Witnesses fail lie detector tests

“Dr. Phil” segment comes to an end, family still doesn’t have answers
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 16, 2013

Results of lie detector tests two witnesses took during a taping of the “Dr. Phil” show found they are not telling the truth about how Jacob Limberios was killed.

Brittany Bowers and Will Lewis both failed the tests administered by former FBI polygraphist and special agent Jack Trimarco, according to information from the second of a two-day segment of the “Dr. Phil” program that aired Friday.

Watch as the Limberios family watched the program at the Village Pizza House by clicking HERE

The questions asked for the tests were simple.

“Did Jake shoot himself in the head? That’s what this is all about,” Trimarco said, responding to a question from Dr. Phil, after Lewis and Bowers agreed to take the tests. “He either did, or he didn’t. It will be a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No.’” 

Dr. Phil met with Lewis and Bowers separately to reveal to them the results of their individual tests. Bowers called it a trap after Dr. Phil told her the test found she was being deceptive.

“I just feel as if I came on this show and got set up to do this ... you guys put whatever you want on a piece of paper,” she said. “It doesn’t work like that. This is my life. I didn’t lie.”

Dr. Phil: “Let me be clear: You’re accusing me of fabricating these results?”

Bowers: “This is for TV, right?”

Dr. Phil: “This is for a boy’s life.” Bowers: “This is for my life. I’m living, Dr. Phil.”

Dr. Phil told Bowers what he thought the results and her responses to them meant.

“You either know something that you’re not sharing, or you don’t know what your claiming to know,” he said. “That’s the only two ways to interpret this. If there’s something you know that you haven’t wanted to say, if there’s something you need to change or add ... .”

Bowers replied: “Jacob did this to himself. I don’t know how. I wish I knew, but I don’t.”

The camera fades away and Bowers appears to be alone on the set. She tilts her head back, looks up, and appears angry as she says, “Jacob why are you (expletive) doing this to me? Why did you do this? Thank you for making my life hell. Thank you.”

Lewis offered a more muted response upon learning the result of his polygraph test.

“I don’t know what to say,” he told Dr. Phil. “I can’t believe the results came back as deceptive.”

He, too, maintained Jake shot himself, after acknowledging scientific evidence that suggests Jacob could not have been holding the gun when it was fired.

“I know for a fact that he shot himself,” Lewis said. “I’m not lying to you. There’s nothing I’m not telling.”

Lie detector tests cannot be 100 percent accurate, and they are not admissible in court proceedings.

Meanwhile, a special Sandusky County grand jury took testimony Friday from Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York medical examiner who reviewed autopsy reports, witness statements and other evidence for the Ohio Attorney General’s office, which is heading up the grand jury proceedings.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth and Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver also testified on Friday.

It’s not clear whether Lewis, Bowers or Evan Neidler, a third person who was inside Bowers’ York Township home when Jake was killed, will be called to testify.

Bowers is out-of-state, according to a Facebook post that appears to be from her.

“While your are all talking s**t, I’m here in Florida laughing on the beach” the post states. “Good things happen to good people, guess my karma isn’t all that bad.”

Mike and Shannon Limberios and Kayleigh Bowers, who was Jacob’s girlfriend and is the mother of his daughter, Ella, and is Brittany Bowers’ sister, are expected to be witnesses for the grand jury next week.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, who also appeared on Friday’s “Dr. Phil” show, could also be called to testify. Wecht, another forensic pathologist who Dr. Phil called “the best of the best,” conducted an autopsy in September 2012 and determined Jacob was the victim of a homicide.

Watch a Between the Lines interview with Mike and Shannon Limberios with reaction to the program in the player below



I'm sure jacob don't have texting in heaven and cant read our posts, but i hope whatever you are doing to Brittany you keep doing it until she tells the truth.. You can look to the heavens all you want Brittany, but the true answers are in your heart.. Look in the mirror not to heaven


This has turned into a joke. Jake's family says that they know if was an accident and they just want to know what really happened. Jake's closest friends made up a story about the accident because they were young, stupid and scared. Whatever the "truth" is, it won't bring back Jake, it won't give Ella a father and it won't take the grief away from the family. It has turned into a media circus and now the people in that room will never speak out. FYI - Jake brought the gun, Jake was fooling around with the gun, and as the gun owner (or the person who brought it) he is equally responsible for what happened. Not responsible, but equally responsible. Let him rest in peace. Even if the truth ever comes out, the only possible charges are lying to an officer. It was an accident.


The grieving family does need to have their instincts confirmed by experts, that it was not a suicide. To them, it is a very big deal, and makes a difference in what Ella is told about what happened to her father. The coroner in their area dropped the ball, and Suicide is right on the top of the death certificate. This won't bring back Jake, but the truth should be told and the death certificate corrected. And if one of those two did do it, should they get away with it?

Simple Enough II

So if a person handeling a firearm decides to. "Simulate " a scene from deer hunter, it is a conspiracy?


Ehovemom, zero of the three witnesses were Jake's friends, let alone "closest friends". Jake knew Will and Evan for a whopping 45 min before one of those three killed him. Jake was waiting for his two closest friends (myself and Chris VanScoy) so he could leave and we could hangout. The only reason he went there with the gun was to potentially sell it to Evan, which Brittany arranged. Jake lawfully owned that gun as it was a gift. I can speak all day about how responsibly Jacob was with firearms, and I'm not particularly a fan of guns. Jake's safety instructor said that he was exceptionally responsible and safe with firearms, and anyone that hardly knew Jake can tell you he loved his daughter enough to never do anything that cod leave her fatherless. Family and friends can't even begin to grieve until they know what happened, and Ella deserves to know the complete truth, especially who in her extended family lied. From a broader perspective, it is of upmost importance to give Jake's death meaning, and taking advantage of this opportunity to expose our broken justice and law enforcement system is a legacy fitting for Jake. The grand jury has the information that the public is not aware of, much of which screams that Jake did not do this. Say what you wish about the Dr. Phil show, but Justice for Jake has had a large role in getting to this point in regards to the AG investigation.


The video showing him being reckless with the very same gun, with his finger on the trigger while pointing it down just blew your whole theory about Jacob being responsible.


I feel like Ehovemoms breath must smell like farts cuz she's talking $h!t. Why shouldn't they all learn the truth?

Simple Enough II

Real nice, is this what the discussion is going to devolve into? Oh wait I forgot J4J.... yeah...


You're an Ehove mom, as your name suggests. If your child was killed, god forbid, wouldn't you want to know what killed him/her, and if it was by another persons' hands, who killed him/her? Nothing really 'big' can come of the truth, other than the witnesses will be charged with perjury and there'll be a big uproar amongst everybody about how kids lie so much these days and gun control and how our local/state/federal justice system is corrupt. BUT, this case wont rest for the parents and loved ones until the truth comes out.


Many of us said on, here, that going on this show was a waste of time - it certainly was a waste of news coverage and hard copy space. And we were right.

I don't know any of these folks, but Good Luck to the family in finding answers. I just don't believe they will.

It lost all credibility when the Phil show was mentioned.

I hope the guy got the ratings and advertising dollars he wanted.

This "saga" - or soap opera - or joke ... is JUST ONE of the reasons why I didn't renew my SR print subscription this month.


So you didn't renew your print copy of SR, but you still read it on line for free and make comments.. Your point ??¿????

The Bizness

Point is the Sandusky Register is a joke, and we will continue to use this free site...because it's free. Plus they have those silly "articles" now, which are just advertisements.


@ What the ...

Also the short on funds factor. Did you not read the " Just ONE of the reasons" part?

I bet you never have paid for any of it -- oh and BTW:

You're on here for FREE !!


Yes i am but you don't see me complaining like you and biz.. If its such a joke then find something else to do unless all you like to do is completing, and so you know star, i have been buying the SR for 27 years


Good for you, but see, you were "completing" when you replied to my first post.

P.S. oh, you fixed your typo.


Hey star, thank you for noticing my auto correct mistake and bringing it up. Whew !!! It was supposed to say complaining. Earlier you stated you were short on funds. Why don't you go apply at the SR to be their proof reader for all misspelled words ? 1- you can earn funds 2- being employed by SR you may be able to negotiate (hope its spelled right) a FREE subscription


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And you're quite the idiot, aren't you?


You assume that I'm local. I'm not.

Yep, I pointed out your mistake -- just like you questioned my comment.

You're not very good at sarcasm.


At what point did i ever assume you are local ?? Although now i am starting to believe you are. This is a sight for comments, you should see that "add new comment" box in big bold letters every time you do. Sorry there star this isn't a spelling bee. Please take that you being a complete idiot is not sarcasm !


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Which refers to yourself quite nicely.

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YOU started it ??? What are you ten ? I need to refocus my attention, and i would hope you will also, hope you have a great day, and an even better tomorrow ( no sarcasm) :)


You did, You replied to my first comment -why? I have no idea. You replied first, when there wasn't a reason to.

You just wanted to pick a fight.

feel better now.


So they pass the Ohio Attorney General's test and fail one for a self gratifying tv show. I will stick with the investigating agency.


We all know the truth the gunlobby labeled this as suicide because they don’t want gunowners to believe guns kill people. They are trying to set these two kids up for murder, to deflect attention on the fact that the gunlobby does not want to be sued by Jake’s parents for selling their son a defective gun, that will go off when dropped. We all know 1 million people died from Chernobyl but on paper no one died. Because it would hurt Nuclear power industries profits. No one died from tobacco, on record or the tobacco companies would be sued. No one died by gun accident on record or they would sue the gun makers for a defective product. Therefore everyone one of the 35,000 Americans who die every year from gun accidents, are labeled suicides or murders because the people are dead, they cannot prove they did not commit suicide, that their defective gun went off by accident. Therefore because the gunlobby labeled them as suicides or murderers the surviving family members cannot sue the gun manufacturers just like they can’t sue the tobacco companies were the nuclear power industry. The truth comes out and Dr. Phil knows it, but he can’t say anything or he will lose his TV show as the gunlobby and the NRA owns several newspapers and just about all of the broadcasting companies.

Simple Enough II

Look, I tried to follow you until your 1st incorrect statement : to correct you Jacob was the owner of the firearm, wishing to sell it. Please get the story straight.


I think some of you have it all wrong the attorney general never gave them one. they were sent by sandusky county if I am correct. But attorney general might over see it. But do you know how that one was given? Do you know what questions were asked? Do you know if they were asked what questions they want to be asked. But I have heard your BCI has made mistakes in the past. I get the feeling that some of you in your state feel that some of your higher ups can do no wrong that you have a pefect state. well wake up cause I don't think you do every state has people that do wrong and higher ups that do the same. We do in our state. But in our state we try to correct the situation not cover it up.