probably knows who did.
I appreciate the fact that you state if evidence comes out that Jake didn't kill himself, that you would recant your statement and stand by my opinion. I would do the same IF I am wrong as well.

I do, however, still feel that my questions 1-3 are relevant about this case, only because I don't think Jake would EVER do anything to hurt himself or hurt his daughter by him dying that night. It just doesn't make sense that he would bargain with his life that way!

I really wish Dr. Phil's show would have included the questions, "Did you shoot Jake, Did Will shoot Jake, and Did Evan shoot Jake" in their questioning on the polygraph test. Even though many people say it's not accurate, blah blah blah, I feel that it could have possibly shed some light as to who the detectives need to interrogate further!

I just hope that the truth does come out soon, so that Jake can rest in peace and the family can begin to try and heal.


"Accidental suicide" is not a legal choice for a death certificate.


Exactly Brady!!....How could they even rule that as the manner of death, it was either an accident or suicide, not both!!...But I honestly don't feel that it was either by the hands of Jake, but instead, it was either an accident or MURDER at the hands of one of the witnesses!!....Who knows, the family says that they KNOW it was an accident and they just want to know what happened, but WHAT IF it really wasn't and it was planned all along????.....I have seen many real detective shows on TV where the people in question make you believe it was something other than it was, and then thanks to GOOD police work, it is found out that it was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND PLANNED by someone!!!

A Young Adult's...

I appreciate the back and forth and hope for only the best. Like I said, if the evidence "that the public is not aware of" comes out, I will happily recant my statements. I can only go off of what I know and don't pretend to be in the loop.

red white and blue

Truth or dare^^^^that is the best I herd anyone say it and young adult after you jumped on me about me spelling which by the way is in part because I type from a phone and sometimes get in a hurry to get out what I want to say.look at your last statement looks like you should join me in a english class!!!!

red white and blue

And lmalley77^^^ I couldn't agree more!!!!! J4J


I quoted Will from the day after it happened, word for word he said... "I witnessed the most tragic event right in front of me. I will never forget last night. I'm so sorry, Jake. I wish I could take back what happened. I wish we never picked him up. It's so hard not to blame myself, I love you all and I'm so sorry." Funny how he "can't remember" now, and why is he so sorry? He can't take back what happen? If it wasn't his fault there's nothing he can do.


First and foremost, my condolences to anyone who has suffered from this tragedy, including all the kids involved. It is hard to say exactly what happened due to some of the discrepancies in investigation; however, I do believe that Jake did NOT shoot himself based on the autopsy reports. I do believe that one or all of the kids involved know what happened and it truly was an accident.. perhaps it was horseplay.. goofing off and doing some kind of "gun slinging" something you'd see off an old western and the trigger accidentally went off.. Its obvious they are not telling the whole story, probably with the fear of being charged with murder they conspired a story to save them all from jail time. I think by the looks of the Dr. Phil interview that this burden is beginning to wear of them.. I pray for the parents, Jake's daughter, and for the kids that the truth comes out.. it will set them all free.