Witness allegedly makes statement on Facebook

Post from Brittany Bowers claims she's laughing on a beach in Florida
Nov 15, 2013


A key witness in the Jacob Limberios killing hasn't been called to testify in front of a special Sandusky County grand jury, but a Facebook post that appears to be from her suggests she's unavailable even if she were subpeonaed

"While your are all talking s**t, I'm here in Florida laughing on the beach," the post states. "Good things happen to good people, guess my karma isn't all that bad."

The grand jury re-convened this morning at the Sandusky County Courthouse and called famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden.  

Click HERE for updates on the Sandusky County grand jury hearings

Watch extended clips from today's "Dr. Phil" program with Bowers and results from a lie detector test she took in September. 

Watch 'Between the Lines Live' from 4 to 5 p.m. today with the Limberios family and supporters of Justice for Jake as they gather to watch Day 2 of the "Dr. Phil" program about Jacob Limberios' death in March 2012. 



She seemed awfully nonchalant on Dr. Phil yesterday.


Guilty until proven innocent..... only in the Sandusky Register. Feel bad for these two, why is the SR trying to put the gun in their hands?


OK, people (including the SR for posting this "headline") are being extremely unfair to these kids. Put yourself in their shoes and ASSUME they are innocent. It has been two years. It cannot be easy for them, but at some point they have the right to move on with their lives. They are kids. They obviously miss their friend. From their perspective they have told all they know. I didn't think they seemed nonchalant at all. They seemed frustrated at the continued accusations. The previews for the show made them look much worse the the actual show.

The Smart One

Exactly. 2 year of this and no shred of proof they did anything. Time to let go Accept what happened. I'm sorry but it starting to look like these parent want more then just "a change on the death certificate". Like money!? And The mother contradicted herself a few times on the show last night as we'll


"...no shred of proof they did anything". Except for Dr. Wecht's and probably Dr. Baden's scientific findings. There is no shred of evidence that suggests Jake did this to himself except for Brittany, Will, and Evan's word; which I suggest you watch the Dr. Phil program tonight to learn how truthful that is. "Like money!?"....like the $150k+ that Mike and Shannon have spent trying to find out the truth? Ignorant.

Food For Thought

bmgasser, are you aware of Dr. Wecht's credentials? Everyone makes him out to be the greatest expert in the world without bothering to mention his past. Here are some highlights, he gained fame by questioning the JFK assassination. He was later hired to consult on the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son, and we all know how well that turned out. In 2008 he was brought up on corruption of office charges in Allegheny County PA, the case was dismissed because they did not execute the warrant correctly. All I am saying is that he really isn't the end all be all in forensics. I can guarantee you that if I pay an expert I could get them to posit that an elephant fired the shot.

Dr. Baden seems a little more credible, but anyone that is a paid expert has the possibility of being swayed to the side of the people paying them.

I am not saying that you are wrong, but you have three examiners, so far, with three different opinions. Short of anyone there changing their story I don't think there will be any charges, although the death certificate may be changed.

I cannot begin to fathom the depth of the pain and grief that the family is feeling, no clue, but there comes a point where all this community support should be helping them deal with their grief. There is no benefit to this family by supporting further investigation and drama. Help them change the sheriff, help them change the policies that were not up to snuff, but if there are no indictments what else can be done?


First, I think there is some confusion as to what the "different" opinion of Dr. Beisser (Lucas County Deputy Coroner) is: she did not find any stippling, tattooing, gun powder residue (or whatever you like to call it). In that way, she concurred with Dr. Wecht. Where Dr. Beisser differed in her report (other than the direction which I believe we can all agree is of minimal importance) was in the conclusion. Dr. Wecht made a conclusion from the absence of stippling, and Dr. Beisser chose to ignore it while making the most ambiguous conclusion possible, "not inconsistent with the original ruling". Furthermore, Dr. Whaley (of the commonwealth of Virginia) reviewed both documents, and agreed that the absence of stippling (which both Beisser and Wecht noted) would strongly suggest that Jake died of a homicide.

Mike and Shannon have said themselves that they cannot even begin to work through the grieving process until they know the truth of what happened to Jacob; and the grand jury is likely the last step in doing so. I agree, and cannot wait to begin the next phase so we can help them in that regard, as well as turn up the advocacy for "Jake's Law", which would ensure that this cannot happen again in the state of Ohio.


150K your kidding me! They want justice for Ella then they should have put 150K in the bank for her. She will grow up without a father to help support her. Why not help her out in the future? Nothing will bring Jake back so why let Ella see their faces on signs all over town. Let her have closure and move on




+1! For bmgasser


"...Miss their friend"?
That night was the first time the two male witnesses met Jacob.


Sorry, I'm not up on the relationships. My point: I saw nothing cold about them when I watched the show yesterday. My issue is with law enforcement.

Erie Sniper

Kids? They are over the age of 18 which makes them adults. "Put yourself in their shoes"? Didn't those shoes get thrown away?


"Kids" in that they want to move on with their lives, like any other young person. Not in the legal sense... Look, blame law enforcement for this whole mess. I don't believe this girl threw her own shoes away. Since when is a facebook post a newspaper headline anyway? She's on vacation, she posted about it. She's tired of the accusations. ASSUME she's innocent. Can you blame her?


Guilty before Proven Innocent. Its a pointless fight.


THey're in their early to mid 20s .. they're not kids..


Seriously lol. Why would the SR publish a picture of her Facebook status? Makes it look like a modern day witch hunt

local man

Before you defend her, let's see if she passes the lie detector test on Dr Phil's Friday episode.


Before you declare her guilty, why don't you wait for the evidence?


Brittany seems like a "mean girl" to me! Will seemed genuinely upset but not totally honest? I don't believe a criminal act was committed but I also don't believe these kids are being totally honest. If the parents believe it was an accident and the kids know it was an accident they all should meet privately and be honest with each other. There is no need for criminal charges!

Big Poppy

And she's the one that stated the people she went to school with and people on facebook look at her. Really Brittany? And you put this out there! No wonder people think badly about you.


She didn't have the best reputation in high school. In fact, it comes as no surprise she's in this type of situation, or being this cocky about it.

seriously 1137

Money? !?!?! Are u insane. Or do u just follow a few headlines here and there? Do you have any idea what they've put at stake? How much they have lost? They want the death certificate changed because they know he was accidently killed. It only looks like they are just going after these two...but thats only because Brittany and Will are the only 2 that would agreed to go on the show...the scso certainly wouldn't agrree to that


Pretty immature of her to even post anything on facebook.
Pretty stalkerish of Sandusky Register to post.


She's young...immature by definition. Although if you re-read the post ASSUMING she is innocent, it sounds much better. She's bitter, yes. I don't blame her. I'd be bitter too.


Unless of course there are more details than anyone knows about.


No one has been arrested, so the Dr. Phil thing couldn't have been too revealing. Also, she is Ella's aunt and still extremely close to the family. None of this story makes sense to me, become a circus.


The test they took on Dr. Phil came back "deceitful" , she did not want to be in town when everyone found out.

The video clip of her looking up and asking Jake why he did this to her, was her response to Dr. Phil saying she was "deceitful" on the lie detector test.


My question...if this IS true, what can be done now about it? Can anybody really file any charges against her? There's no clear evidence. Just because this story made national TV doesn't mean justice will be served.


Are you aware that there is a grand jury in session in order to possibly indict? And the other post about the results is true.


Because a TV show is going to "tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" Please!


Hey dick her first lie detector test came back clean.


Hey Mike, I know! Even Will said the second lie detector test was far more professional than the first.

Why would anyone believe the results from the first po-dunk test and incompetent investigation, over an FBI specialist?


So you are saying the AG's office is incompetent?


Actually mikesee, her first test came back "inconclusive"....big difference between that and clean!

Good 2 B Me

Only thing that I can say is my personal opinion.

It seems 'odd' that she would be conveniently out of state while the Grand Jury was questioning the people surrounding the situation. I would think that I would want to be there to make sure that my part of the story was told so that I could be of clear mind and help the family of Jacob rest assured that I was not part of anything other than being there when this tragedy took place.

This is just my opinion.


My opinion of Brittany on the show was she was heartless and this Facebook post makes me feel that way more...reminds me of Curtis Clinton's outburst to his victims family yesterday...kicking them while they're down so to speak. I commend the Limberios's composure while she sat across from them, I wouldn't have had half their strength. I think she needs to stay in Florida, she won't be smiling much here in Erie County.

Good 2 B Me

The fake crying on Thursday helped make my opinion. Sad.


So many things can be said. I met this young woman for the first time not too long ago, not knowing who she was and that she was linked to this tragedy. Although not one thing was mentioned of this case, she pretty much had the same personality/demeanor as she did on the show. If she or one of the other two "friends" in the room shot Jake, even accidentally, that is something they all have to live with. No matter what happened in that room, the truth should be told. Dr. Phil stated the truth will set them all free. I feel so terrible for Mr. and Mrs. Limberios. They only want the truth. They deserve the truth. The whole truth. The post on her Facebook is absolutely disgusting and extremely distasteful and disrespectful. Tonight's show will reveal more I am sure.

Julie R.

Where is the 3rd person that was at the house that night?


Just my theory, but I bet he was the shooter!



Good 2 B Me

They said that his lawyer refused to allow him to go on the show.


I thought Will seemed like he wants to say something but he's not, so he's just trying to convey his story over and over again. He seems like he cares and that's sad. Brittany just seemed like she wanted to keep up with poor me and quite frankly, pick on this family because they are making her life so hard. She didn't even seem to be empathetic with what the family is going though and I find despicable when you consider that she is the aunt of his daughter. Where has the 3rd person been through all of this?

A Young Adult's...

If I were the third person, I would stay as far away from the spotlight as possible. IF the witnesses are telling the absolute truth, then what they have gone through is absurdly inappropriate. If there is even a little bit of deceit, the third person is doing everything he can to stay away from it all which, frankly, I can't blame him.

A Young Adult's...

Innocent until proven guilty. Even in the case of incompetent police work. I don't question the Limberios family for going through this at all.

I also chuckle when people say "How is this news?" it's news because YOU are commenting on it. I, for one, am not bothered by the SR's posting of a PUBLIC Facebook post. If you are bothered by it, DON'T comment on the story. They post these things because they know people will read them.


Could the gun have not fallen to the floor and gone off and hit Jake from that angle?

red white and blue

Hey mike the first test came back unconclusive also
The test on dr.phil was they were lying. If you remember will put on his facebook the song by queen.I have looked at all the evidence at first like you I felt they were innocent but after seeing everything I am convinced they did (by accident) but they did it and they are not kids there adults.look at the whole picture before you pick sides I have no dog in this fight but after seeing the obvious J4J!!!!!!!

Amanda Halliday

If I were in these kid's shoes, I'd be even more on the defensive than they are. And I'd certainly be filing a defamation of character suit against several media outlets and the "justice for jake" facebook page. The absolutely cruel things that are being said should not be said in public forums. Have your own opinion, fine, but guard your words lest you do more harm. Its shameful and I feel bad for even living near all of you and your lynch mob mentality. Not only did they witness a friend's death, they have been belittled, berated and have been vilified by their community. Have we really reached the point in society where bullying and name calling is so entertaining to people. Shame on you all.

red white and blue

Facts amanda facts can't hide from them! I don't know this family or these Adults not kids Adults and if you read and listen to all the Facts! I am pretty sure there's no lynch mob just Justice for a little girl that no longer has a father.

Amanda Halliday

Yes, someone died. Yes, that's a tragedy. But have you forgotten that those you are so easily condemning are human beings too? It seems you are. Too bad you never really pursued a career in forensics, eh? If you can so easily decide what the "facts" are. JUSTICE FOR BRITTANY AND WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sal Dali

I have studied a bit about forensics and the science here doesn't lie. If you have seen the photo of the 357 being fired, it is clearly evident Jake would have had stippling had he shot himself. That is at the very least. If you haven't seen the photo of Jake firing the 357, I suggest you view it before mentioning forensics again. Common sense will tell you if it were a contact wound there would definitely be stippling from this weapon. When someone is shot from a distance of greater than 18" the chances of finding stippling or GSR decrease to about nil. No one really needs a degree in forensic science to figure that one out.

Your friends have a horrible memory of a grizzly death they will live with for the rest of their lives; I don't envy them. I wouldn't want to close my eyes at night with that on my mind. The shadow of suspicion they have cast on themselves has been their own doing. This ex FBI polygrapher is not going to rig a polygraph test and risk his integrity for a television show. His reputation is his livelihood, not the Dr. Phil Show. Will and Brittany's results were real, not made for TV. There is something they are leaving out.


well said red white blue


yes they are human beings but when science and evidence proves otherwise how can you expect others to support them.J4J


There could have been four questions on the Dr Phil show that would have answered a lot more questions. The first two were legitimate questions for this case.

The third question....Did you accidentally shoot Jacob.

The fourth question....Did anyone in the room, besides Jacob, accidentally shoot Jacob.

If the first two questions which were asked came back deceptive, as they did, then the 3rd and 4th could have possibly given more answers.


Another question: Can they prove they were the only people in the house?


Aren't any of these people under a gag order?

Doesn't that include social media sites and public comment sections?

Getting on here to infer or imply things or throwing out "hints" should not be allowed until is all said and done.